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  1. Michael Bay Says Transformers 2 is Still on Track for June 24th, 2009
  2. Transformers Movie Cyberslammers Ironhide And Patrol Barricade Images
  3. Transformers Movie Deluxe Jungle Bonecrusher and Overcast Official Images
  4. Transformers Movie Stealth Concept Camaro Bumblebee Image
  5. AgesThree And Up's December Newsletter
  6. Transformers Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime on Ebay
  7. Unreleased G2 Blue Combat Hero Optimus Prime MOSC Images
  8. Japanese Classics and Encore Sky Lynx Coming Out In Two Weeks?
  9. Rarest Minicon Set Space Galaxy Edition Destruction Team Images and Review
  10. Transformers UK Issue 7 Starscream's Militia Colored Pages
  11. Transformers Movie AllSpark Power Deep Desert Brawl In Package
  12. UK Media Group Picks Up Distribution Rights For Latin America
  13. High Resolution Images Of Transformers Animated Lockdown
  14. 2008 Canadian 80s Toy Expo Announced - Sunday, March 16th
  15. Animated Preview on Cartoon Network
  16. Lycos' Most Popular Internet Search Terms of 2007: Transformers #1 Movie
  17. Transformers' Megan Fox Wins a Hollywood Life's Breakthrough Award
  18. TFW2005 Interviews Transformers Generation 1 Voice Actor Jack Angel
  19. Transformers Animated 3 Minute Preview Video from Cartoon Network
  20. Transformers Animated Comic by IDW Publishing - 2 Page Preview
  21. Transformers Animated Site Live at Cartoon Network - Episode Guide, Bios, and More
  22. New Comic Releases Update for 12/12/07 & 12/19/07
  23. Generation 1 Soundblaster with Ratbat Bust from Diamond Select Toys
  24. Transformers Exclusive Battle Damaged Optimus Prime with Matrix of Leadership Bust
  25. Transformers Movie Voyager Incinerator Test Shot Image
  26. Sponsor update: TFsource Newsletter for 12-9
  27. Simon Furman Blog Update Discusses Beast Wars: The Ascending Issue #3
  28. Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet Featured on Ellen
  29. Lil Formers #78 - Cliffjumper
  30. SDCC Exclusive Transformers Alternators Rodimus AFA Graded at HasbroToyShop
  31. Transformers Animated Season 1 Episode Guide and Spoilers Discussion
  32. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for December 12, 2007
  33. Play Transformers Allspark Highway at Hasbro's MonkeybarTV Site
  34. Cyber Slammers Cliffjumper and Autobot Jazz Out in US Stores
  35. Trespassing Charges Against Shia LaBeouf Dropped
  36. Covers Revealed for Volumes 3 and 4 of Animated Paperbacks
  37. IDW 2008 Teaser Images & 20 Questions Answered by Simon Furman
  38. TFW2005 Interview with Generation 1 Voice Actor Jack Angel PART II
  39. New Generation 1 and Beast Wars Robot Heroes Images
  40. Animated Megatron Prototype In Show-Like Colors
  41. Latest Transformers Animated TV Commercial on Cartoon Network
  42. Official Pictures and Bios For Upcoming Unleash Turnaround Sets
  43. Official Images and Bios for Wave 4 Movie Scouts
  44. Transformers Animated to Air in Canada on YTV Starting this January
  45. Transformers Classics 2.0 and 6" Titanium Information from Latest Toyfare Magazine
  46. Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus Head Shot Picture
  47. More Animated Megatron Cybertron Mode Prototype Images
  48. TakaraTomy Updates Official Website with December Releases
  49. e-Hobby No Longer Accepting International Orders
  50. Transformers Classics 2.0 Prowl Confirmed for New Universe Line
  51. New Transformers Movie Voyager Allspark Power Incinerator Images
  52. TakaraTomy MA-18 Nightwatch Optimus Prime to be UK Version
  53. Transformers Movie Voyager Allspark Power Incinerator In Package with BIO
  54. Theft of the Golden Disk Beast Wars Prequel Trailer on You Tube
  55. Transformers Animated Lugnut Prototype Images
  56. Transformers Animated Series Bible Character Bios and Concept Artwork!
  57. Encore Ironhide and Ratchet with Cardboard Heads Attached and Box
  58. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Legends Two Packs Released at US Retail
  59. Transformers the Movie: Behind the Scenes
  60. Transformers Animated Voyager Class Optimus Prime prototype
  61. BigBadToyStore Exclusive Generation 1 Elita One Bust First Look
  62. Transformers Assortments for Movie, Universe and Animated in 2008 revealed
  63. Transformers to be Parodied in Meet the Spartans, Megatron on Movie Poster
  64. TFW2005 Content update: 13 New Transformers Toy Galleries Online
  65. Sponsor Update: TFSource Newsletter for 12-17
  66. TFW2005 Content Update: Lil Formers 79 - Sky Lynx
  67. 1 in 5 Transformers Optimus Prime Toys Being Sold Online are Fakes
  68. Transformers an Oscar Contender for Visual Effects and Best Song
  69. Simon Furman Discusses IDW's Grimlock Spotlight
  70. New Image of Movie Premium Series Ironhide
  71. New Transformers Animated Characters Revealed - Ironhide, Scrapper and more!
  72. Transformers Animated Human Characters Descriptions
  73. Transformers Animated Starscream pale blue test shot
  74. New Transformers Generation 1 Knock Offs Available On eBay
  75. Japanese Transformers Classics Scheduled For Availability In February and March
  76. Transformers Movie Lawson Exclusive Blackout Released in Japan
  77. Encore Ironhide and Ratchet and Music Label Soundwave: Blaster Black Out in Japan
  78. New Comic Releases Update for 12/19/07 & 12/28/07
  79. First Look at New Target Exclusive Movie Deluxe Repaints
  80. Transformers Animated Bulkhead Prototype Images and Review
  81. Newsarama Article on Transformers Animated
  82. Animated Section Up on Transformers.com
  83. New Images of Movie Nightwatch Optimus Prime and Deep Desert Brawl
  84. Wal*Mart.com To Offer TakaraTOMY Masterpiece Skywarp
  85. Transformers Animated Megatron's Earth Alt-mode Confirmed by Hasbro
  86. New Transformers Gear at Stylin Online
  87. Packaging Back Image for Movie Scout-Class Crosshairs
  88. More Images of Japanese Exclusive Movie Optimus Prime Spychanger
  89. IDW Publishing Comic Solicatations for March 2008 including Mirage Spotlight
  90. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Voyager Incinerator Detailed Review And Images
  91. Packaging Back Image for Movie Scout-Class Storm Surge
  92. Screen Battles Sets Sighted in Australia
  93. Packaging Back Images for Upcoming Optimus and Ironhide Fast Action Battlers
  94. New Animated Clip on Cartoon Network Podcast
  95. First Two Volumes of Animated Paperbacks Receive New Covers
  96. U.S. House Unanimously Passes Toy Safety Bill
  97. TFW2005 Reviews Transformers Animated 1-4
  98. Transformers: Animated Jazz, Swoop, Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime Revealed!
  99. TFSource Update - New Encores, Music Label Soundwave, MP-05 Megatron In-Stock!
  100. Out of Box Photos of Takara Encore Ironhide and Ratchet G1 Reissues
  101. Transformers New Year's Special Tapestry Announced
  102. Transformers New Year's Special Tapestry Announced
  103. Transformers Movie Screen Battles packs OUT in US
  104. Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Optimus Prime Detailed photoshoot
  105. IDW Transformers Arcee Spotlight Cover by Alex Milne
  106. TakaraTomy Classics Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Grimlock Images
  107. Transformers Movie Target Exclusive Allspark Power Deluxes Back of Packaging Images
  108. 100-car Transformers Autobot Logo Aerial Photography
  109. Transformers Movie Target Exclusive Voyager Class Deep Space Starscream
  110. First look at Allspark Power Big Daddy, Jolt, Grindcore, Divebomb
  111. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Voyager Incinerator back of box images
  112. Transformers Movie Seating and Decorating Items Listings on Walmart Website
  113. Transformers Animated Image from 2008 Cartoon Network Calendar
  114. Transformers Animated to be Cover Story in Toyfare Issue #128
  115. Movie Allspark Powered Cardback Images for Jolt, Grindcore, Divebomb and Big Daddy
  116. Simon Furman Dreamwave Beast Wars Shell Game #1 Script
  117. YTV Transformers Animated Website Indicates a New Air Date
  118. TFW2005 Toy Gallery Update: 9 New Transformers Galleries Added
  119. TFW2005 Gallery Update: 36 New Transformers Customs Added
  120. IDW Transformers Movie Sequel Comic Series Cover
  121. Takara Classics Transformers Megatron Images
  122. Transformers Movie Airfreshener Lawsuit
  123. Rejected Generation 1 Names and Marvel Transformers Universe Bios
  124. Upcoming Japanese Transformers Releases News from Hobby Magazines
  125. Transformers Animated Theme Songs Available
  126. Transformers Animated Premiere Discussion
  127. Bootleg Generation 1 Metroplex Reviewed with Dozens of Images
  128. Upgrade Sticker Set for Transformers Movie Optimus Prime from Reprolabels.com
  129. Robot Heroes Transformer Movie The Final Battle 5-pack
  130. Transformers Timelines Spring Special Comic Book by Fun Publications
  131. Transformers Movie the #3 Highest Grossing Film of 2007
  132. New Animated Designs Leaked: Megatron, Swoop, Sentinel Prime, Ultra Magnus
  133. Red Repaint of Movie Dropkick Image, Possibly Salvage
  134. Transformers Tattoos Gallery Now Online - Post YOUR Tattoo!
  135. Transformers Universe Onslaught Unveiled at the Transformers Club Site!
  136. New exclusive Transformers Movie Collectibles Announced
  137. TFW2005 Content Update: 10 New Transformers Customs Galleries Online
  138. First In-package Images of Transformers Movie Stockade
  139. BBTS New Year's Sale - 28% off for 2008
  140. Transformers Movie Valentines Day Cards Released
  141. TFcon Toronto 2008 Promo Video Online
  142. Video Review Of Animated Cybertron Optimus Prime
  143. Better Red Dropkick Repaint and Stealth Battle Bumblebee Image
  144. Transformers Animated Premier On-Demand To Comcast Subscribers
  145. Unofficial Transformers G1 Tech Spec Cards Coming Soon, Complete Set
  146. New Transformers Boy's Underwear and V-Day Cards At Target
  147. TFW2005 Sponsor Update: TFSource Newsletter 12-30
  148. TFW2005 Content Update: 24 New Customs Galleries Added
  149. Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers Rally Rocket Bumblebee
  150. Transformers Movie Deluxe Class Battle Damage Exclusive Arcee
  151. News From Michael Bay: More Transformers To Be In Transformers 2
  152. First In-Package Images of FAB Night Attack Megatron and Desert Blast Brawl
  153. Simon Furman Hints at IDW's 2008 Plans for Transformers Comics
  154. Transformers 2 No Longer Slotted for June 26, 2009 release?
  155. New Men's Thermal Shirt Found at Wal*Mart
  156. New Comic Releases Update for 1/4/08 & 1/9/08
  157. Masterpiece Starscream Exclusive Now In Stock at Walmart.com
  158. First Look at Quint-05 and Nightbird Images by Impossibletoys
  159. IDW To Continue Origins Series with The Thirteen
  160. Black Incinerator: Japanese Version Revealed?
  161. Fast Action Battlers Rescue Torch Ratchet Revealed, More Improved Pictures
  162. Movie Stockade Bio and Tech Specs revealed
  163. Packaging Back Images for Upcoming 2008 Wave 2 Fast Action Battlers
  164. Premium Series Ironhide and Blackout Scheduled as Mass Retail Releases
  165. TFW2005 Interviews Transformers Animated Optimus Prime David Kaye
  166. Transformers Movie named the "Most Pirated Film of 2007"
  167. TFW2005 Content Update: 24 New Transformers Customs Galleries
  168. Alternators Prowl Knockoff with Chinese Police Deco revealed!
  169. Excellent High-res Images Of Transformers Animated Starscream Prototype
  170. Lil Formers #80 - TF Animated II
  171. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for January 4, 2008
  172. 1/12 Scale Optimus Prime Head Desktop Model Price Update
  173. Transformers Movie Wave 2 Screen Battles Out in Canada
  174. TFW2005 Staff Picks Their Favorite Transformers From 2007
  175. Clear Transformers Generation 1 Optimus Prime Bootleg Pictures
  176. New Transformers Movie Stealth Bumblebee and Salvage Pictures
  177. Michael Bay: Autobot Jazz is NOT returning for Transformers 2
  178. New Animated Cybertron Megatron Review and Images
  179. Transformers Universe Generation 1 and Beast Wars Robot Heroes In Package
  180. Movie Evac, First Strike Prime, Offroad Ironhide, and New FABs Released
  181. Transformers Movie a Semifinalist for Best Visual Effects Oscar Nomination
  182. Top Ten Most Re-used Transformers Names Through 2007
  183. Transformers Allspark Battles Nightwatch Optimus Prime OUT In US
  184. Transformers Animated Bumblebee Images and Details
  185. Transformers Animated Showing Up In TRU Canada Computers
  186. Generation 1 Metrotitan Bootleg Confirmed to be Produced
  187. TFW2005 Content Update: New Transformers TOY Galleries Online
  188. TFSource Update: SourceNews 01-06-07
  189. Transformers Animated Prowl Photos and Review
  190. Animated Voyager-Class Starscream In-Box Image
  191. Animated Schedule Change To Skip Episode Five
  192. Movie Premium Series Optimus Prime Blade Test Shot Found
  193. Clear Plastic Generation One Optimus Prime Auction on eBay
  194. New Comic Releases Update for 1/9/08 & 1/16/08
  195. Transformers Movie Nominated for Five Awards from Visual Effects Society
  196. New Photos of Japanese Movie Black Arcee Redeco
  197. Movie Deluxe Cliffjumper, Camshaft and Landmine Out In Canada
  198. Simon Furman Teasers about Beast Wars: The Ascending Issue #4
  199. Transformers 2 Scheduled to Start Filming on June 2, 2008
  200. Paramount Poised to Drop HD-DVD Support
  201. Series 2 Transformers Attacktix Starter Set Out in the US and UK
  202. Transformers Tops DVD Sales Charts for 2007
  203. Shia LaBeouf Receives Nomination for the Orange Rising Star Award
  204. Premium Series Bumblebee, Jazz and Barricade Included in Mass Release Listing
  205. Rest in Peace, Vector
  206. Animated Bulkhead Gallery with In-Package and Transformation Photos
  207. Animated Premieres #1 Among Boys 2-11 and 6-11
  208. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for January 9, 2008
  209. Beast Wars Prequel Theft of the Golden Disk Has Been Released
  210. Sponsor News: AgesThreeandUp.com January Newsletter
  211. News on Animated Cartoon in Australia
  212. Images of Animated Battle Damaged Earth Mode Optimus Prime
  213. Official Images of Wave 3 Allspark Battles Legends Versus Packs
  214. Official Images of Premium Series Voyager-Class Blackout and Ironhide
  215. Federal Trade Commission Criticizes Transformers Movie Marketing
  216. Transformers 2 will be "bigger and better, shooting target date in June 2nd"
  217. Leader-Class Premium Optimus Prime & Megatron Confirmed for Mass Release
  218. Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Topspin Sample Revealed
  219. Octopus Loves Optimash Prime
  220. New Star Wars Transformers Released at Canadian Retail
  221. BBTS Updates: Big Sale, GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, DC & More!
  222. January & February Release Dates Announced for IDW Comics
  223. Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Wave 3 Solicited with Dispensor
  224. Marvel Transformers Crossovers Line to Come in 2008
  225. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Big Daddy Images And Review
  226. Transformers Move Allspark Power TRU Exclusives Wingblade and Jetstorm
  227. Transformers Movie Boys Underoos At Wal-Mart
  228. TFW2005 Content Update: New Customs Galleries Online
  229. Masterpiece Starscream Upgrade Set - Coronation Armor
  230. TFSource Update: SourceNews 01-13-08
  231. Authentic Bumblebee License Plate ('77 Camaro) For Sale
  232. Robot Mode Pictures of Toys 'R Us Exclusives Jetstorm and Wingblade
  233. New High-Quality Pictures of Animated Starscream Figure
  234. Transformers: Animated Channels for UK, Germany and France Confirmed
  235. Transformers UK Movie Scorponok and Ironhide Comic Preview Pages Released
  236. Transformers Danglers Series 1 Revealed and Released
  237. Simon Furman Provides Information Regarding Devastation Issue #4
  238. Official Pictures of Leader-Class Premium Series Optimus Prime
  239. Michael Bay Update: Predicts HD-DVD Will "Die Slow Death"
  240. Entertainment Rights sells Transformers Animated to over 24 territories
  241. TakaraTomy's 1st Half 2008 Releases: Minibots, Omega Supreme, Classics, and More
  242. New Comic Releases Update for 1/16/08
  243. Lil Formers #81 - Jazz
  244. Toy Rocket Exclusive Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen Busts
  245. Cover Art and Colored Pages For Transformers #8 UK Released
  246. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for January 16, 2008
  247. IDW 2008 Teaser Solved: All Hail Megatron Series Details
  248. Nightwatch Optimus Prime Released at Canadian Retail
  249. Generation 1 Colored Version of Arcee to be Wonder Festival Exclusive
  250. TFW2005 Presents: Radicons Customs/Kitbashes Contest - In Honor Of Vector