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  1. Animated Shockwave Auction Featuring Longarm Mode
  2. Transformers Movie Spoilers - Plot Details Revealed
  3. Possible New Revenge of the Fallen Character Design Revealed
  4. Peter Cullen to make a Cameo in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?
  5. Paramount Offers Disc Replacement for Transformers Cybertron: The Ultimate Collection
  6. Clear Transformers Generation 1 Takara Reissue Hot Rod Prototype
  7. New Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Spoiler Images
  8. Rumor - First Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Toy Image?
  9. Latest Featured Transformers Collections on TFW2005
  10. New Images Of Animated Shockwave
  11. WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast Episode 7 Online
  12. General Motors Officially Reveals the 2011 Chevrolet Volt
  13. More Info on New Revenge of the Fallen Toy, Confirms Robot Mode for Character
  14. Encore 12 Metroplex will have a New Feature
  15. New Photos of Alternity Convoy and Masterpiece Thundercracker
  16. Animated Optimus Prime Trick-or-Treat Bucket
  17. Custom WST Springer and Goldbug from Wonderfest 2008
  18. New Images of Henkei Onslaugh, Side-by-Side Comparison with Universe Version
  19. New Images of Animated Activators Grimlock
  20. Bob Orci: Soundwave is NOT the Chevy Volt
  21. Transformers.com Updated with New Layout and Content
  22. Official Image of Packaging for Animated Leader-class Bulkhead with Bonus Activators
  23. New Animated Voyager Class Skywarp Video Review
  24. Several Animated Halloween Costumes Out, New Treat Pail Sighted
  25. Transformers Animated Shockwave Review and Images
  26. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen's Audi R8 Robot Mode Revealed
  27. Chevrolet Trax Robot Mode Revealed, More Evidence of Jazz's Return
  28. Chevrolet Trax Robot Mode Revealed, More Evidence of Jazz Return
  29. Clear Matrix, Gun Megatron, Seeker and Prime Fist Auctions
  30. Sponsor news: Tempting Toys Update for 9/10
  31. Trevor Hutchinson Variant Cover to Spotlight: Blurr
  32. Diamond Select Toys Transformers Bust Shipping Update
  33. Devastator Confirmed for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  34. Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Ice Cream Truck Footage
  35. Loose Animated Blazing Lockdown and Rescue Ratchet Auctions
  36. The Simpson's to Parody Transformers in Halloween Special
  37. Diamond Comic Distributors Shipping List for 9/17/08
  38. Bumblebee Shift Tech Game Solicited
  39. Alternity GT-R Convoy and Henkei Ratchet Delayed Until January 22, 2009
  40. Transformers Returns to National Sales Charts at #3
  41. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Legend-Class Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Incinerato
  42. Transformers Marvel Crossovers Wolverine Review
  43. New Images of Upcoming Target Movie Screen Battles Exclusives
  44. New High-Res Images of Animated Voyager Shockwave
  45. Roberto Orci: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen will wrap in 5 weeks, plus what Soun
  46. Transformers 2 Full Trailer Attached to Star Trek
  47. BigBadToyStore Update
  48. BigBadToyStore News: Clearance Sale, Ultra Storm Cloud, Animated wave 4, E-Hobby Guar
  49. Michael Bay's New Mexico Apartment Burglarized During Transformers 2 Filming
  50. Transformers 2: Jetfire Will Be An Autobot, Not A Decepticon
  51. Transformers Crossovers Black Costume Spider-Man Review
  52. Shia LaBeouf to be a guest on the Tonight Show
  53. New Images of Encore Metroplex
  54. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  55. Cybertron Optimus Prime and Others to be Reissued in Universe Five-Pack
  56. December 2008 Transformers Comic Solicitations from IDW Publishing
  57. Official Images of 2009 Wave 1 Animated Activators Cliffjumper and Dirge
  58. Transformers 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime For Sale on Ebay
  59. IDW All Hail Megatron #3 and Spotlight: Sideswipe Previews
  60. Transformers Animated Blazing Lockdown Video Review
  61. TFSource Sourcenews Update for September 15th
  62. WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast Episode 8 Now Available
  63. Takara-Tomy Updates Transformers Henkei Section
  64. Animated Skywarp Bio Revealed
  65. First Look: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Megatron Robot Mode
  66. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Writers Talk about their inspirations
  67. New Transformers Animated Activators In Package
  68. New Images and Reviews of Animated Activators Megatron and Animated Legends
  69. BJ's Offering Repackaged Transformers Animated Supreme Roll Out and Command Optimus P
  70. New Pictures of Stealth Lockdown and Rescue Ratchet
  71. Walmart Website Posts New Movie Videos
  72. Bios for Universe Ultra Stormcloud and Voyager Treadbolt
  73. Trevor Hutchinson Variant Cover to All Hail Megatron #7
  74. IDW Transformers Comics Release Schedule Through October 22nd
  75. Henkei Thundercracker In Package Pictures
  76. Impossible Toys to make Sumdac Figure
  77. Transformers 2: The Fallen Confirmed To Be A New Character
  78. Official Images of New Transformers Animated 100-Piece Puzzles
  79. Transformers Blu-Ray at #2 on National Sales Chart
  80. Diamond Comic Distributors Shipping List for 9/24/08
  81. New MP-07 Thundercracker Images
  82. In-Package Pictures of Transformers Henkei C-07 Sunstreaker and C-08 Prowl
  83. Transformers Henkei C-07 Sunstreaker and C-08 Prowl, Encore 12 Metroplex Released in
  84. United Kingdom Case Assortment Information for Universe Wave 2 and Animated Wave 4.5
  85. Marvel Crossovers Wave 2 Out in the United States
  86. Sponsor Update: Transformers Encore Metroplex in stock now!
  87. TFW2005 Content Update: 800+ Transformers Movie Blu Ray Screen Captures
  88. Video Review of Animated Activators Bandit Lockdown
  89. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks Transformers 2 and G.I. JOE
  90. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks Transformers 2: Three Times As Many Robots
  91. High Resolution Images of Upcoming Universe/25th Anniversary and Animated Figures
  92. Henkei Skywarp Released in Japan
  93. New Sponsor - Kapow Toys!
  94. Transformers 2 to be featured on The Insider on NBC this Tuesday 23 September
  95. Video Review of Transformers Crossovers Wolverine
  96. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen On Set Images from Holloman AFB
  97. Transformers Henkei CharaHobby 2008 Exclusive Stuntron Wildrider Photo Gallery
  98. Transformers Animated now airing in Italy!
  99. Transformers Animated Beachcomber Design Sketch
  100. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  101. New Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Megatron Pictures
  102. WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast Episode 9 Now Online
  103. Transformers Universe Special Edition
  104. In Package Images of BT-22 Convoy Dodge Ram SRT-10
  105. Official Images of Transformers Animated Blazing Lockdown and Shadow Blade Megatron
  106. 2009 Transformers Wall Calendars
  107. "Transformers Curse"?
  108. eHobby Exclusive Guardian Robot- In Package Pics!
  109. More Picures of Transformers ROTF Megatron
  110. Official Images of Universe Voyager-Class Inferno and Vector Prime
  111. TF2: Revenge of The Fallen Set Report from Holloman Air Force Base
  112. Universe Special Edition Figures to be Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusives in United States
  113. SFX Technician injured on Revenge of the Fallen set
  114. Transfomers Energon - The Ultimate Collection Coming To DVD on December 13th, 2008
  115. Transformers Animated Season 2 Box Set Coming January 3, 2009
  116. Coming soon to Japan: Transformers Crossovers Disney, starring Mickey Mouse?
  117. United Kingdom Transformers Release News - New Animated Two Pack, Universe Deluxe Wav
  118. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen will not feature triple changers
  119. Optimus Prime to Combine with Jetfire in TF2
  120. New Images of Universe Special Edition Optimus Prime, Megatron, Drag Strip, and Overk
  121. Possible Universe Special Edition Wave 2 Information
  122. Entertainment Tonight's "Transformers" Tuesday Tonight
  123. Chevy Corvette is Sideswipe, and Ravage Confirmed for TF2
  124. Transformers Animated Season 2 Box Set Coming January 6, 2009
  125. Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm To Be Released Together in November in Entertainment Pack
  126. Knock Off Cyclonus and Scourge to be Released
  127. Transformers Animated Prowl Concept Images
  128. Transformers Animated Kid's Croc Shoes
  129. New Report and Pictures from the White Sands Set
  130. Hasbro Toy Shop Pre-Orders for Universe Special Edition SE-03 Decepticon Drag-Strip U
  131. Big Bad Toy Store lists Transformers Animated Bumper Battler Soundwave
  132. Chevy Volt Sighted at White Sands Film Set
  133. Entertainment Tonight and The Insider's Exclusive Look at Transformers: ROTF
  134. New Animated Bumblebee Bonus Clip at Hasbro.com
  135. Transformers BD-Live Material Revealed
  136. Information Tidbits Regarding Animated Season 3 & Beachcomber Status
  137. TFCC Confirms Smokescreen for Universe in 2009
  138. Guido Guidi Cover to All Hail Megatron #4
  139. Transformers Blu-Ray Disc Still at #2 on Sales Charts in Third Week of Release
  140. Toys 'R Us Exclusive Animated Leader-class Bulkhead with Bonus Activators Bumblebee R
  141. Diamond Comic Distributors Shipping List for 10/1/08
  142. New Photos of Universe Deluxe Starscream
  143. Transformers Classics City Commander Ultra Magnus Armor Pictorial Review and Feedback
  144. Transformers Collectors' Club Issue 23 Cover
  145. LaBeouf Not to Be Charged in Crash
  146. Transformers Animated The Game, Exclusive Trailer and Info For The Fans
  147. Transformers Soundwave Statue Prototype
  148. Transformers Animated Rescue Ratchet First Impressions and Images
  149. New Images of Alternity Convoy
  150. New In-Package Pictures of Animated Bumblebee/Ratchet Two-Pack
  151. Takara-Tomy Updates Website with Transformers Henkei Ultra Class
  152. Peter Cullen Returns to Work On Transformers 2
  153. New Universe Hound and Ravage Photos
  154. Another Casting Call for Transformers 2 Extras
  155. Universe Starscream in Package
  156. Transformers Collector's Club Issue 23 Now Arriving!
  157. Derrick Wyatt - Don't believe what you have been reading about Transformers Animated
  158. Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm Two Pack Package Description
  159. Welcome our newest sponsor Automaton Toys!
  160. Video and Pictorial Review of Transformers Animated Activators Grimlock
  161. New Photo Gallery of Binaltech-22 Convoy
  162. Video Demonstration of FansProject City Commander Upgrade Set
  163. Transformers Universe Ultra Storm Cloud Released at US Retail
  164. Transformers Animated Halloween Lantern
  165. Transformers Animated Leader Ultra Magnus Released in the US
  166. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  167. United Kingdom News - Rescue Ratchet with Legends to be a Tesco Direct Exclusive
  168. TFSource Sourcenews Update for September 29th
  169. WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast Episode 10 Online
  170. Latest Updates from Reprolabels - BT Arcee, Animated Upgrade Sets and WST Devastator
  171. 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime Out of Package Pics!
  172. Filming for TF2 at Tucson International Airport October 6th
  173. New Voyager Inferno Images
  174. New Universe Voyager Inferno Images
  175. Transformers Universe Two-Pack Repaints Released in Canada
  176. New Transformers Universe Cyclonus Pictures
  177. Official Images of Star Wars Crossovers Wave 3.5 Black Emperor Palpatine and Imperial
  178. Official Images of Universe/25th Anniversary Starscream
  179. Transformers 2 Will Have Key Scenes Filmed in IMAX
  180. Takara Tomy Release USA Edition Universe Powerglide, Silverbolt and Onslaught
  181. New Transformers Animated Webisode Online!
  182. Universe Deluxe Wave 3 Ironhide and Sideswipe Sighted in the United States
  183. Star Wars Crossovers Grievous Starfighter and TIE Bomber Released in the US
  184. New Animated 2-Packs: Prowl and Megatron, Prime and Blackarachnia
  185. Buyer Beware: Generation 1 Reproduction Knock Off Wheeljack is out in the wild
  186. Tempting Toys Update for October 1st
  187. UK News: Transformers Animated Comic by Titan UK Issue 1 Cover
  188. Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf Injured on Set
  189. New Images Of Transformers Animated Jetfire And Jetstorm
  190. Images of Transformers Animated Bumper Battlers Soundwave and Lockdown
  191. Pictures of New and Upcoming Impossible Toys Figures
  192. Pictures of New and Upcoming Impossible Toys Figures
  193. In-Package Images of Transformers Henkei C-09 Lambor and D-05 Octane
  194. Diamond Select Toys Transformers Bust Shipping Update 10/1/08
  195. Animated Activators Ramjet Listing Revealed to be Activators Dirge
  196. Bios for Transformers Animated Activators Cliffjumper, Bumper Battlers Lockdown and m
  197. New Official In and Out of Package Images of Transformers Universe 25th Anniversary W
  198. Transformers Collector's Club Seacons Shipping
  199. All Hail Megatron #5 and 6 Variant Covers
  200. Diamond Comic Distributors Shipping List for 10/8/08
  201. Animated Rodimus Prime, Blackout, Spittor and Strika Images
  202. Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm will have hands, existing pictures mistransf
  203. A Different Kind of Transformers Animated Happy Meal Toys
  204. Derrick Wyatt on Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm's Jet mode and the Season 3 design sketc
  205. The Deadline For Submitting Your Questions For The First Hasbro Transformers Q&A Is A
  206. WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast Episode 11 Online
  207. Two Preview Pages from Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm Pack In Comic
  208. TFW2005 Content Update: 16 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  209. New Video Review of Transformers Animated Longarm Prime / Shockwave
  210. Paramount and DreamWorks Finalize Split, Steven Speilberg to Continue on Transformers
  211. Animated Movie and Season 1 DVD Sets to be Bundled, Out January 6th, 2009
  212. Movie Devastator Constructicon Vehicle Modes Revealed
  213. Stan Bush Wants "The Touch" In Guitar Hero, Rock Band
  214. Animated on the Verge of Cancellation in the UK
  215. Universe Treadbolt Out in the USA
  216. Collectors Club Seacons/Piranacon Video Review
  217. Animated Voyager-class Wreck-Gar Bio
  218. New Pre-Orders Confirm Upcoming Animated and Universe Figures
  219. Universe Inferno and Special Edition Drag Strip Photos
  220. Transformers Animated IS NOT on the verge of being canceled in the UK, next wave only
  221. Titan UK unveils an all-new Transformers Animated Autobot - Sideswipe!
  222. Simon Furman Blog Update: Revelation's End
  223. Transformers Cybertron The Ultimate Collection Replacement Disks Now Arriving
  224. Titan UK reveals an all-new Transformers Animated Autobot - Sideswipe!
  225. Presenting October's Featured TFW2005 Radicon - dak
  226. K-Mart Exclusive Minicon 12-Pack Released in Stores and Online
  227. Transformers Collectors' Club Nightbeat Preorders Arriving
  228. Titan UK Transformers Animated Comic original character Sideswipe in color
  229. New images of Transformers Universe Generation 2 Voyager Inferno
  230. New Image of Transformers Universe Vector Prime
  231. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Preview on Entertainment Tonight Draws High Ratin
  232. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Exclusive Look on Entertainment Tonight Draws Hig
  233. Sunstorm and Black Megatron e-Hobby Reissues Announced
  234. Set Images from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Reveal Chevrolet Beat to be Skids
  235. Transformers 2 Set Images - Chevy Beat Character Revealed
  236. New Transformers Revenge of the Fallen on set Images
  237. Beast Wars Optimal Optimus Unpainted Black Prototype on Ebay
  238. Universe Silverbolt Now Out In Canada
  239. Possible Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer During Academy Awards
  240. IDW Transformers Comics Release Schedule Through November 19th
  241. Transformers Being Advertised on Milk Cartons in Schools
  242. M&M To Have Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Candy Tie-In
  243. Encore 13 and 14 Revealed to be Trailbreaker and Hoist
  244. Binaltech Arcee "Unfinished Business, Part 3" Chapter Translated
  245. Possible Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Action Sequences Filming at Naval Base in
  246. Bios for Universe Cheetor and Cyclonus
  247. Animated Wave 4 Deluxes & Zellers Exclusive Universe Legends 5 Pack Released in Canad
  248. TFW2005 Content Update: 22 New TOY Galleries Online 10/11/08
  249. Transformers Animated Two Packs News and Bios, plus Voyager Wave 4 Case Ratios
  250. Transformers Universe Inferno Review