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  1. Botcon 2007 Transformers Custom Class Mold Revealed - Classics Grimlock
  2. Hasbro Banking on Transformers Movie to Hit Big at Box Office
  3. IESB.net Interview with Transformers Movie Writer Roberto Orci
  4. Access Hollywood Interviews Transformers Movie Stars and Michael Bay
  5. Transformers Movie Longarm Pictures and Review
  6. Access Hollywood Interviews Transformers Movie Stars and Michael Bay
  7. Why do you love or hate Michael Bay - Plus previous contest winners!
  8. Botcon 2007 Update - Awards Party, Concerts, Good Bag
  9. Radio Shack XMODS Barricade In Package
  10. More Transformers The Game Footage - Blackout VS. Ironhide
  11. New RiD DVD Releases in the UK
  12. New RiD DVD Releases in the UK
  14. Transformers: Animated First Picture!
  15. Botcon Guest Announcement - Voice Actor Daniel Ross
  16. Movie Skyblast In Package Pictures
  17. Michael Bay Press Conference Transcript
  18. Transformers Movie Cyber Slammer Ratchet In Package Pictures
  19. Custom Diaclone Sized Generation 1 Spike PVC Figure
  20. IESB.net interviews Jon Voight and John Turturro
  21. Andrew Wildman Movie Ratchet Pencils
  22. Transformers Movie Promotional Package - Board Games
  23. Ernie Petragelo from N.R.G. to be at Botcon 2007!
  24. Complete Second Wave of Movie Basics in Package!
  25. Transformers Game Video - Behind The Scenes with Blur
  26. 06/20/07 Transformers Movie TV Trailer - New Footage
  27. Takara Sports Label Nike Free 7.0 Ultra Magnus Announced
  28. Official Transformers Movie Birthday Cake Found at Walmart
  29. First Images of Transformers Movie Dropkick Toy
  30. Transformers Animated T-shirts Coming to the US
  31. New European Transformers Movie 3-Pack
  32. Pepsi Transform Your Summer Site Update - Transformers Wallpaper, Screen Savers, Icon
  33. Botcon Schedule and Activities Revealed
  34. CanMag Interviews Transformers Movie Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Farrar
  35. Diaclone Sized Generation 1 Sparkplug Toy to be Produced
  36. Paramount Pictures International Brings TRANSFORMERS to Second Life
  37. NYC Licensing Show Pictures (LIMA)
  38. Transformers Game Cielo NYC Event Details
  39. New Images Of G1 Colored Starscream
  40. Transformer in your Likeness Concept Art and Status Update
  41. Transformers to Premiere on Cable Pay-Per-View July 3rd?
  42. More Transformers Movie Reviews - Sideshow Toys and AICN
  43. Toys R US Exclusive Transformers Titanium War Within Optimus and Megatron 2-Pack Foun
  44. Reprolabels Design-a-Faction-Symbol Contest Results!
  45. GM Movie Autobots to be on Display in Detroit this week
  46. JustIToys Updates With Image Of Masterpiece Megatron Accessories
  47. A Message from Stan Bush
  48. Transformers Movie Voyager Ratchet Color Variant
  49. Double Sided Transformers Movie Tri Fold Mini Poster in Maxim
  50. Reminder: TFW2005 T-Shirts!
  51. New Images of MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp in Jet Mode
  52. New Transformers Movie TV Spot 6/22
  53. New Transformers Movie Video Game videos!
  54. Transformers Movie Tickets Are On Sale NOW!
  55. Paramount's Plan to Help Stop Piracy of the Transformers Movie
  56. Transformers Movie Jazz, Bonecrusher and Brawl 3-Pack Revealed
  57. Transformers Movie Chupa Chups Lollipops Tin and Stickers
  58. Another New Transformers Movie TV Spot With Lots of New Footage 6/23
  59. Empire Magazine Coverage of Transformers the Movie
  60. TFsource SourceNews for 6-24
  61. Transformers The Game Legends Class Promotional Giveaway
  62. Uncut sheets of Transformers Movie Baseball Cards being given away with the Boston Gl
  63. Official Transformers Movie Soundtrack Site Launched
  64. Transformers Movie Cup Toppers out in the Philippines
  65. Transformers Movie Voyager Class Megatron Out In Canada
  66. New York Times interview with Transformers Movie Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzm
  67. Alex Milne Interview - Alternated Masterpiece to be sold at BotCon
  68. Lil Formers 50 - Tech Bots
  69. Transformers Animated First Story Information and Press Release
  70. Real Gear Meantime and High Score Out in SEA
  71. Transformers Movie Generation 1 Starscream and Thundercracker in Box Images
  72. Transformers UK Comic - First Look at Art by Nick Roche
  73. New Images of G1 Anime Masterpiece Starscream at Auction
  74. Transformers Movie Showing Around the Clock in Select Theaters
  75. New Transformers Movie Footage from CBS's The Early Show
  76. FantoFan Update for 06/25/07 - Micron Promotion, Masterpiece Skywarp, Japanese Movie
  77. Transformers Animated Autobots Revealed!
  78. TFW2005 Coverage of BotCon 2007 - See you there!
  79. Transformers Movie Figures Released in Serbia
  80. Burger King Transformers Movie Promotion Site Now Live
  81. BotCon 2007 Bumblebee Hotel Room Key Images
  82. Robotcon 07 (Malaysian Transformers Movie Event) Coverage
  83. Press Release: Transformers The Game Released At Retail
  84. Extended Scene with Transformers Movie Blackout Transforming
  85. New International Transformers Movie Trailer with New Footage
  86. Transformers Movie Toys Now Released in Greece
  87. More Info On Transformers Animated Series
  88. Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Images Revealed
  89. Review of Stan Bush's new album In This Life with Bonus Tracks
  90. Live From The Web Carpet - Transformers the Movie
  91. New Exclusive Transformers Movie Clip at MSN.com
  92. TFsource @ Botcon 2007 - TFsource Super Lucky Spin Game
  93. Transformers Movie Burger King Commercial
  94. Botcon 2007 Custom Class Grimlock Mold being repainted as OverKill
  95. Target.com Unveils new Transformers Exclusives!
  96. Botcon Attendence Freebie is Clear Mirage
  97. WalMart exclusive Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack found in store
  98. Pepsi Transformers Optimus Prime to be available on Hasbro Toy Shop and at Botcon
  99. BotCon 2007 Attendee Only Souvenirs Revealed
  100. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime will be at BotCon
  101. Alex Milne BotCon 2007 Games of Deception Cover Art
  102. ebay decked out for the Transformers movie and offering movie props for bidding
  103. Walmart Exclusive Prime Blaster Found In Store
  104. G1 Megatron and Optimus Prime Clips in Transformers Game
  105. Transformers 2 Greenlit
  106. Diablocks G1 Prime at Tokyo Toy Show 2007
  107. BotCon Transformers Movie Screening Images and Information
  108. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Repaint and more
  109. New Avengers/Transformers #1 Text and Image Preview
  110. Images of Botcon souvenir beer pitcher and mug
  111. Hasbro Tour @ Botcon 2007 - Big News
  112. Botcon 2007 Upcoming Product Display (Friday)
  113. Upcoming Transforming Transformers Movie Ratchet Gun
  114. Transformers Movie Soundtrack Available In Australia
  115. Transformers Encore Pics From Tokyo Toy Show
  116. IGN Exclusive Preview: Optimus Prime Spotlight
  117. Hasbro Transformers Movie Partnership Panel
  118. Transformers.com Updates From Botcon And Pepsi Prime U.S. Release Date
  119. Botcon 2007 Activision Panel
  120. Botcon 2007 Peter Cullen Panel
  121. Botcon 2007 - Transformers Collectors Club Roundtable
  122. Music Label Soundwave And Ipod Convoy at Tokyo Toy Fair
  123. Transformers: Devastation #1 Preview at IGN
  124. Follow The Transformers the Movie Tomatometer
  125. Botcon 2007 - TFW2005 Wins Best News and Best Design
  126. Botcon 2007 Hasbro New Product Unveiling
  127. Hasbro releases daily podcasts from Botcon
  128. HK And Cult Film DVD News Interviews TFW2005's Joe Moore
  129. Transformers The Movie Hits Theaters Tomorrow
  130. American Greetings - Carlton Cards Optimus Prime Ornament
  131. Transformers Movie Props on Ebay
  132. Target Exclusive Scouts Wave 2 Released At Retail
  133. Transformers Movie Earns $38 Million In First 28 Hours
  134. IGN Interview WIth Executive Producer of Transformers Animated, Sam Register
  135. Don Murphy Interview with Comics 2 Film about Transformers Movie
  136. Cantonrep.com interviews Hasbro's Aaron Archer about Transformers Movie
  137. Woolworth's Expects UK Christmas's to have Transformers!
  138. 1up.com feature on the history of Transformers video games
  139. Lil Formers #51 - The Movie
  140. New Avengers/Transformers #1 Exclusive Preview on IGN
  141. The Transformers' Optimus Prime Named #1 Robot by TV Guide
  142. ArcLight Cinema at Hollywood and Vine Have Transformers Movie Vehicles on Display
  143. WWE.com Interviews Transformers Movie Star Tyrese Gibson
  144. TIME Magazine's Coverage of the Transformers Movie
  145. Transformers Makes $30M Wednesday for an Estimated $66M in 2 1/2 days
  146. Early Christmas Displays start at Wal-Mart Today
  147. Transformers Movie Final Battle Jazz Images
  148. Thursday Estimates For Movie, Stats, Increased Week-long Take Expected
  149. MTV Movie Blog: ‘Transformers Diary: From The Mouth Of Bumblebee
  150. Transformers Movie Real Gear Night Beat 7 In Package
  151. Transformers Optimus Prime on the cover of Entertainment Weekly
  152. Transformers Electronic Combat Hardware [TECH] Images
  153. TF Movie gets 10 Teen Choice Nominations
  154. Official Images of Movie Payload, Dropkick and Longarm
  155. Official Images of Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader Death Star
  156. Official Images of Transformers Movie Recon Barricade, Rescue Ratchet and Thundercrac
  157. Transformers Reaches $121,187,961 in Worldwide Ticket Sales
  158. Unleashed Transformers Turnarounds Megatron Images
  159. Transformers Movie Three Piece Meal Set
  160. More Images Of Transformers Generation 1 Deco Jazz
  161. TFW2005 Content Update: Botcon Exclusives Transformers Toy Galleries
  162. Transformers Reaches $143,656,961 in Worldwide Ticket Sales
  163. Congrats to Optimus Scourge and Arcee on their Marriage
  164. Transformers Movie Candy Available At Retail
  165. Music Label Soundwave Size Comparison Image
  166. New Transformers Movie School Supplies Found At Wal*Mart
  167. Draxhall Jump updates their with 18 new Transtech Concept Images
  168. Transformers Huge $152M First Week Sets 7-Day Non-Sequel Record
  169. Transformers Reaches $246,100,000 in Worldwide Ticket Sales
  170. 1977 Chevy Camaro featured in Transformers Movie up for sale - proceeds tocharity
  171. Lil Formers #52 - The Movie (cont.)
  172. Transformers Movie Bumblebee and Optimus Prime 2-Pack
  173. Movie Robot Replicas Wave 1 - Bumblebee, Megatron, and Barricade - found at U.S. Reta
  174. TFsource 7-8 SourceNews
  175. Ages Three and Up - July Super Summer Sale
  176. Beatmix Bumblebee Now Availble at Mass Retail
  177. Transformers Movie Writer Roberto Orci Q&A From Official Movie Site
  178. Action HQ Announcements July 2007
  179. Transformers Movie Wire Tap V20 in Package
  180. Barricade Emblem Track Jacket At Hot Topic
  181. Hasbro Reveals Poster Included with Sam's Club 3-Pack
  182. Transformers Club's "Razor's Edge" Story Now Online!
  183. PingMag Interviews TakaraTomy's Transformers Designer Alex Kubalsky
  184. Comic-Con 2007 Schedule Revealed: Transformers Panel Announced
  185. TVGuide's Movie Report w/ BotCon Footage Now Online
  186. Beast Machines DVDs Out Next Monday (July 16th) in United Kingdom
  187. Interview with TakaraTomy designer of Transformers Classics Mirage and Bumblebee, Ale
  188. Preview of New Avengers/Transformers #2 Comic at IGN
  189. Official Images of Target Exclusive Elita-One, Air Raid and Armorhide
  190. Transformers: The Game Helps Activision Fiscal 1Q Outlook
  191. Actual Domestic Transformers Total as of July 8, 2007: $155,405,412
  192. Two Stan Bush Tracks Available for Free Download on Transformers.com
  193. Transformers Movie Blackout Remote Controlled Helicopter Found at Radio Shack
  194. BigBadToyStore Updates for 07.10.07 - GI Joe, Transformers, Imports, DC, Marvel and M
  195. Transformers Pens Found At Office Depot
  196. Transformers Movie T.E.C.H. Autofire Images
  197. Article on ILM's Transformers Art Director Alex Jaeger
  198. General Release for SDCC Alternators Rodimus in Malaysia?
  199. Transformers Soundtrack Debuts at #21 on Billboard 200
  200. New Pictures of Transformers Movie Zippo Lighters
  201. Titan UK Transformers #2 Preview Images
  202. Titan UK Transformers #2 Preview Images
  203. TFW2005 Covering UK Launch Of The Transformers Movie
  204. Movie DVD News and a Transformers Movie Prequel?
  205. New Movie Deluxes and Unleashed Optimus Prime Out in US
  206. New Movie Deluxes and Legends Figures Out in Canada
  207. Fast Action Battler Frenzy And Blackout Out At Retail
  208. Replica Generation 1 Sludge Box Now In Circulation
  209. Win a Fort Max from Agesthreeandup.com - 20% off sale
  210. Transformers Movie Merchandise - Many New Back to School Items Available
  211. Transformers Collectors Club Breakaway Figure Now Arriving
  212. Walmart Exclusive Robot Heroes 5-pack Released In Canada
  213. Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream in Classics Packaging
  214. Post-Botcon Update From Master Collector
  215. Fast Action Battlers Bumblebee And Barricade Out At US Retail
  216. Transformers Ultimate Guide Released In Asia
  217. CybCon Convention Exclusive Artwork
  218. Transformers Music Label Soundwave in-package pictures
  219. New Movie Leader Nightwatch Optimus Prime Pictures
  220. Transformers Song Universe CD Box Set to be Released August 8th
  221. Fast Action Battlers Megatron found at US Retail
  222. Transformers Movie Legends Bumblebee Clear Hyper Hobby Exclusive Image
  223. TFsource SourceNews for 07.16
  224. Auctions For Unreleased G2 Go-Bots on Card
  225. Lil Formers #53 - Movie Puns
  226. Comic Statues Contests Update
  227. New In Stock Transformers T-Shirts at Stylin Online
  228. New Transformers Content Available Through Xbox Live Marketplace - G1 and Movie Dashb
  229. UK Transformers Comic by Titan Now Shipping + Signing Info at London Film and Comic C
  230. Transformers Limited Edition XIP3 Jacket - It's a Triple Changer!
  231. Transformers Music Label Frenzy & Rumble in Package
  232. Diamond's Omega Supreme Statue
  233. Transformers The Movie - UK Advanced Screening Cinema List
  234. Transformers Movie Target Exclusive Bumblebee 2-Pack Test Shot Images
  235. Generation 1 Movie Jazz In Package
  236. Stan Bush attending the San Diego Comic Con
  237. Transformers Movie Concept Designs Now Online
  238. Nokia to Release Special Transformers Edition N93i Phone
  239. USA Today Poll: Who do you want in Transformers 2
  240. New Japan Exclusive Micron "Wedge Shape" available at Biccamera
  241. Transformers Movie TECH toys and even more merchandise out in the UK
  242. Transformers the Movie DVD Release Information
  243. Alternators Rodimus Released in South East Asia
  244. Vehicle Mode Image of Movie Leader Nightwatch Optimus Prime
  245. Transformers Real Gear Robots Two Packs
  246. Transformers Movie Cyber Stompin' Optimus Prime w/ Robot Heroes
  247. Diamond Select Cliffjumper Bust to be Released in December
  248. New Images of Movie Leader Brawl
  249. Transformers Movie $262,969,000 Domestically, $409,626,283 Worldwide
  250. Transformers Club Magazine to begin to finish the Wreckers?