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  1. Looking forward to the Movie?
  2. Post Your Hauls
  3. Ramjet/CJ wave in Edmonton
  4. Canadian voice actress Tara Strong in Transformers Cartoon!
  5. Tamiya Paint?
  6. Movie Preview Figures In and Out at Canadian Retail
  7. Canadians bordercrossing for le Botcon '07
  8. TRU Transformers Cybertron Ultra Figure Sale
  9. Canada wide TF Convention?
  10. Calgary Comic Expo
  11. How many of you collect MISB only?
  12. Has anyone seen the followings in Vancouver area?
  13. Optimus Prime 20th Anniversary DVD Edition
  14. What do you think about Titanium series Transformers?
  15. Classic line
  16. Supreme Cybertron at $39.98 at TRU
  17. A few questions...
  18. Interesting observations at TF toy shelves
  19. Will classics go on sale?
  20. The Cost of the Soundwave Reissue
  21. Movie Toy G1 repaints
  22. BRAND NEW G1 Re-Issues!
  23. TF Collecting tendencies
  24. Alex Milne signing- June 9/07
  25. Battle Beast battles
  26. I have too much sparetime... :p
  27. Classics Starscream in Toronto
  28. 4th Annual Action Figure Expo 2007 - September 30th
  29. Botcon 2007
  30. Movie Leader Prime pics + review
  31. Have you seen these in Montreal?
  32. Real Canadian SuperStore price drop
  33. Where is the best place inEdmonton to grab old titanium waves (THUNDERCRACKER)
  34. Reviews & Tips for ordering TFs from Online Retailers?
  35. Does anyone help you hunt?
  36. Assembly Errors
  37. A fan creations board?
  38. Transformers Monopoly out in Canada
  39. Movie Toys. What do you think so far?
  40. Robo-Vision Optimus Prime
  41. Is my deluxe Bumblebee broken?
  42. where to buy roadbots??
  43. Where's my MP-05
  44. Thoughts on Leader Class Prime
  45. Will TF's be at Wonderland
  46. Target in Brampton ?
  47. Any Vancouver gathering on July 4th?
  48. Just talked with The Associated Press.
  49. Blackout/Scorponok TRU 2pack - we getting?
  50. movie toys pics?..
  51. What's your favorite Transformers toy line?
  52. Well I guess I won't transform MP Megs.
  53. Edmonton Fans, Let's Meet Up!
  54. Renaming Figures
  55. Where to find Japanese Transformers in Toronto?
  56. Just starting to collect TFs, any thoughts?
  57. Anyone doing midnight madness movie showing on July 3rd?
  58. This made me chuckle... (My daughters take on the Autobot/Decepticon thing)
  59. Most expensive Transformer I've ever seen...
  60. help out a noob with some TF abbreviations
  61. Canadian Movie Packaging Error?
  62. Is reissue Soundwave ever coming out here?
  63. when is the vocie changer coming to canada??
  64. Alternators Questions
  65. Hunting for TFs in HongKong and Tokyo
  66. forgot about a samll detail
  67. G1 duplicate armies!
  68. Classics Ramjet for $ 48.00!
  69. Question about Takara Movie Ultimate Bumblebee
  70. What will be the first movie shelf warmer?
  71. American Version MP-05 Megatron?
  72. Joy!!! I found Shockblast's missle!!
  73. How much did you paid for MP-05?
  74. Canadian Online Toy Stores & G1 Encores
  75. How many different phrases does the DVD Prime have?
  76. Theoretically speaking, is it possible for a new collector to....
  77. Alternators Rodimus -an exclusive??
  78. Should I, or Shouldn't I?
  79. Some Questions To Test Your G1 Knowledge
  80. Has anyone dealt with cybertron_toys on eBay?
  81. IDW Beast Wars
  82. Rant time - Fewer people shipping to Canada
  83. Questions on the BW Anniversary Toy Line
  84. Your tf shopping experience
  85. Toys available on June 2nd?
  86. Cleaning G1 Transformers and sticker removal
  87. Kooltoyz has Movie Leader Megatron in stock!
  88. Parts ID Help
  89. Shipping Question
  90. For fellow Haligonians. Botcon pickup service
  91. Love Transformers, love starwars but dislike the Starwars/Transformers
  92. How much is movie leader Prime?
  93. Not impressed with Movie Toys
  94. What 6" Movie Titanium Toys will be released?
  95. Upcoming toy shows in Ontario - Burlington this Sunday June 3rd
  96. Robo-vision Prime. How much in store?
  97. Kooltoyz has Revoltech Megatron
  98. Anybody found Devastator in Canda?
  99. Argh Zellers !!!
  100. Ebay Tips?
  101. KO Cassettes at ages3andup
  102. Pictures of G1 Decepticon Base?
  103. TFTM will some of these characters make an appearance?
  104. where will you be on June 2nd?
  105. Movie toys for sale at Toysrus.ca
  106. Any word on Movie wave 2 in Canada?
  107. Cybertron.ca Exclusive - Burger King toys
  108. Excessive Botcon/Misc. Exclusives Nowadays?
  109. The Show Case your collection thread
  110. Free shipping TRU.ca
  111. Blackout/Scorpy 2 pack - when are we getting?
  112. [Report] Montreal Toy & sci-fi convention
  113. Anyone catch the exclusive TF Movie Clips on MTV MA?
  114. TFTM Deluxe Sale, anyone get their difference back?
  115. TF Movie: The Game
  116. Tips for Buying From Forums?
  117. SCREEN3 Transformers Music Promo
  118. Optimus Prime patent in Canadian Patents Database?
  119. YTV Celebrates The Release Of The New Movie With Marathon
  120. Costco Exclusive?
  121. June 22-28 Zellers Transformers Sale
  122. Revoltech Megatron from A3U
  123. TRU question for those that work there?..
  124. Can we expect a MP Ultra Magnus with Actual Trailer?
  125. Is Cybertron Galvatron really hard to find?
  126. Transformers DVDs ?
  127. Can I borrow $35,000?
  128. Your favourite size class?
  129. Voyager Prime.. when are we getting it?
  130. Are we getting the Robot Heros 5-Pack?
  131. Import Beast Wars 50% off at Bigbadtoystore.com
  132. Cartoon Classics Digital Cable Channel?
  133. Clearance Transformers Toys
  134. oh man, it is Refunds galore!!
  136. Weird LoC stuff.
  137. Transformers Cybertron edition (the game)
  138. Ghosts of Yesterday Novel
  139. Your collection is not complete if you don't have this
  140. First premiere review of the movie is in (minor spoilers)
  141. Steve Urkel's best friend in the new TF movie!! [SPOILERS]
  142. Question about the Prequel novel for those who have read
  143. Any details on the Encore reissue series?
  144. New TRU sale - June 16-22
  145. Aug Toyfare
  146. Now THIS is a freaking Transformers Movie Poster!!
  147. Bonecrusher Transformation video *SPOILER*
  148. question about jetfire
  149. I need help to ID these transformers.
  150. Decepticon Polo Group Order
  151. Transformers engergon cube..
  152. Win 2 tickets to see Transformers Movie
  153. What Transformers Did you get for Fathers Day?
  154. So who's got the TF game on pre-order?
  155. what transformer is this??
  156. TF Figure Inconsistencies
  157. New Titaniums for Preorder @ Goldenagetoys.com
  158. Reprolabels Faction Symbol Contest Favourites
  159. I just won TF tickets on the radio
  160. New TF ingame footage at IGN!
  161. Vintage dealers in Calgary?
  162. Movie Voice Cast
  163. YTV ad for 'Transplosion'
  164. LIlformers
  165. Burger King Toys Wave 1 Review+Photos (Warning big pictures)
  166. Get your advanced tickets this Friday!
  167. Megatron Origins
  168. How I scored tickets for the advance showing...
  169. Have you guys seen these? Illuminating T-Shirts
  170. how many bought the prime helmet??
  171. Leader Megatron
  172. Goo Gone and my Mirage
  173. Toronto Star Advanced Screening Contest!
  174. Beatmix Bumblebee
  175. IRC channel
  176. First offical review is in
  177. My Paid trip to BotCon!
  178. Transforming costumes
  179. just bought tickets online for the movie on july the second at 8pm
  180. Where to buy TF the Game
  181. Transformers PSP Game - What do you think?
  182. what kind of Hummer is ratchet??
  183. Transformers DS Character Round Up
  184. Another new TV Spot!! (spoilers)
  185. Vancouver 604 peeps, question about July 2nd showing
  186. TF the game.. two dates?
  188. Transformers Animated.... what do you think?
  189. wave wave 2 at zellers
  190. Transformers Movie Passes Contest
  191. 'Dak'sterpiece Prime On Display at Orion Gate Theater in Brampton
  192. Did anyone get their TFM game yet?
  193. 604 Movie Roll Call
  194. BotCon weather forecast
  195. Will Robot Heros: Decepticon Sneak Attack be available in Canada?
  196. Free Admission To Transformers The Movie !!!
  197. Transformers: The Game: Flat out sucks?
  198. TFTM Topps cards in Canada?
  199. Robot Heros pic request.
  200. Thursday's TO Advanced Screening
  201. Interview with Alexander Kubalsky
  202. transformers the making of
  203. Masterpiece Starscream a Wal-Mart exclusive: think we'll see him here?
  204. what car is the movie swindle??
  205. Cfox movie tickets?...
  206. Best place to pre-order the Encore reissues?
  207. Winnipeg MB advance screening on monday july 1st.....
  208. 604/778 Cross border road trip to USA
  209. Alternators Rodimus & Anime Store Question
  210. Calgary: Monday advanced showing, anyone?
  211. Burger King Transformers Wave 2 Toy Review/Preview
  212. Hello from BotCon!
  213. New Classics
  214. What are you're thoughts for a sequel? (Spoilers)
  215. fanfic the heart of a hero
  216. Optimus Prime Poster
  217. Robot Replicas & more Robot Heroes out!
  218. Which transformers figuers from the movie are must have?
  219. questions about the CLASsics Line
  220. Unmodded MP-05 instock at tfsource.com
  222. MP-04 Problem
  223. New G1 DVD set?
  224. How much is Leader class in Canada?
  225. GF, Wives, "Society" and collecting Transformers
  226. ARGH!! Too many Target Exclusives!!!
  227. Worst TF movie-going experience ever
  228. Movie Deluxe Bumblebee '08 for $ 81.00+ USD$
  229. The arrival of the Autobots scene was pure magic (SPOILERS)
  230. Favorite Transformers Commercials
  231. Question about MP trailer differences.
  232. Transformers boxes?
  233. Good place to order WSTFs for good price?
  234. Transformer collection for $ One Million USD$
  235. Ebosa?
  236. Burger King Toys sold out?
  237. Large Vancouver Transformer collections
  238. Will It Blend? - Transformers
  239. Ultimate bumblebee
  240. can i return a damaged transformer??
  241. Can't find new wave of Titanium in stores
  242. sam's club DLX 3 pack Exclusive???
  243. Pic of movie optimus sword?
  244. Callin' all Winnipeggers!
  245. Well... I am going to be on TV
  246. TFC #00 Optimus Prime Convoy Defect?
  247. TF movie game for PSP only last 30min??
  248. Do you collect Star Wars Transformers?
  249. Look what I found in the garbage!
  250. New IGN interview with Supervising Director of TF: Animated