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  1. Takara Ultimate Bumblebee To Contain Die Cast Metal?
  2. Transformers 2-Disc Easter Eggs!
  3. New Images of Allspark Power First Strike Optimus Prime and Offroad Ironhide
  4. Even More Custom Optimus Prime REAL Truck Images
  5. Tsutaya Records Exclusive Movie Legends Bumblebee
  6. Transformers Animated Episode 1 Rated by the BBFC
  7. Transformers.com Update - Halloween Party Favours
  8. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Blaster Released in the UK
  9. Transformers Rolls Out with the Spike TV 2007 Scream Awards
  10. The Honolulu Advertiser reports on a Transforming Hasbro
  11. Knock Off Generation 1 Dinobots Available On eBay
  12. Lil Formers #67 - Mint in Box
  13. Hasbro Reports Strong Third Quarter, Transformers Big Contributor
  14. New Comic Releases Update for 10/24/07 & 10/31/07
  15. Transformers Netjet Battle Universe Screenshots
  16. Blaster Spotlight Cover Art Colored Image
  17. Transformers Best Selling DVD of the Year Already
  18. New Generation 1 Bumblebee Female T-shirt
  19. Devastation Issue #2, Best of UK: Dinobots Issue #3 Previews
  20. New Transformers Tees - Prime, Starscream and more!
  21. TFW2005 Transformers Sightings Forum updated with new International Regions
  22. More Transformers Animated Children's Book Listings at Amazon
  23. Michael Bay on the Transformers Movie DVD Release
  24. Transformers Generation 1 Group Shirt now available at Hot Topic
  25. Transformers Movie Dropkick and Recon Barricade Out in Canada
  26. Grimlock and Mirage Confirmed for Japanese Release
  27. Transformers Movie Megatron Halloween Costumes
  28. Official IDW Solicitations for January 2008 Reveal New Covers
  29. Michael Bay on Transformers 2: Remember the Heart and Magic
  30. Another Devastation Issue #2 Preview
  31. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for October 24th, 2007
  32. Concept Art for TakaraTomy's Trans-Scanning Bumblebee Figure
  33. Scaled Down Generation 1 Seeker Jet Knock Offs Now Available
  34. Official Images of AllSpark Powered 2008 Wave 1 Leader Class
  35. Latest Wave Of Movie Robot Heroes Out At Retail
  36. Jazz/Ratchet and Blackout/Barricade Unleashed Turnarounds Revealed
  37. New Megatron Origin Issue #4 sample pages by Alex Milne online
  38. Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers Desert Camo Brawl
  39. Mighty Fine Transformers Bumblebee T-Shirt
  40. Transformers Animated Prowl in Package
  41. Binaltech story chapter 15: Kill Switch now online
  42. Update on the Universe Seacons/Pirahnacon from the TFCC
  43. Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream OUT at US Retail
  44. Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee with Movie Deluxes found at WalMart
  45. Transformers Movie Battle Damage Three Pack
  46. Transformers Movie Scout Assortment Released in Canada
  47. TFW2005 Content Update: 70 New Customs Gallery Submissions
  48. Lil Formers #68 - Happy Hallowe'en
  49. Get 10% off the Exclusive Coronation Starscream Bust from Action Figure Xpress
  50. New G1, Masterpiece, Classics and Upgrade Sticker Sets from Reprolabels.com
  51. Transformers Movie Deluxe Allspark Power Landmine Images
  52. Three New Transformers Real Gears Repaints On The Way
  53. Music Label Convoy in G1 colours on the way
  54. Comic Releases Update for 10/31 & 11/7 and BW SB #2 Preview
  55. Real Transformers Movie Bumblebee Replica On Ebay
  56. Red Starscream Exclusive w/ Toshiba HD-DVD Player Purchase
  57. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for October 31, 2007
  58. Transformers Faction Symbol Hooded Sweatshirt from Hottopic.com
  59. New Exclusive Optimus Prime T-Shirt
  60. Higher Quality Images of Future Japanese and US Releases
  61. Impossible Toys to Release Kremzeek & Additional Quintessons
  62. New Star Wars Transformers Sighted in US
  63. Nike Transformers Pack Available on November 3rd
  64. Transformers DVD Still #1 in Sales and Rentals for 2nd Week
  65. No Canadian Release for the Walmart Exclusive Masterpiece Starscream
  66. Scott Farrar on the special effects of Transformers and Transformers 2
  67. New Transformers Animated Clip with more Megatron and Starscream
  68. Optimus Prime T-Shirt Featured on Scrubs
  69. G1 Megatron Cameo on Drawn Together
  70. Viacom's 3Q Profits Up 80%, Movie Contributes
  71. AllSpark Blasters Revealed w/ Official Images
  72. Masterpiece 07 and 08 Rumors
  73. Prime/Arcee/Starscream 3-Pack is Sam's Club Exclusive, Now Out
  74. Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers 2008 Wave 1
  75. Transformers Movie Blackout Activity Fleece Throw
  76. Transformers Movie Legends New VS Packs Revealed
  77. Transformers 2 will not be done before Writer's Strikes
  78. Rubiks Cube Allspark Preorder on Amazon.com
  79. TFW2005.COM Interviews Hasbro Designer Eric Siebenaler
  80. Transformers Animated Tradepaperbacks Up at Comics Infinity
  81. Transformers Movie Popcorn Tins
  82. Unproduced Transformers Generation 2 Yellow Sideswipe
  83. Lil formers #69 - Plot Holes
  84. TFsource 11-4-07 SourceNews
  85. Simon Furman Talks About Upcoming Arcee Spotlight
  86. Deluxe-Class Transformers Movie Overcast Revealed
  87. Burger King Reports Net Income Up 23%, Movie Tie-In Helps
  88. Transformers Movie Star Shia LeBeouf Arrested
  89. New Details About Animated Cartoon Revealed at NTFA Mini-Con
  90. New Comic Releases Update for 11/7/07 & 11/14/07
  91. New Allspark Power Transformers Movie Evac Images
  92. Transformers Allspark Power: Storm Surge Repaint of Shortround
  93. Takara Tomy To Move Factories From China
  94. Transformers: Animated Prototypes on Ebay, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
  95. United Kingdom Continues to have High Transformers Sales Figures
  96. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for November 7, 2007
  97. Production Designer for Transformers Movie Sequel Announced
  98. Red Diaclone Generation 1 Mirage Replica Images
  99. Legends-Class Blackout & Starscream Out in the US
  100. Movie Now #2 on Sales/Rental Charts, Comparison with Spiderman 3 Release
  101. First Images of 2008 Wave 1 Fast Action Battlers
  102. Image of Upcoming Black Arcee Movie Target Repaint
  103. New Listings for Transformers Movie Deluxe Repaint Toys
  104. Knock-Off Replica G1 Transformers Optimus Prime Lucky Draw Images
  105. KO Transformers G1 Mirage Variants on Ebay - Total Is Now Five
  106. First Images of Takara Tomy's Masterpiece Starscream USA Edition
  107. Transformers: Headmasters Collection Boxset Released In Australia
  108. Transformers Nominated for Three People's Choice Awards
  109. Transformers: Animated Prototypes: Lockdown, Prowl, and More
  110. BigBadToyStore.com Exclusive Generation 1 Jazz Bust
  111. Filming on Transformers 2 to Start in June, Dependent on Strike Resolution
  112. Transformers Watches Now Available
  113. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Stockade Testshot On Ebay
  114. Movie AllSpark Power Jungle Bonecrusher First Look
  115. Michael Bay to Release Misleading Leaks on Transformers the Movie 2
  116. Target Exclusive Transformers Movie Deep Space Starscream
  117. More Transformers Movie Product - Toothbrush Holder with Toothbrush and Rinsing Cup
  118. Brand New Starscream T-Shirt at Stylin Online
  119. Test Shot Images of Transformers Movie Cyber Slammer Jazz
  120. Lil Formes #70 - Arrested!
  121. TFsource 11-11-07 SourceNews
  122. New AllSpark Power Deluxes and AllSpark Battles Legends Out in Austrailia
  123. Release Dates for Paperbacks of Animated Volumes 3 and 4
  124. UK Transformers Issue #5 Out, Furman Blogs on Issue
  125. New Comic Releases Update for 11/14/07 & 11/21/07
  126. More Movie-Themed Bath Products Sighted at Wal*Mart
  127. G-Systems 1/12 Scale Optimus Prime Head Update
  128. Red Mill Snack Foods to Run Second On-Pack Promotion
  129. World's Smallest Transformers iPod Convoy "Prototype" On Ebay
  130. Survey: Transformers Car Characters More Popular Than Film's Stars
  131. First In-Package Pictures of 2008 Wave 1 Fast Action Battlers
  132. Preview Art for IDW's Devastation Issue #3
  133. Generation 1 Galvatron Head Bust from Diamond Select Toys
  134. Replica Transformers G1 Dinobot Slag and Sludge Knock-Off Toys - Clear Version
  135. Generation 1 Elita-One Bust from Diamond Select Toys
  136. Movie Legends AllSpark Battles Ironhide Vs Desert Blackout 2-pack
  137. Allspark Power Evac and First Strike Optimus Prime In Package Images
  138. Transformers Tooth Tunes Toothbrush Released
  139. New Images of Transformers Animated Lockdown and Prowl Toys
  140. Universe Two-Packs to Be Black Friday Item at Wal*Mart
  141. One-Page Previews for Devastation #3, #4, and #5
  142. Transformers Animated Premiere Movie - Date and Time
  143. Quint-03 Quintesson Prosecutor Images by Impossible Toys at BBTS
  144. First Images of Actual Trans-Scanning Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Figures
  145. BigBadToyStore Updates - Sale, GI Joe, Star Wars, DC, Beowulf, McFarlane & More!
  146. TakaraTomy Transformers Website Update - November Releases and Exclusives Update
  147. First Images of Generation One Grimlock and Snarl Knock-Offs
  148. Board Member shibamura_prime Announced as Biggest Transformers Fan
  149. New 250 Dollar Starscream T-Shirt
  150. Transformers The Top Must-Have Toys for Boys This Year
  151. Hasbro Transformers Question and Answer Panel at TFcon 2008 in Toronto June 21st
  152. Fast Action Battler Fire Blast Optimus Prime Test Shot Images
  153. New Transformers Merchandise: House Shoes And Snow Boots
  154. World Premiere Transformers Optimus Prime Sketch T-Shirt
  155. TFW2005 Sponsor Update: TFSource SourceNews
  156. First and Official Images of Allspark Battles Ironhide & Desert Blackout
  157. Lil Formers #71 - Quintessons
  158. Simon Furman Provides Devastation Issue #6 Description (SPOILERS)
  159. Gumbo #1 and #2 by Transformers Designer Aaron Archer on Ebay
  160. Generation 1 Replica Schedule - G1 Gnaw to be Produced
  161. New Comic Releases Update for 11/21/07 & 11/29/07
  162. Coming Soon: Transformers G1 Metroplex KO
  163. BigBadToyStore Updates: DC Direct, Cars, Minimates, Gears of War, Aliens & More!
  164. New Transformers Movie Deluxes Are Out In Germany
  165. Transformers G1 First Three Webisodes Available On Monkeybar TV
  166. Clear Generation 1 Warpath Knock Off to be Produced
  167. Free Shipping at Stylin Online Through Monday!
  168. Auto Assembly 2008 will be Saturday 2nd August 2008 in the UK
  169. Transformers Sales for Black Friday at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Radio Shack
  170. Allspark Power Landmine, Cliffjumper and Camshaft Out in Taiwan
  171. New Images of Transformers Movie Allspark Power Stockade
  172. Optimus Prime in Canadian Bus Stop Advert
  173. More Images of Transformers Movie Allspark Power Landmine Articulation
  174. Transformers Animated Megatron Earth Vehicle Mode Revealed!
  175. Transformers Club Magazine Comic to Enter Transtech Universe
  176. Transformers Movie Bumblebee Evolution of a Hero 2-pack Out in Canada
  177. New Images of Generation 1 Sky Lynx Reissue and Japanese DVD Exclusives
  178. Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Starscream Found in Australia
  179. Transformers Movie Watch 2-pack at Bitlots!
  180. Transformers Metroplex KO Testshot and Box Images
  181. More Images of Transformers Movie Allspark Power Voyager Evac
  182. Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Auction - More Images
  183. Lil Formers #72 - Transfan Profiles #1 Generation 1 Purist
  184. IDW Publishing February 2008 Transformers Comic Solicitations
  185. New Images of Transformers Movie Fast Action Battler Smokescreen
  186. Scaled Down Generation 1 Seeker Jet Bootlegs Now On Ebay
  187. BigBadToyStore Update: 12-Hour Cyber-Monday Sale Starts
  188. Nintendo Wii surrenders its top shopping spot to the Transformers
  189. New Comic Releases Update for 11/28/07 & 12/5/07
  190. Reminder - Stylin Online Free Shipping Today!
  191. Botcon Website Gets an Update With 2008 Teaser
  192. Lil Formers #73 - Transfan Profiles #2 Japans-Fan
  193. Encore 05 Ironhide and 06 Ratchet to have Anime-Accurate Heads
  194. Auction Images Of Movie Voyager First Strike Optimus Prime
  195. Figure King No. 118 Scans: US Edition Masterpiece Starscream & More
  196. First Images of Gold Big Convoy
  197. Lil Formers #74 - Transfan Profiles #3 Fan Artist
  198. Topspin Next Club Exclusive, Stealth Bumblebee Info, Animated Toys Delayed
  199. UK Transformers Comic Issue 6 Cover and Page 3 Sneak Peak
  200. BotCon 2008 - Cincinnati, Ohio - April 24th-28th
  201. Cartoon Network To Premiere Transformers Animated On January 5th, 2008
  202. Alex Milne's Arcee Spotlight Cover Art In Full Color
  203. More News from Figure King No. 118: Classics' Japanese Name & More
  204. First In-Package Shots of of Autobot Ratchet AllSpark Blaster
  205. More Info from New Collector's Club Magazine: Seacon and Gestalt Info
  206. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for November 29, 2007
  207. First Look: In-Package Shots of 2008 Wave 1 Real Gear Figures
  208. Lil Formers #75 - Transfan Profiles #4 Fanette
  209. New Sticker Sets from Reprolabels - Titanium Soundwave and Fallen Additions
  210. e-Hobby New Years Special Diaclone Encore G1 Ironhide
  211. Transformers Encore Generation 1 Ratchet Exclusive Movie Deco
  212. Kaiyado to produce Generation 1 Starscream and Hot Rod Revoltech figures
  213. Replica Transformers Alternators Prowl Knock-Off - Images and Details
  214. Hasbro to Run Advertisement About Having No Toy Recalls
  215. Custom Transformers Classics Cliffjumper Upgrade Kit Available in Auction
  216. Lil Formers #76 - Transfan Profiles #5 Fanus Maximus
  217. Transformers: Wreckers Finale Part 2 now online at the Transformers Collector's Club
  218. Transformers Animated will NOT be shown on Cartoon Network in the UK
  219. Transformers Animated Bumblebee back of packaging image
  220. Transformers Movie Real Gear High Score 100 Repaint - Twitcher F451
  221. Transformers Animated Lockdown And Prowl Both In Packages
  222. New Transformers Movie Real Gear Farsight T-20 and Midnighter XR-4 Images
  223. Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Lockdown and Bumblebee Bios and Mottos
  224. New Official Images of Transformers Movie Deluxe Jungle Bonecrusher and Overcast
  225. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Deluxe Landmine Review
  226. TFSource WST Giftset Stocking Stuffer Campaign 2007
  227. New Pictures Of Upcoming Transformers Movie 'Premium Series' Figures
  228. Transformers Movie Evac In-package Pictures And Bio
  229. Transformers Movie Landmine, Camshaft and Cliffjumper Released in the US
  230. Transformers Movie UK Exclusive Metal Case DVD Collectors Set
  231. New Generation 1 Bootlegs Revealed: Cosmos and Powerglide
  232. Lil Formers #77 - Toy Sales
  233. Transformers Generation 1 Bootleg Metroplex In Package Image
  234. Transformers Animated Prowl Profile, Motto and Abilities
  235. Transformers Animated Lockdown Images and Review
  236. Dairycon 2008 is March 29th in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  237. Transformer Movie Real Gear Meantime Bootleg with Working Clock
  238. Darius McCrary in Talks to Return as Autobot Jazz in Transformers 2
  239. Transformers Movie Cyber Slammers Jazz and Cliffjumper released at Hasbrotoyshop.com
  240. Transformers Movie Legends Class Bonecrushers and Brawl Images and Review
  241. The Fate of Transformers Movie Scorponok to be Revealed in Titan Transformers #8
  242. Marcelo Matere will be the artist of Transformers Spotlight: Grimlock
  243. Roberto Orci: Writers Strike may go on for a Long Time and Push Back Transformers 2
  244. TFW2005 Interviews Don Figueroa - Reveals He Is Off Transformers Comics
  245. Transformers Movie Real Gear 2008 Wave 2 Official Images
  246. Share Your Transformers Tattoos With The World
  247. IDW Holding Contest To Become A Cover Artist
  248. Decepticon Group Shot T-Shirt and Autobot Hoodie at StylinOnline.Com
  249. BigBadToyStore.com Update - Ehobby Ironhide and Emergeny Green Ratchet Preorders
  250. Transformers Movie Now Packed with Autobot and Decepticon Magnets at Wal-Mart