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  1. Botcon 2010 is at Disney World Florida June 24 - 27 2010!
  2. TFSource Sourcenews Update for 12-21-09 - Superion Add On Kit In Stock
  3. FansProject Explorer Shuttle Component From Bruticus Upgrade Set Revealed
  4. Possible Masterpiece Ghost Starscream Release For June 2010
  5. Buyer Beware: Generation 1 Knock Off Micromaster Teams and Carded Constructicons
  6. BotCon 2010 Room Update: Dolphin Hotel Filling Up Fast
  7. Transformers Nefarious #1 Line Art Preview
  8. Information on Transformers Generation 1 Season 3-4 set from Shout! Factory
  9. Buyer Beware: Generation 1 Knock Off Carded Constructicons
  10. Revenge Of The Fallen Lockdown On Card With Bio
  11. WTF @ TFW 75 is Up!
  12. Masterpiece Ghost Starscream a hoax?
  13. Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Lockdown Pictorial Review
  14. Transformers War for Cybertron Starscream Concept Designs
  15. New Japanese Transformers Animated Keychains - Bulkhead to be called Ironhide in Japa
  16. Video Review: Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Brawn
  17. Video Review: Revenge of the Fallen Scout Class Skystalker
  18. Video Review: Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Lockdown
  19. Video Review: Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Ratchet
  20. Revenge of the Fallen - #1 US Box Office Movie of 2009
  21. Game Informer's War for Cybertron Updates - Time Lapse Video, Game Director Discussio
  22. Figure King 143 January Edition Scans
  23. Shattered Glass Heroic Decepticon Cyclonus will be a Collectors Club Exclusive toy in
  24. Diamond Comics Shipping list for January 6th 2010
  25. Diamond Select Sunstorm Bust
  26. Comparison Images of single Release and Two Pack Release Buster Optimus Prime
  27. Preview of Last Stand of the Wreckers
  28. War For Cybertron Developers Podcast, Ironhide Design
  29. Happy New Year from TFW2005
  30. TFW2005 picks their favorite Transformers from 2009
  31. WTF @ TFW Podcast episode 76 is now up!
  32. Popbox Collectables 12 inch Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime statue
  33. Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Brawn In Package Images and Bio
  34. New images of Revenge of the Fallen Mail Away Exclusive Ravage
  35. Tales of the Fallen Issue 6 - Arcee - 5 Page Preview
  36. Universe Special Editions sighted at US Retail
  37. Star Wars Crossovers Blockbuster Value packs sighted at US Retail
  38. TFSource Sourcenews Update for 1-4-10 - Last Week of Sale
  39. Fifth Revenge of the Fallen Leader-Class Mold Revealed to be Bumblebee
  40. Transformers RPM Lights and Sounds Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Out at US Retail
  41. New Target DCPIs for upcoming 2010 Transformers assortments
  42. New Official Revenge of the Fallen Toy Images 1/6/10
  43. New Target DPCIs for upcoming 2010 Transformers assortments
  44. First Image of Diamond Select Sunstorm Bust
  45. Comics Shipping List for January 13th, 2010
  46. Botcon 2010 Disney World Theme Parks Discount Tickets
  47. Reprolabels Revenge of the Fallen Logos Sticker Sheet
  48. Buyer Beware - Transformers Fan Credit Cards Possibly Compromised
  49. Derrick Wyatt Of Transformers Animated To Attend Auto Assembly 2010
  50. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Nominated for Best Visual Effects Oscar
  51. Images of Tak/Tomy Transformers Animated Wave 1
  52. New War for Cybertron Trailer Coming Next Week
  53. Transformers Device Label Series To Be Released In The US By Toshiba
  54. New Images of Transformers Henkei Gentei Dark Skyfire
  55. Revenge of the Fallen Target Exclusive Legends Two Packs Released in Australia
  56. CDMW-04 CrazyDevy Mean Parts Revealed
  57. Revenge of the Fallen Robot Heroes Shanghai Showdown and Desert Devastation Released
  58. Transformers RPM Remote Control Barricade Announced
  59. Marvel Transformers Crossovers Wave 5 Released At Retail
  60. War for Cybertron Soundwave and Revenge of the Fallen Defender Optimus Prime RPMs
  61. First Image of War For Cybertron Optimus Prime Toy
  62. First Image of War For Cybertron Optimus Prime Toy
  63. War for Cybertron Soundwave and Revenge of the Fallen Defender Optimus Prime RPMs
  64. New War for Cybertron Trailer Coming Next Week
  65. Revenge Of The Fallen Nebular Starscream Released In Singapore
  66. 1st New Wave Of 2010 Scout Figures From Revenge Of The Fallen Released In The Philipp
  67. WTF @ TFW Podcast Episode 77 Now Online
  68. Transformers Ongoing #3 Preview
  69. TFW2005 Reviews Transformers #3
  70. Transformers War for Cybertron Second Trailer!
  71. Transformers 3 to start filming in May
  72. Revenge Of The Fallen Long Haul Repaint On Ebay
  73. IDW Issues Press Release for Transformers: Nefarious
  74. Packaging Variant Alert: Deluxe 2010 Wave 1 NEST Sticker
  75. Lawson's Exclusive Fallen and Mudflap
  76. Comics Shipping List for January 20th, 2010
  77. Alternity Starscream and Skywarp, Device Label Cheeta and Broadcast, and More Announc
  78. THE HUB: Hasbro and Discovery Communications Joint Venture Channel Name Announced
  79. More TakaraTomy Transformers Animated Listings Revealed
  80. New Revenge of the Fallen NEST Global Alliance Commercial
  81. Michael Bay - Transformers 3 won’t be as robot-heavy, fewer explosions
  82. Transformers Bumblebee Issue 2 five page preview
  83. Revenge of the Fallen New Assortments out in the Philippines
  84. Review of iGear IG-TF007 Generation 1 Ark Playset
  85. Revenge Of The Fallen Human Alliance Barricade With Decepticon Frenzy Sighted At US R
  86. E-Hobby Masterpiece Convoy Black Version with Comic Now Available
  87. TFW2005 Content Update: New Toy and Merchandise Galleries Online 01/17/10
  88. Release Dates for upcoming Takara Tomy Transformers Toys
  89. New Images of TakaraTomy's Transformers Animated Figures
  90. First Image of Device Label Cheeta & Sketches of Alternity Starscream/Skywarp, Buzz L
  91. TFSource Sourcenews Update for 1-18-10 - Preorder Korean Galaxy Force Toys
  92. Daisuke Gori (Dauros, Dinoking) passes away
  93. New Carded Images of Upcoming Deluxe, Battle Chargers, Gravity Bots, and RPM Figures
  94. TFW2005 Reviews Bumblebee #2
  95. Details on Transformers Animated Airing in Japan and Animated Card-Based Arcade Game
  96. Transformers Generations 2009 Exclusive Skids and Screech Set Released
  97. IDW Publishing Solicitations for April 2010
  98. Revenge of the Fallen NEST Battle Pack Released at US Retail
  99. Revenge of the Fallen RPMs VS Packs Wave 5 Released in the Philippines
  100. Transformers Collectors Club Dion will come with Mini-Con Cop-Tur!
  101. Revenge of the Fallen Shanghai Showdown Two Pack Released Online
  102. WTF @ TFW Podcast Episode 78 Now Online
  103. New PowerCore Combiner Figure Revealed
  104. Official Images of Cyber Battle Ops Bumblebee
  105. Official Images of Animated Mudbuster Bulkhead and Thundercracker
  106. New Ad For Disney Label Buzz Lightyear
  107. Shadow Command Megatron Out in the United States
  108. Comics Shipping List for January 27th, 2010
  109. What to expect from Transformers in 2010
  110. Hasbro Launches Cyber Missions Episodes
  111. Toys 'R Us Exclusive Animated Arcee Out at United States Retail
  112. Takara Tomy Transformers Revenge Shanghai Attack Demolishor and Desert Combat Rampage
  113. Transformers G1 Awakening Coming To iPhone
  114. Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Devastator Released in the UK
  115. TFCC Punch/Counterpunch & Shattered Glass Cyclonus Revealed
  116. Human Alliance Mudflap in Hand Review
  117. New Transformers Collectors Club Magazine Arriving - War for Cybertron Bumblebee Toy
  118. 2010 Wave 2 Gravity Bots Sighted in United States Retail
  119. Japanese NEST Global Alliance Promotional Badges
  120. Taiwanese Man builds 14 foot replica of Optimus Prime out of scrapmetal
  121. Winter Wonder Festival Exclusive Fallen Images
  122. First Images of Unite for the Universe Jetpower Optimus Prime and Megatron
  123. TFSource Sourcenews for 1-25-10
  124. Last Stand of the Wreckers Issue 4 Trevor Hutchison Cover
  125. Transformers Animated Lego Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
  126. First Images of Unite for the Universe Jetpower Optimus Prime and Megatron
  127. Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Legends Acree, Jolt, and Stealth Bumblebee Out
  128. Clearer Image Of Alternity Starscream Lineart
  129. Hasbro And TakaraTomy Transformers Animated Bumblebee And Bulkhead Comparisons
  130. War For Cybertron Deluxe Bumblebee Figure Revealed
  131. WTF @ TFW Podcast Episode 79 Now Online
  132. Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 Five-Page Preview
  133. TFW2005 Reviews Last Stand of the Wreckers #1
  134. Transformers 3 Scouting Location Update
  135. Walmart Exclusive Movie Scout Two-Packs Available at US Retail
  136. Hasbro Officially Announces February Exclusives, Confirms Legends Devastator as Walma
  137. Revenge Of The Fallen Scout class Wave 5 found at U.S. Retail
  138. War For Cybertron Optimus Prime and Megatron Toy Images
  139. Rare 1986 Transformers Movie Animation Cells On Ebay
  140. Reprolabels.com January Update
  141. FansProject Reveals Crossfire Set B
  142. Upcoming Provocative Transformers Costumes
  143. Diamond Comics Shipping Lists for February 3, 2010
  144. UK Toy Fair 2010- Universe Ultra Seaspray
  145. Walmart Exclusive Legends-Class Devastator Out at Retail
  146. Revenge of the Fallen Defender Optimus Prime Packaging Variant
  147. First Deluxe Class Listings for Power Core Combiners
  148. Video Preview of Transformers G1 Awakening for iPhone
  149. Transformers #6 Wildman Cover
  150. UK Toy Fair 2010 Transformers Update With Promotional Ad
  151. Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime and Ravage Redecos
  152. New Reissues for Hong Kong
  153. Target Exclusive Revenge of the Fallen Two Packs Released
  154. Transformers 3 Confirmed to Film in Chicago?
  155. 2010 Voyager Sea Spray In Package
  156. Revenge of the Fallen Evac and Red Rampage on Card Images
  157. Comics Continuum IDW Interview with Andy Schmidt reveals Ironhide Miniseries
  158. Marvel Transformers Issue 76 Original Cover Art on Ebay
  159. Simon Furman Talks Nefarious #2
  160. Transformers RPM Battle Chargers Out in US Retail
  161. Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe 2010 Wave 2 Out at US Retail
  162. Revenge of the Fallen Yellow Long Haul - Payload - In Box Image
  163. TFSource Sourcenews Update for 1-31-10 - Justitoys WST Blaster and Shockwave due soon
  164. Tranformers Last Stand Of The Wreckers #1 Goes To 2nd Printing With New Exclusive Var
  165. Toys R Us Japan Exclusive Legends Desert Combat Demolishor
  166. Shout! Factory Gauging Interest In Bringing Over Japanese Transformers Series To DVD
  167. Revenge of the Fallen nominated for seven Razzies
  168. New Images of Seaspray In and Out of Package
  169. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Nominated as Oscar Finalist in One Category
  170. James Avery Cast as Voice Actor for New Transformers 3 Character
  171. 2010 Voyager Sea Spray Video
  172. Transformers Animated Battle Wheels
  173. WTF @ TFW Episode 80 January 28 2010 Now Online
  174. TFSource Reviews MP-08X Grimlock
  175. The Cybertronian Conference of 2010 Announced
  176. Hasbro Revenge of the Fallen NEST Global Alliance Press Release
  177. Transformers 3 to be filmed in 3D?
  178. Michael Bay tops Vanity Fair's Top 40 Hollywood Earners for 2009
  179. Buyer Beware: Knock Offs of G1 Defensor, Menasor, Sideswipe and Red Alert
  180. New Images of Winter Wonder Festival The Fallen Blazing Edition
  181. Diamond Comics Shipping Lists for February 10, 2010
  182. Next Cartoon Series to be Called Transformers: Prime?
  183. Hasbro's Toy Fair 2010 Press Release Officially Announces Battle Ops Bumblebee
  184. New Images of the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime Figure
  185. Images of Fansproject Crossfire sets combined form and weapons
  186. Transformers Animated Japanese Cast and Theme Song News
  187. Custom Headmaster Serpent Head to be released
  188. War for Cybertron Gamestop Preorder Exclusive Multiplayer Mode Shockwave
  189. Power Core Combiner Aerialbots Team And More News From Nuremburg Toy Fair
  190. Transformers Prime To Be CG Animated
  191. Transformers Animated Allspark Almanac Volume 2 Confirmed
  192. Transformers Animated Japanese Packaging
  193. Transformers Animated Japanese Packaging from Wonderfest 2010
  194. Transformers Wonderfest 2010 Display Images - Japanese Animated Packaging
  195. Revenge of the Fallen Cyber Missions Episode 2 is now online
  196. Recon Ravage Mail Away Exclusive TV Commercial
  197. Images of Wonderfest 2010 exclusive third party Transformers kits
  198. Tony Todd to return for Third Transformers Movie
  199. Hasbro's 2009 Fourth Quarter Results Up Based on Demand for Transformers
  200. WTF @ TFW Podcast Episode 81 Now Online
  201. War for Cybertron Shockwave CGI Model
  202. Revenge Of The Fallen Mindwipe Wave And New Star Wars Transformers Anakin Wave Releas
  203. Revenge of the Fallen Scout Wave 6 Released at US Retail
  204. Transformers Spotlight: Prowl E.J. Su Cover Art
  205. New images of Japan Exclusive Ravage, Evac, and Prototype Jetfire
  206. ROTF Scattorshot Photo Review
  207. Worlds Smallest Twincast and Shackwave
  208. Tyrese Gibson to Reprise Role as Sgt. Epps in Transformers 3
  209. Official Release Date Revealed for Transformers: War For Cybertron
  210. Botcon 2010 Registration Timeframe
  211. CDMW-06 CrazyDevy Aviation Brigade Power Parts
  212. Canadian Collectible Toy Expo - April 25th at the Burlington Holiday Inn
  213. Transformers a Top 5 Toy Property in 2009
  214. TFC-005C Gear of War 2 Weaon Set- Crystal
  215. Clear Images of Unite for the Universe Optimus Prime and Megatron
  216. Master Collectors Offering Limited Production Nova Prime Figure
  217. New Images of Gentei Dark Skyfire
  218. Automorphing Power Core Combiners And More In Transformers 2010 Press Release
  219. WTF @ TFW Podcast episode 82 now online
  220. Transformers Collector's Club Member's Only Toyfair 2010 gallery
  221. Toy Fair 2010 Live Photos from the Hasbro Display
  222. Human Alliance Jazz At Toy Fair 2010
  223. Toy Fair 2010 Power Core Combiners and Transformers Generations Images
  224. Toy Fair 2010 Revenge of the Fallen Hunt for the Decepticons Images
  225. PowerCore Transformers Images Toy Fair 2010
  226. TFW Robot Powered Machines Pictures from Toy Fair 2010
  227. Transformers Generations (Classics 3.0) Images from Toy Fair 2010
  228. More War For Cybertron Bumblebee and Optimus Toy Images - Toy Fair 2010
  229. Official Transformers Scout Class Images from Toy Fair 2010
  230. Official Transformers Battle Ops Bumblebee Images from Toy Fair 2010
  231. Official Transformers Activators Images from Toy Fair 2010
  232. Official Transformers Role Play and Powerbot Images from Toy Fair 2010
  233. Official Transformers Legends Images from Toy Fair 2010
  234. Official Transformers War For Cybertron Images from Toy Fair 2010
  235. Official Transformers NEST Battle Pack Images from Toy Fair 2010
  236. Official Transformers Human Alliance Jazz Images from Toy Fair 2010
  237. Official Transformers Powercore Combiners 2 Pack Images from Toy Fair 2010
  238. Official Transformers Deluxe Class Images from Toy Fair 2010
  239. Official Transformers Voyager Class Images from Toy Fair 2010
  240. Official Transformers Generations Images from Toy Fair 2010
  241. Official Transformers Leader Class Images from Toy Fair 2010
  242. Official Transformers Scout Class Images from Toy Fair 2010
  243. Official Transformers Powercore Combiners 5 Pack Images from Toy Fair 2010
  244. Official Star Wars Transformers Images from Toy Fair 2010
  245. Official Marvel Transformers Crossovers Images from Toy Fair 2010
  246. SDCC 2010 exclusive is G1 Blaster with Steeljaw, Ramhorn and Eject
  247. Photos from the Toy Fair 2010 Hasbro Presentation
  248. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Connect 4 Take Along
  249. TFSource Sourcenews Update for 2-15-10 - Custom Justitoys Military Operations Command
  250. Official Takara-Tomy Images of Alternity Starscream and Skywarp