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  1. New Spotlight Grimlock Cover Revealed
  2. Botcon 2008 Heroic Decepticon Starscream on eBay
  3. Botcon 2008 Jazz and Grimlock First Look
  4. Reminder: Radicons Customs/Kitbashes Contest Deadline - In Honor Of Vector
  5. Diamond Shipping Details for 2/27/2008
  6. Prototype Image of Classics Ultra Magnus Upgrade Set
  7. Interview with Tara Strong the Voice of Transformers Animated Sari
  8. Ages Three and Up February 22nd Newsletter
  9. Wal-Mart Exclusive Allspark Power Big Daddy, Grindcore, Jolt and Divebomb Out
  10. Japanese Transformers Classics Campaign Exclusive Minicon Skyglide
  11. Transformers Movie Ratchet Allspark Blaster Sighted at US Retail
  12. Coverage of Takara Tomy's Booth at Wonderfest 2008
  13. Transformers Classics Optimus Prime in Mall Giftcard Advert
  14. Latest Wave Of Transformers Movie Real Gear At KBToys
  15. Final Battle Optimus Prime and Reformatted Megatron Bust Released
  16. Sponsor Update: TFsource News for February 24th
  17. Transformers Movie Academy Awards Summary
  18. IDW's All Hail Megatron is in Continuity
  19. Lil Formers #87 - Oscars
  20. Binaltech Line to Continue with BT-19 Bluestreak and BT-20 Meister
  21. Transformers Animated to Start Airing in the United Kingdom on March 25th
  22. Better Images of Transformers Animated Optimus Prime
  23. BotCon 2008 Boxsets Sold Out
  24. Simon Furman Blogs About Devastation #6
  25. Hasbro Toy Shop Has Premium Ratchet Coming Soon
  26. Botcon Exclusives Starscream and Razorclaw now up at Botcon.com
  27. Better Images of Voyager Animated Optimus Prime
  28. Transformations is June 6th, 2008 in Nieuwegein, Netherlands
  29. WonderFest Transformers Movie Arcee Generation 1 Deco Available At eHobby
  30. BigBadToyStore News: Halo, Transformers, Star Wars, Narnia, DC, Roadbots & More!
  31. Marvel/Transformers Crossover Line to be Released in Nordic Countries
  32. Release Dates for Binaltech BT-19 Bluestreak and BT-20 Meister
  33. Official Pictures for Premium Series Barricade, Jazz, and Megatron
  34. Official Images of Animated Leader-Class Bulkhead and Megatron Arm Blaster
  35. TFClub Classics Cliffjumper Upgrade Kit Review and Gallery
  36. Easter Basket Stuffer Transformers Watches Found at Wal*Mart
  37. Movie Stockade, Jungle Bonecrusher and Overcast Out In Canada
  38. Animated Voyager Optimus Prime Photo Gallery
  39. Rachel Taylor Doubts She Will Return for Transformers 2
  40. Alex Milne to attend 2008 Canadian 80s Toy Expo March 16th
  41. Toshiba Introduces a Transforming Cell Phone
  42. Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive Frenzy and Ravage Bust
  43. Roberto Orci Wants Your Favorite Starscream Lines
  44. Update on Transformers 2 and Potential Screen Actors Guild Strike
  45. Reprolabels.com Updates with G1 Snapdragon and Movie Bumblebee Stickers
  46. Transformers Collectors' Club Free Exclusive Topspin on eBay
  47. BotCon Offers New Options - Attending Figure to be Revealed Friday
  48. TFSource Stocking Stuffer Exclusive Dinobots revealed
  49. Transformers T-Shirt Update from Stylin Online
  50. Diamond Comics Shipping Details for 3/5/2008
  51. Wonder Festival Winter Exclusive Arcee Gallery
  52. Knockoff Generation One Insecticons on eBay
  53. BotCon 2008 Attendee Exclusive Figure is Ricochet
  54. Reminder: Transformers Animated Episode 11 Airs Today
  55. TFW2005 Content Update: New Customs Galleries Online
  56. Animated Blackarachnia and Ratchet Toy Images and BIOs
  57. Generation 1 Optimus Prime and Megatron T Shirt found at Walmart
  58. Radicons Customs Contest- Honoring Vector- Choose The Winner
  59. TFW Radicons Presents - The March Featured Radicon - Viagra Prime
  60. Spotlight: Grimlock One-Page Preview
  61. Official Hasbro Notice of Wal*Mart Exclusive Movie Deluxes & Robot Heroes Set
  62. Lil Formers #88 - Auditions
  63. Sponsor Update: TFSource Sourcenews for 03/03/08
  64. Battle Damage Arcee Individual Carded Version Released
  65. Transformers Collectors' Club Topspin Video
  66. Official Hasbro Press Release on Target Exclusive Deluxes and Deep Space Starscream
  67. TFW Content Update: New Customs Galleries Now Online
  68. New Images of Japanese Classics Astrotrain Repaint
  69. TakaraTomy Launches Official Transformers Henkei Site
  70. Transformers 3-D Sticker Set Released
  71. US Target Exclusive AllSpark Power Deluxes Released in Australia at Toyworld
  72. Transformers Animated Coming to DVD on June 17th
  73. Canadian Release of Movie Voyagers Evac, Offroad Ironhide, First Strike Optimus Prime
  74. World's Smallest Transformers Jungle Warrior and Bombardier Release
  75. Rumor: Transformers 2 To Film in Philadelphia and Washington D.C.
  76. New High Quality Pictures of Animated Ratchet Via TFClub.com
  77. New Images of Universe Wave 1 Beast Wars Robot Heroes
  78. Transformers.com Update: Animated Dinobots and Soundwave Bios, and More!
  79. Movie Big Daddy, Grindcore, Jolt and Divebomb Out In Canada
  80. Reminder: Spotlight: Mirage Comic Book Out Today
  81. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Tackle Box Found
  82. Walmart Movie Exclusive Deluxes On Walmart.com
  83. New Images Of Upcoming Masterpiece Starscream Coronation Crown And Cape
  84. More Transformers BotCon 2008 Optimus Prime Images
  85. Transformers Animated Voyager Lugnut Painted Prototype Images
  86. Movie Allspark Deluxe Repaints to see release in Canada
  87. TFW2005 Content Update: 17 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  88. Trasformers Animated Book "Attack of the Dinobots" Cover-art Revealed
  89. TFW2005 Customs Contest Honoring Fallen Member Vector's Winner Announced
  90. Animated Blackarachnia High-Quality Gallery
  91. Cover Revealed for Transformers Animated: Coloring and Activity Book w/ Crayons
  92. Stockade, Overcast and Jungle Bonecrusher Found in United Kingdom
  93. Early Concept Designs for Transformers Animated Dinobots
  94. Masterpiece Starscream Coronation Set Now Up For Pre-orders
  95. Final BotCon 2008 Souvenir Toys Revealed?
  96. Diamond Comic Shipping List for 3/12/08
  97. TFW2005 Wants Your Transformers Desktop Wallpapers
  98. TFW2005 Reaches 30,000 Registered Members
  99. Transformers Movie Incinerator Released in Canada
  100. Status Update For Knock Off Metrotitan, Sunstreaker and Wheeljack
  101. Jizai Toys to make Perfect Transformation Generation 1 Ironhide next
  102. Transformers Animated Voyager Class Optimus Prime Pictures and Feedback
  103. IDW to Reprint the Titan Transformers Movie Comics
  104. TakaraTOMY Henkei Optimus Prime On eBay
  105. Diamond Select Ricochet, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, And Jetfire Busts Available Online
  106. Reminder: Transformers Animated Episode 12 Airs Today
  107. Transformers Movie Outdoor Adventure Kit, Fishing Rod and Fun Net
  108. Transformers Animated Activators Starscream, Bumblebee and Bulkhead in Package on Eba
  109. Botcon Exclusive Transformers to have 7 Autobots and 7 Decepticons
  110. TFW2005 Content Update: 17 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  111. New Articulated Megatron and Barricade Keychains Found
  112. Malaysia Begins Airing Transformers Animated
  113. Animated Deluxe Megatron Video Review
  114. DVD Box Art for Transformer Animated Movie
  115. IDW Previews Reign of Starscream Comic Series Movie Sequel
  116. First Image of Colored Animated Grimlock Toy
  117. Sponsor News: TFsource.com May 10th Update
  118. Botcon 2008 Exclusive Blurr is Not Tracks
  119. Release Dates and Covers Revealed for Animated Volumes 5 & 6 Paperbacks
  120. First Image of Colored Animated Grimlock Robot Mode With More T-Rex Mode Images
  121. Lil Formers #89 - Auditions 2
  122. Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Ratchet and Blackarachnia Reviews
  123. TFW2005 Content Update: Member Submitted Desktop Wallpapers
  124. Next Generation 1 Knock Off is Reflector
  125. IDW Announces Revelations Saga for June as Spotlights, Will Complete "-ation" Saga
  126. Knock Off Metrotitan to use Metroplex Box
  127. First In Package Photos of Henkei Optimus Prime
  128. Animated Voyager Megatron Gallery and Review
  129. The 2008 Canadian 80s Toy Expo is THIS WEEKEND!
  130. YouTube Reviews of Animated Ratchet and Blackarachnia
  131. New Transformers Movie Premium Ironhide Pictures
  132. Transformers Movie Sequel to film in Egypt?
  133. New Images of Upcoming Transformers Stealth Bumblebee Concept Camaro
  134. TFW2005 Content Update: 17 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  135. Transformers Encore Generation 1 Meister (Jazz) Released
  136. Transformers Animated European Cardback Images
  137. Replica Transformers Generation 1 Devastator Giftset Knock-Off on Ebay
  138. IDW News Roundup: Focus on Decepticons, All Hail Megatron, and New Animated Comics?
  139. Japanese Classics Transformers Henkei Released In Japan
  140. Cincinnati Enquirer seeks local Botcon attendees
  141. Man paints his car to look like Barricade, gets in trouble with local police
  142. Transformers BotCon 2008 Registrations Are On The Way
  143. Nick Roche Covers for Spotlight: Cyclonus and Spotlight: Hardhead Revealed
  144. BigBadToyStore News: Batman Dark Knight, Robotech, Voltron, 100+ Preorders, Star Wa
  145. Toys 'R Us Japan Exclusive Skyglide Released
  146. Diamond Comic Shipping List for 3/20/08
  147. Simon Furman Reveals Information about Revelations Saga
  148. "Gone too Far" text story now up at the Transformers Collector's Club
  149. Transformers 2 Scouts Visit the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia
  150. TFW2005 Content Update: 17 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  151. Transformers 2 Scouts Michigan and Philadelphia's Masonic Temple
  152. Interview With Reign of Starscream's Chris Mowry at IDW Publishing Site
  153. Revoltech Hot Rodimus and Starscream Released in Japan
  154. Movie Allspark Battles Legends 2-packs Wave 3 Out In Canada
  155. Transformers Henkei Tech Spec Card Translations
  156. Transformers Animated Lugnut Images and Video Review
  157. Transformers Animated Commercial, featuring Wreck-Gar and the Elite Guard
  158. Transformers Henkei (Japanese Classics) Now in Stock at Big Bad Toy Store
  159. Transformers Henkei Manga Translated
  160. Reminder: Transformers Animated Episode 13 Airs Today
  161. Reminder: March 16th is the deadline for this year's Transformers Club Free Figure!
  162. TFW2005 Content Update: 17 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  163. Movie Deep Space Starscream to see Canadian Release
  164. New Images of BotCon 2008 Starscream on Ebay
  165. IDW to Reprint Dreamwave's G1 More Than Meets The Eye Series as Trade Paperbacks
  166. Lil Formers #90 - Animated Baddies
  167. IDW to Reprint Dreamwave's G1 More Than Meets The Eye Series and Armada Series
  168. Animated Lugnut in Package Images with BIO
  169. New Animated Grimlock Images with Comparison Reference
  170. Toys "R" Us Canada to Sponsor TFcon Toronto 2008
  171. Sponsor Update: TFsource News for March 17th
  172. Furman Drops Some Spotlight: Wheelie Tidbits
  173. Animated Optimus Prime and Megatron Happy Meal Toys
  174. Animated Lugnut Video Reviews
  175. Animated Toys Will Be Available From Hasbro Toy Shop Next Week
  176. Transformers and BotCon to be Promoted at Lexington Legends Opening Weekend in April
  177. TFSource Update - Revoltech Convoy and Starscream In Package Images
  178. TFSource Update - Revoltech Convoy and Starscream In Package Images
  179. Arrest Warrant Issued for Shia LaBeouf
  180. New High Quality Photos of Animated Voyager Optimus Prime
  181. Botcon Exclusive "Shattered Glass" Blurr revealed
  182. Wave 6 Real Gears Farsight T-20, Midnighter, and Twitcher F451 Out in the US
  183. BBTS News: Metal Gear, TF's, DC Direct, BSG, Neca, Minimates, Gentle Giant & More!
  184. Wave 6 Real Gears Farsight T-20, Midnighter XR-4, and Twitcher F451 Out in the US
  185. TakaraTomy Updates Official Transformers Website with Additional March Releases
  186. High-Quality Image of New Barricade and Megatron Keychains
  187. Bagged Botcon Starscream and Optimus Prime on eBay
  188. Transformers Animated Voyager Optimus Prime on Ebay in different packaging
  189. Cover Art Teaser Image for All Hail Megatron by IDW
  190. Three New Animated Episodes to Air in April
  191. UPC Codes Reveal Five New Animated Toys
  192. Transformers Animated Grimlock first impressions and pictures
  193. More Photos of Shattered Glass Optimus Prime
  194. Photos and Reviews for Animated Blackarachnia, Lugnut and Ratchet
  195. Movie Premium Optimus Prime New Features Video
  196. TFW2005 Relaunches it's Transformers Image Galleries
  197. First G.I. Joe Movie Snake Eyes Image
  198. IDW's All Hail Megatron Press Release
  199. Comics Shipping Update for 3/26/08
  200. TFW2005 Content Update: 17 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  201. Movie Premium Series Ironhide and Blackout Found at Retail
  202. Reminder: Transformers Animated Episode 14 Airs Today
  203. Transformers Animated Grimlock Review with Comparison to past Grimlocks
  204. Four all-new Star Wars Transformers Sculpts planned for the Fall
  205. 4 Page Grimlock Spotlight Inked Preview By IDW
  206. Transformers Reign Of Starscream #3 Cover
  207. Professional Hockey Goaltender's Mask Features Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
  208. TFW2005 Content Update: New Transformers TOY Galleries Online
  209. New Transformers Universe (Classics 2.0) and Botcon Exclusive images
  210. TFW2005 Sponsor Update: TFSource News 3:24-08
  211. Encore 10 Omega Supreme Gets New Face, Trans-Scanning Figures to Include G1-Style Cat
  212. Tenative Release Dates for IDW Transformers Comics in April
  213. BigBadToyStore News: TF Animated, Halo Exclusive, New Sale, Iron Man, Imports & More
  214. Lil Formers #91 - All Hail Megatron
  215. Animated Wave One on Hasbro Toy Shop is Preorder Only
  216. Figure-Oh Magazine Scan: Encore 09 Set and Encore 10 Omega Supreme's Face Pictures
  217. TFW2005 Content Update: New Desktop Wallpapers
  218. New Transformers Binaltech Slated For TakaraTOMY?
  219. Dengeki Hobby Magazine Scan: Encore 09 Set and Encore 10 Omega Supreme's Face Picture
  220. IDW Publishing Transformers Comic Cover Contest - Final Results
  221. Marvel Transformers Crossovers Description, Images, and Pricing
  222. BotCon 2008 Shattered Glass Jazz Cyber Key
  223. UK Comic Issues 11 and 12 Teasers on Furman's Blog
  224. Transformers Universe Chevy Aveo Swerve now available through Chevy's Online Store
  225. Transformers Revelations: Spotlight Cyclonus Preview
  226. David Kaye To Be A Guest at 2008 BotCon in Cincinnati
  227. TS-01 Trans-Scanning Optimus Prime and Music Label Optimus Prime (G1 Version) Release
  228. Transformers Animated Wave 1 Case Assortment Breakdowns, The Battle Begins DVD Detail
  229. Official Pictures of International Packaging for Movie Jetstorm and Wingblade
  230. Reprolabels Update: Two New Movie Sets
  231. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  232. Transformers Movie UK Issue #10 Tidbits from Simon Furman
  233. Information Regarding Import of UK Movie Comics, First Cover Revealed
  234. Transformers Animated Wave 1 Case Assortment Breakdowns
  235. Knockoff Generation 1 Metrotitan Review and Photos
  236. Another Version of Knockoff Devastator in the Works
  237. Another High Quality Animated Grimlock Gallery
  238. Animated Deluxe Waves 2 & 3 Revealed, Club Exclusives Delayed
  239. Loose BotCon 2008 Exclusive Starscream in Tray
  240. Comics Shipping Update for 4/2/08
  241. More Replica Knock-Off Transformers Generation 1 Seeker Jets On Ebay
  242. Transformer Comics Shipping Update for 4/2/08
  243. Photo and Video Review of Animated Lugnut
  244. RUMOUR: Transformers 2 Already Being Filmed?
  245. e-Hobby Exclusive Black Ironhide Out
  246. Premium Movie Optimus Prime and Megatron Out In Malaysia
  247. Animated Grimlock In Package First Look
  248. Wave 6 Leader-Class Revision to Ship with Premium Optimus Prime Only
  249. Bumper Robinson to be a guest at Botcon in Cincinnati
  250. Transformers Animated Episode 15: Megatron Rising, Part One Airs Today