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  1. Diamond Select Prowl, Smokescreen and Bluestreak busts now available separately
  2. Transformers Animated Color-N-Fun book found
  3. Transformers Universe / Classics Sunstreaker Carded on Ebay
  4. Diamond Select Wizard Exclusive Skywarp Busts on Ebay
  5. Simon Furman will be attending Botcon in Cincinnati
  6. Transformers Animated Activators Bumblebee out of package pictures
  7. WST Reindeer Commander and Bombardier Elf Stocking Stuffers Images and Review
  8. TFW2005 Content Update - Desktop Wallpapers Additions
  9. Sponsor Update: TFSource News For March 30th
  10. Premium Series Leaders Out at US Mass Retail
  11. Simon Furman Offers Script Tidbits Regarding Spotlight Cyclonus
  12. Premium Series Leader-Class Optimus Prime and Megatron Out at US Mass Retail
  13. Lil Formers #92 - Punch/Counterpunch
  14. Universe Swerve Figure Now Shipping
  15. Exclusive Henkei C-0X Bumblebee Revealed, Limited to 500 Pieces
  16. More Botcon Blurr and Starscream Photos
  17. Botcon Comic Preview and More Guests Announced This Week
  18. Detailed Pictures of Encore 09 Minibots Set
  19. BigBadToyStore News: Indiana Jones, TF's, Chogokin, Star Wars, Preorders & More!
  20. Botcon Comic Preview (APRIL FOOLS!) and More Guests Announced This Week
  21. Transformers Visual Works Exclusive Green Ratchet now Shipping
  22. Botcon 2008 Exclusive Minicons Rampage and Divebomb Revealed
  23. Animated Sari Tara Strong to Attend BotCon 2008
  24. Reign of Starscream Movie Sequel Comic Press Release
  25. Figure Oh Magazine Shows New Photo of Trans-Scanning Bumblebee
  26. Official Images of Animated Wave 1 & Voyager Optimus Prime, Assortment Infomation
  27. Premium Series Barricade & Jazz, AllSpark Power Stealth Bumblebee & Salvage Out in US
  28. TFW2005 Content Update: Universe Chevrolet Aveo Swerve Gallery and Review Online!
  29. Target Exclusive Movie Allspark Power Figures Released in Canada
  30. Optimus Prime Vehicle Sighted, More Proof of Transformers Sequel Production Setup?
  31. TFW2005 Content Update: Universe Chevrolet Aveo Swerve Gallery and Review Online!
  32. Optimus Prime Vehicle Sighted, More Proof of Transformers Sequel Filming Setup?
  33. All Hail Megatron #1 Preview Page
  34. Botcon 2008 Razorclaw In Bag Image
  35. Universe Legends Red Alert In Package Image
  36. High Resolution Images Of Transformers Animated Battle Begins Two Pack
  37. Actress Natassia Malthe Casted for Transformers Movie Sequel
  38. New TFW2005 and Boombox shirts now online!
  39. Diamond Comic Shipping List for 4/9/08
  40. Trans-Scanning Movie Optimus Prime Added to Takara Website
  41. Transformers Movie Sequel to Film in Sedona, Arizona
  42. Target Exclusive AllSpark Power Deluxes Out in the US
  43. Transformers 2 Vehicle Sightings - Ratchet and Ironhide
  44. The REAL Botcon Comic Preview is up!
  45. Presenting April's Featured TFW2005 Radicon - Warmachine
  46. Reign of Starscream Issue #1 5-page Preview Available Now
  47. Transformers Movie 2 Rumors: New Decepticons named and Probable Humans
  48. Universe (Classic 2.0) Ultra-Class Silverbolt Revealed at Australian Toy Fair
  49. Exclusive Thundercracker Bust by Diamond for New York Comic Con
  50. Botcon Exclusive Rodimus Photo
  51. Australia Toyfair Report, Part One: Universe, Robot Heroes
  52. BotCon 2008 Update - Ricochet No Longer Available After April 1st
  53. Australia Toyfair Report, Part Two: Star Wars and Marvel Crossovers
  54. Australia Toyfair Report, Part Three: Animated
  55. Big Bad Toy Store Newsletter 04/04/08
  56. New Star Wars Transformers Images
  57. Transformers Universe Classics 2.0 Boxart By Marcelo Matere
  58. Better Images of Botcon Exclusive Black Rodimus
  59. Australia Toyfair Report, the Videos
  60. Botcon 2008 Exclusive Wheeljack Redeco Revealed!
  61. Don Figueroa Puts a Botcon Easter Egg on TFW2005
  62. Interesting Possibility: Alternators Return in 2009
  63. Masterpiece Starscream Coronation Set Now Released
  64. Transformers Universe Classics 2.0 Boxart By Marcelo Matere
  65. Australia Toyfair Report, Part One: Universe, Robot Heroes
  66. Takara's Premium Series Optimus Prime to have even more accurate colors
  67. Toys R Us Exclusive Transformers Movie Ultra Class Wingblade and Jetstorm Released
  68. Transformers 2 may film in Imperial Valley, California
  69. Transformers Animated Toys Released Early in Ohio
  70. Botcon 2008 Exclusive Blurr in Bag
  71. Lil Formers #93 - Fembots
  72. Transformers Spotlight: Wheelie Alternate Retro Cover, featuring Reflector!
  73. TFsource 4-7 SourceNews
  74. Transformers Spotlight: Wheelie Line Art
  75. First Images of BotCon Evil Rodimus Robot Mode
  76. IDW Publishing Solicitations for July 2008
  77. New Preorders for Transformers Henkei - Ramjet, Jetfire, and More
  78. Transformers Encore #11 and #12 Revealed - Skywarp, Thundercracker, Metroplex
  79. New All Hail Megatron Preview Page, Updated Focus On Decepticons Cover
  80. TFW2005 Content Update - This Weeks Desktop Wallpaper Additions
  81. Full Gallery of BotCon Evil Hotrod
  82. Transformers Animated DVD Gets New Title and Updated Cover
  83. One Page Spotlight: Hardhead Preview
  84. Galleries of McDonald's Happy Meal Animated Optimus Prime and Megatron
  85. New Images of Wave 1 and Wave 2 Animated Activators
  86. Knockoff G1 Superion, Menasor, Defensor and Computron Instructions Found
  87. Universe Prowl and Tankor in Package Auctions
  88. Botcon 2008 Jazz, Grimlock, Sideswipe and Goldbug in Bag Auctions
  89. Transformers 2 Confirmed to Film In Philadelphia
  90. Transformers Henkei C-07 and C-08 are Sunstreaker and Prowl
  91. Generation 2 Motormaster and Protectobot Prototypes On Ebay
  92. Transformers Comics for Wednesday, April 9
  93. Transformers Animated Show Expands Audience to More than 80 Territories
  94. Transformers Animated Expands Audience to More than 80 Territories
  95. Colored Verson of Spotlight: Cyclonus Page
  96. Rumored New Toy Listings for Transformers Animated
  97. Interview with All Hail Megatron Writer Shane McCarthy
  98. Cartoon Network to Start Airing Transformers Animated on Weekday Mornings
  99. Diamond Comic Items Shipping Update for 4/16/08
  100. Cover Revealed for Transformers Animated: How to Draw Book
  101. Botcon Update - Souvenir Figures limited to one per attendee
  102. More Images of Botcon 2008 Grimlock
  103. New Transformers Animated Lugnut Gallery
  104. Revoltech Ultra Magnus to be re-released in late April 2008
  105. New Transformers Animated Clips on Nicktoons UK featuring Blurr and the Elite Guard!
  106. Images and Review of Transformers Trans Scanning Optimus Prime
  107. Cincinnati Ohio is a Transformers Animated Test Market
  108. Cover Image for Transformers Animated: Robot Roll Call (I Can Read 2)
  109. New Stock Photos of Encore 10 Omega Supreme
  110. Five Page Spotlight: Grimlock Preview
  111. Botcon Starscream Gallery Like You've Never Seen
  112. Transformers: The Game Sells Well Over 3 Million Copies
  113. New Set of Universe/Classics Tankor Out-of-Package
  114. New Out of Package Images of Universe Tankor (Octane)
  115. New Out of Package Images of Universe Prowl
  116. Transformers: Animated Deluxe Toys Out In Canada
  117. Transformers Movie Allspark Cube 4-port USB Computer Hub
  118. Transformers Animated Episode 17: The Elite Guard Airs Today
  119. SWTF Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Pilot Republic Gunship Out
  120. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  121. Transformers Movie Sequel Possible Extended Casting List Revealed
  122. More Images of Botcon 2008 Jazz and Starscream
  123. Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Box Art Revealed
  124. Transformers 2 Will Film in Bethlehem, PA
  125. Transformers 2 Will Film in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  126. Transformers Animated Boys' Boxer Briefs Found
  127. Hasbro Attempting to Trademark the Shockwave Name
  128. Lil Formers #94 - Inside Trypticon
  129. Custom Classics Optimus Prime Trailer Kit
  130. TFsource 4-14 SourceNews: WST Jungle Warrior + Bombardier
  131. Transformers Cybertron: The Ultimate Collection DVD to be Released on July 22nd
  132. Knockoff Generation 1 Brawn and Outback Coming Soon
  133. Simon Furman Teases Spotlight: Hardhead
  134. New Images of Upcoming Marvel Transformers Spiderman and Venom
  135. New Boxart Images of Upcoming Marvel Transformers Hulk and Wolverine
  136. New Images of Upcoming Marvel Transformers Spiderman and Venom
  137. More Preview Images from All Hail Megatron
  138. TFW2005 Content Update: New TOY Galleries Now Online
  139. Animated Blitzwing Toy Head Shots Revealed
  140. All Hail Megatron #2 Cover Art Sketch Revealed
  141. YTV (Canada) To Air Animated Episode 18 This Saturday (4/19)
  142. BotCon 2008 Shattered Glass Box Art Image Made Public
  143. Transformers Movie Toys R Us Exclusive Voyagers Inferno and Mudflap
  144. Botcon 2008 Schedule Announced
  145. Animated Deluxe Class Might See Release In May
  146. Universe Classics 2.0 Deluxe Prowl Video Review
  147. First Draft of Transformers Movie Sequel Completed
  148. Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive Seacons First Look
  149. Fun Publications Going After Stolen BotCon Toys
  150. Possible Lucky Draw Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
  151. BotCon 2008 Megatron Figure Revealed
  152. New Transformers Animated Episodes Every Saturday in May
  153. Spotlight: Hardhead and Doubledealer Pencilled Pages
  154. Cover Art for Upcoming Transformers Animated Mini-Series from IDW
  155. Animated Blitzwing Figure Fully Revealed
  156. Diamond Comic Distributors Shipping List for April 23, 2008
  157. IDW Forums Q&A with Shane McCarthy and Chris Ryall
  158. Universe Classics 2.0 Deluxe Tankor Video Review
  159. Transformers Animated Deluxe-Class Wave 2 Assortment Breakdown, Release Date
  160. Takara Updates Website with Henkei Astrotrain and Trans-Scanning Bumblebee
  161. Universe Tankor Review and Photo Gallery
  162. Inked Version of All Hail Megatron #2 Guido Guidi Cover
  163. Transformers Movie Inferno and Mudflap Auctions and Images
  164. New Story on TransformersClub.com - Force of Habit
  165. Hasbro Confirms Cincinnati Animated Market For BotCon
  166. Animated Bulkhead, Starscream and Megatron Released
  167. Animated Activators Starscream Video Review
  168. Classics Ultra Magnus City Commander Armor Announcement
  169. Official Images of Transformers Animated Blackarachnia and Autobot Ratchet
  170. Toy Hobby Market Announces Transformers Henkei Exclusive Seeker
  171. Robot Mode Images of BotCon Exclusive Sideswipe
  172. Review and Images of Transformers Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker
  173. New Pictures of Animated Blitzwing's Tank and Jet Vehicle Modes
  174. New York Comic Con Exclusive Thundercracker Bust
  175. Premium Movie Deep Space Starscream Video Review
  176. Transformers Spotlight Wheelie Colored Pages
  177. Movie Sequel: Reign of Starscream Issue 2 cover
  178. Lucky Draw Takara Robot Masters Coloring Contest G1 Convoy (Optimus Prime)
  179. Transformers Universe Classics Sunstreaker Video Review
  180. Transformers Animated Activators Bumblebee Video Review
  181. New Marvel Transformers Crossovers Images
  182. San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Nemesis Prime First Look
  183. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  184. BotCon 2008 TFW2005 Friday Night Meet-up
  185. Lil Formers #95 - The Next Generation
  186. TFsource 4-21 SourceNews - BOTCON 2008 SPECIAL #1 ANNOUNCED!
  187. Strong Transformers Sales Give Hasbro Big Bump in 1Q Profits
  188. There Will be TWO Transformers Henkei Exclusive Starscream Repaints
  189. More Transformers Animated Blitzwing Toy Images
  190. Transformers Movie Target Exclusive Deluxe Toys at Sainsbury's in the UK
  191. Michael Bay Says Transformers 2 News is a Lie (Except for Shooting in Philly)
  192. Prototype San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Nemesis Prime With Red Windows
  193. SDCC 2008 Diamond Select Optimus Prime Bust
  194. Alex Milne to attend BotCon 2008 this weekend
  195. High Resolution Images of Animated Blitzwing With Comparisons
  196. Transformers Animated to air in Australia on May 5th
  197. Spotlight: Grimlock Teaser on Simon Furman's Blog
  198. Universe Legends Starscream on Card
  199. Premium Movie Deluxe Barricade Video Review
  200. Several New Trans Scanning Transformers Movie Bumblebee Images
  201. BotCon 2008 Article from Cincinnati Enquirer
  202. TFW2005 Interview with Garry Chalk the Voice of Optimus Primal
  203. Jon Voight Comments on Transformers 2
  204. HLJ Preorder Lists Henkei Classics D-04 As Thrust
  205. Animated Voyager Blitzwing Video Review
  206. WST Jungle Warrior and Bombardier Now Shipping from TFsource
  207. BotCon 2008 Customizing Class Figure Revealed: Evil Nightbeat
  208. HLJ Listing of Henkei Classics D-04 As Thrust was a mistake
  209. BotCon Radio Commercial and Press Release Online
  210. Transformers Takara Henkei Astrotrain And Trans Scanning Movie Bumblebee Released
  211. HenKei! C-05 Hot Rodimus to Have Chrome Spoiler
  212. Transformers Movie Sequel to start filming June 2nd
  213. Megan Fox Named FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World
  214. Fan to Fan Listing For Binaltech Paradron Medic
  215. eHobby Exclusive Guardian Robot Announced
  216. BigBadToyStore News: Batman, Marvel, Transformers, DC, Preorders & More!
  217. TF Source Updates - BotCon 2008 Specials at the Show and at Home!
  218. Official Pictures of BotCon 2008 Souvenir Figures
  219. Marvel Transformers Wave 1 Assortment Breakdown
  220. New All Hail Megatron Poster and Cover Image to Issue #2
  221. Upcoming Universe Figures First Look From BotCon
  222. Pictures of Hasbro Display Cases From the Dealer Room
  223. Botcon 2008 Animated Writers Q&A
  224. Botcon 2008 Transformers Idol Results - Congratulations Vangelus!
  225. Botcon 2008 IDW Panel Q&A
  226. BotCon 2008 Lithograph Art Work by Alex Milne
  227. Animated LEADER class Bulkhead Video Review
  228. Botcon 2008 Transformers Idol Results - Congratulations Vangelus and Fairlady_Z!
  229. Botcon 2008 Transformers Animated Special Episode Screening "Garbage In, Garbage Out"
  230. AgesThreeAndUp BotCon Sale
  231. TFSource BotCon 2008 Special Revealed and On Sale Now!
  232. Botcon 2008 Hasbro Product Panel and Audience Q&A Report
  233. Transformers Henkei Manga #2 Translated
  234. TFW2005 Exclusive - Transformers Movie Bumblebee Mr. Potato Head Unveiling
  235. Botcon 2008 Hasbro Product Panel and Q&A: Updated with Pictures from the Hasbro Displ
  236. First Look: Video Review of Transformers Animated Leader Class Megatron
  237. Animated Wave 2 Deluxes Blackarachnia and Autobot Ratchet Out in Cincinnati Area
  238. TFW2005 wins best website resource and web design
  239. Botcon 2008 Transformers Animated Product Preview, Q&A, and special episode screening
  240. Botcon 2008 Hasbro Design Panel and Q&A
  241. TFW2005 Sponsor BBTS Has Classics Magnus Armor Up For Preorder
  242. Official Images Of Upcoming Transformers Animated Figures
  243. Transformers Collectors Club Panel Summaries
  244. Encore Mini-Bots Set Delayed and BT-20 Meister Name Changed
  245. Comics Shipping Update for 4/30/08
  246. Stealth Bumblebee, Salvage, Premium Series Jazz, and Premium Series Barricade Out at
  247. Official Images and Bios for September Wal*Mart Exclusive Movie Deluxes
  248. Official Images and Designer Notes for KMart Exclusive Mini-Con 12-Pack
  249. Official Hasbro Transformers Titanium War Within Grimlock And Prowl Images
  250. Official Images and Designer Notes for Fall 2008 Target Exclusive Two-Packs w/ Comics