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  1. Bios & Clearer Pictures of Toys 'R Us Jetstorm & Wingblade
  2. Possible Pictures of Transformers Movie Premium Series Blackout
  3. Unannounced Alternate Cover For Transformers Devastation Issue #4
  4. Transformers Movie Real Gear Wave 4 Out At US Retail
  5. TFW2005 Sponsor Update: BBTS News 1-17-08
  6. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Lenticular Scooter
  7. New And Better Images Of Takara-Tomy's Upcoming Classics
  8. Official Pics Of Revoltech Transformers Starscream And Hot Rodimus
  9. First In-Package Images of Animated Cybertron Mode Megatron
  10. Comic Book Resource Interview IDW's Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall
  11. Toshiba Japanese Exclusive Movie Starscream Released
  12. Director's Guild Deal Heralds End to Writer's Strike?
  13. New Revealing Transformers Animated Starscream Images
  14. United Kingdom Transformers Releases for Spring/Summer
  15. United Kingdom Transformers Comic Issue #9 Details
  16. Generation One All-Clear Knockoff Optimus Prime Auction
  17. Michael Bay Comments on Transformers 2 Status During Writer's Strike
  18. TakaraTomy's Transformers Website Update for January
  19. Diamond Select Toys to Release Arcee Bust in July 2008
  20. Target Exclusive Transformers Movie Scouts Wave 4 OUT In US
  21. Transformers Animated Episode 5 Total Meltdown available on Demand
  22. The Battle Begins - Animated Two-Pack of Optimus Prime and Megatron Revealed
  23. Pre Beast Wars Cryotek Bio now online at Transformers Collectors Club
  24. IDW Solicitations for April 2008 Includes Movie Sequel Comic
  25. Masterpiece MP-07 to be Grimlock?
  26. Transformers Animated Episodes for February
  27. Transformers Animated Earth Mode Megatron toy and More in Hasbro Toy Trends Clip
  28. Larger In-Package Animated Megatron Pictures
  29. Sponsor Update: TFsource 1-21-08 SourceNews
  30. Close-Up of Premium Series Leader-Class Optimus Prime Headsculpt
  31. Wave 2 Screen Battles Desert Attack and Capture of Bumblebee Out in the US
  32. Hasbro: No Droids in Star Wars Transformers Line
  33. Animated Two-Pack Deluxe Megatron Gallery
  34. Animated Two-Pack Deluxe Megatron Gallery
  35. Lil Formers #82 - Transformers 2
  36. Transformers Movie Premium Series Jazz, Bumblebee and Barricade in Package
  37. New Comic Releases Update for 1/23/08
  38. New Canadian Sightings: Movie Robot Heroes Wave 2 & Movie Scouts
  39. Simon Furman Reveals Spotlight Blaster Information
  40. Official Images of Canadian Packaging of Allspark Blasters
  41. Transformers Nominated for Three Academy Awards
  42. Official Takara Tomy Classics Photos and Booklet Released
  43. Diamond Select to Release Transformers Generation 1 Rumble Statue Bust
  44. Transformers Movie Megatron Premium Series In Package
  45. Possible Toys for BotCon 2008?
  46. Big Bad Toy Store Update 01.22.08 - Transformers E-Hobby New Years Tapestry
  47. Inked Version of James Raiz's Reign of Starscream #1 Cover
  48. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for January 23, 2008
  49. New images of Trans-Scanning Optimus Prime and Robot Mode for Arcee G1 Version
  50. Alex Milne's Reign of Starscream #1 Cover
  51. Possible Release Dates for Transformers Animated and Classics Toys in the UK
  52. TCC Update: Seacons and Nightbeat out by April, TransTech Comic Preview
  53. Transformers Universe/Classics 2.0 Wave 1 Line Up
  54. Sponsor Update - Deep Desert Brawl in stock at Big Bad Toy Store and new Preorders!
  55. Transformers Animated & Universe Toys set for August Release in Scandanavia
  56. More Pictures of Premium Megatron In-Package
  57. Welcome to the New TFW2005.COM
  58. More Pictures of Premium Megatron In-Package
  59. Transformers Animated & Universe Toys set for August Release in Scandanavia
  60. Sponsor Update - Deep Desert Brawl in stock at Big Bad Toy Store and new Preorders!
  61. Transformers Universe / Classics 2.0 Wave 1 Line Up
  62. TCC Update: Seacons and Nightbeat out by April, TransTech Comic Preview
  63. Possible Release Dates for Transformers Animated and Classics Toys in the UK
  64. Alex Milne's Reign of Starscream #1 Cover
  65. New images of Trans-Scanning Optimus Prime and Robot Mode for Arcee G1 Version
  66. Inked Version of James Raiz's Reign of Starscream #1 Cover
  67. REMINDER: Transformers Comic Releases for January 23, 2008
  68. BBTS Update 01.22.08 - Transformers, GI Joe, NECA, Justice League and More
  69. Possible Toys for BotCon 2008?
  70. Transformers Movie Megatron Premium Series In Package
  71. Diamond Select to Release Transformers Generation 1 Rumble Statue Bust
  72. Takara-Tomy Allspark Cube And Movie Incinerator Images
  73. REPORT: Transformers To Receive Amusement Park Treatment
  74. Oscar Nominated ILM Animation Supervisor Reflects on Transformers Movie
  75. TFW2005 Interview with Neil Kaplan - Voice of RID Optimus Prime
  76. Cancelled Titanium Bludgeon Revealed in TFW2005 Toy Database
  77. Botcon 2008 Brochure now up at Botcon.com - registration not yet open
  78. Radicons - Customs/Kitbash Section - Updates
  79. New Transformers Movie Allspark Power Jetstorm and Wingblade Images
  80. TFW2005 Exclusive News: First Images of Justitoys' Swoop and Sludge
  81. Transformers Movie Allspark Power Salvage and Bumblebee in Package and Official Image
  82. TFW2005 voted Best non-AUS/NZ Transformers website at The Ozformers Awards
  83. Transformers Cyberslammer Ironhide and Patrol Barricade Sighted At Retail
  84. More Images of Toys R Us Exclusive Jetstorm and Wingblade
  85. Encore Meister (Jazz) getting a Remolded Head
  86. Sponsor Update: TFsource 1-27 SourceNews
  87. Lil Formers 83 - Pat Lee
  88. Japanese Hobby Magazine Scans for January 2008
  89. New Comic Releases Update for 1/30/08
  90. A Megatron Figure to be a BotCon 2008 Exclusive
  91. Transformers Allspark Power Jungle Bonecrusher Gallery and Review
  92. More Transformers Animated Deluxe Bumblebee and Prowl Images
  93. New Star Wars Transformers: Clone Pilot / Republic Gunship Obi-Wan Kenobi / Jedi Star
  94. Takara Music Label Optimus Prime in Generation One Colors Revealed
  95. Universe Wave 1 News From Collector's Club Magazine Issue #19
  96. High Resolution Images Of Movie Allspark Power Black Incinerator
  97. TFW2005 Interview with Simon Furman - Transformers Writer
  98. Transformers UK #6 Pages by Marcelo Matere Posted
  99. New Japanese Classics Transformers Henkei Megatron Image
  100. Hasbro's New Universe Section: Wave One Photos
  101. New CGI Video On Hasbro's Universe Section
  102. New Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Images Including Dispensor
  103. Deep Desert Brawl Now Out in the US, Catalog Contains Animated Toy Date
  104. Transformers Animated Toys Canadian Shelf Date June 22nd
  105. Detailed Transformers Animated Megatron Gallery
  106. Movie Limited Edition Battle Damaged Voyager Optimus Prime Official Images
  107. Sponsor Update - Ages Three and Up
  108. Simon Furman Blog Update: UK Transformers Comic #8 Preview
  109. Transformers Movie Toy Biographies for Stealth Bumblebee and Salvage
  110. Catalog Scan of Animated Toy Line Release Annoucement
  111. WST Jungle Warrior and Bombardier In Package Images
  112. Transformers Animated Blackarachnia In Package Image
  113. Takara Updates Website with Wonder Festival Arcee Exclusive Info
  114. Registration Forms for Botcon 2008 will Go Up Today
  115. United Kingdom Transformers News Roundup
  116. January 2008 Reprolabels Update
  117. Transformers Classics Cliffjumper Custom Upgrade Set In Package
  118. BotCon 2008 Registration Forms Now Online
  119. Takara Transformers Classics D-01 Megatron Auction Images
  120. G.I. Joe Live Action Movie Script Review with Spoilers
  121. Movie Allspark Power Stockade Out in the United States
  122. Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus Upgrade Set
  123. New High Resolution Pictures of Trans Scanning Bumblebee
  124. Official Transformers Animated Desktop Wallpapers
  125. Transformers Animated Voyager Optimus Prime In Package Images
  126. Transformers Movie Premium Series Optimus Prime Blade Auction
  127. Movie Allspark Power Incinerator out at United States Retail
  128. All Hail Megatron Promo Image Revealed
  129. Movie Premium Series Optimus Prime Color Head Image
  130. Transformers Movie Autobots Theme Featured During Superbowl XLII
  131. TFSource February 3rd Update
  132. Transformers Movie Deluxe Stockade Gallery
  133. Transformers Movie Electronic Bumblebee Bust from PopBox Collectables
  134. United Kingdom Transformers Issue #9 Pencils and Colored Cover
  135. Movie Legends Size Class To Continue Single-Pack Releases?
  136. Lil Formers #84 - Astrotrain
  137. Back of Packaging Pics and Bios for Movie Premium Series Leaders
  138. Wave 2 Flypaper Assortment Includes Megatron Flypaper
  139. New Comic Releases Update for 2/6/08
  140. Free Comic Book Day Transformers Animated Book from IDW
  141. Prototype for Unused Universe Menasor Revealed
  142. Reminder: Radicons Customs/Kitbashes Contest - In Honor Of Vector
  143. Reviews and Galleries of Animated Voyagers Megatron and Bulkhead
  144. Animated Voyager Megatron Transformation Video
  145. Guess the June IDW Spotlight Character and Artist
  146. Transformers Club Updates for Members - Nightbeat Preview Video
  147. Transformers Spotlight Mirage Cover Art by Guido Guidi
  148. Possible Japanese Transformers Classics Astrotrain Picture
  149. Takara Tomy Website Updates with Transformers Masterpiece Starscream USA Edition
  150. BBTS Update - Transformers Movie Battle Damage Optimus Prime and Arcee
  151. British Toy Fair Hasbro Booth Report
  152. More Photos of Knockoff Generation One Gnaw Sharkticon
  153. Official Photos of Movie Premium Series Bumblebee
  154. Knock Off Replica Transformers Generation 1 Insecticon 3 Pack
  155. Hasbro Offering Rewards for Transformers Purchases for a Limited Time
  156. More UK Toy Fair Animated and Universe News
  157. Official Movie FAB Rescue Torch Ratchet and Night Attack Megatron Pics
  158. Ages Three and Up Newsletter, Includes News of Knock-Off Removal
  159. Movie Scout Warpath, Storm Surge and Crosshairs Out in Canada
  160. Big Bad Toy Store News: Clearance Sale, Star Wars, MP Starscream and More
  161. Hasbro Transfomers information from Toy Fair 2008 next weekend
  162. Transformers Movie Wristwatch with Allspark Box
  163. Writers Guild Of America And Producers Reach Tentative Deal
  164. Transformers Movie Deluxe Class Jungle Bonecrusher Sighted
  165. TFW2005 Content Update: New Customs Galleries Online
  166. New Alternators Knock Off Of Meister
  167. Transformers Animated to Air June 20th in Germany
  168. Transformers Animated Design Sheets up for Auction
  169. Transformers Autobot Symbol Easter Basket Found
  170. Shia LeBeouf wins Orange Star Award for Best New Talent at BAFTAs
  171. More BotCon 2008 Toy Rumors
  172. Sponsor News: TFSource February 12th Update
  173. Transformers Helps Lift Hasbro's 4th Quarter 2007 Profits
  174. Lil Formers #85 - IDW
  175. Transformers Wins Three Visual Effects Society Awards
  176. Transformers Animated to Air May 3rd in Germany
  177. New Comic Releases Update for 2/13/08
  178. BotCon 2008 Shattered Glass Optimus Prime Preview
  179. Wave 6 Fast Action Battlers Out in the United States
  180. AllSpark Battles Wave 3 Sighted in the United States!
  181. CybCon 2008 will be August 23rd in Tacoma, Washington
  182. Michael Bay says No Dinobots in Transformers Sequel
  183. New Transformers Movie Ultimate Bath Set
  184. Steve Gerber, Generation 1 Story Editor, Passes Away
  185. TakaraTomy Transformers Website Update: Black Arcee, Stockade, Sky Lynx
  186. Jizai Toys Announces Perfect Transformation Powerglide Release & Wheelie Reproduction
  187. ILM Effects Supervisor: "a Lot More Robots" in Transformers Sequel
  188. Animated Roll-Out Optimus Prime and Earth Mode Megatron in ToyFare
  189. Fast Action Battlers 2008 Wave 1 Out In Canada
  190. Michael Bay Says He Already Wrote Transformers 2
  191. Ratchet Emergency Green Exclusive Prototype Photos and Bio Revealed
  192. Hollywood Writer's Guild Votes to End Strike
  193. Hasbro Set to Unveil New Toys at Toy Fair 2008
  194. Additional Information from Toyfare #128 Animated Cover Story
  195. Variety: Bay Talks Visual Effects and Sequel
  196. Botcon Update: Loose Sets Sold Out!
  197. RUMOR: SDCC Exclusive Classics Nemesis Prime?
  198. Leader Class Bulkhead and Roll-Out Optimus Prime Images
  199. Dreamworks denies that any progress was made on Transformers 2 during the Writer's St
  200. Shia LaBeouf on TF2 Outline and Pre-viz Work: Badass
  201. Hasbro Toy Fair Press Release Listing New Animated Toys
  202. Hasbro Toy Fair Press Release Listing New Universe and Movie Toys
  203. Roberto Orci Update on Movie Sequel Script
  204. TFW2005 Custom Polos available from Alphie of the 2005 Boards
  205. IDW's Chris Ryall Confirms Spotlight: Wheelie, June Release
  206. New Verizon FIOS Ad Features Michael Bay, Transformers, and Alot of Awesome
  207. Michael Bay Reponds to Claim of Dreamworks About Transformers 2 - They Are Ready
  208. Paramount Says Transformers is in the Same League as Star Wars and Star Trek
  209. Second BotCon Hotel Block Listed - Millennium Hotel, Cincinnati
  210. Number of Star Wars Transformers Figures for 2008 Revealed
  211. Diamond Shipping Details for 2/20/08
  212. New Transformers Animated Books Listed for Pre-Order
  213. BigBadToyStore News: Star Wars, Hellboy, Halo, Imports, DC & More!
  214. Transformers 2008 BotCon Optimus Prime Truck Mode Image
  215. Transformers 2008 Goldbug Alt and Bot Mode Images
  216. Transformers 2008 BotCon Goldbug Alt and Bot Mode Images
  217. Botcon Closes Non-Attending Package Orders
  218. Transformers Animated Ratchet First Color Image
  219. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage
  220. First Animated Blackarachnia Robot Mode Photo
  221. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated 2:49pm
  222. TakaraTomy Encore Minibots Line Up Revealed
  223. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated 3:21pm
  224. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated 4:28pm
  225. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated 6:15 PM
  226. 5 Page Arcee Spotlight Preview by Alex Milne
  227. Toy Fair 2008 - Official Images of Universe, Animated and More
  228. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated Sunday 3:45 PM
  229. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated Sunday 6:15 PM
  230. Toy Fair 2008 Coverage - Updated Sunday 5:05 PM
  231. Sponsor Update: TFsource News for February 17th
  232. Lil Formers #86 - Crossover Mania!
  233. Roberto Orci talks about Transformers 2, Starscream, and the Tone of the Sequel
  234. Official In-Package Images of Universe Tankor and Prowl
  235. Jon Voight Nominated for Razzie for Transformers & Other 2007 Roles
  236. Transformers Collectors' Club Topspin Final Photos
  237. Transformers Movie Premium Series Press Release
  238. Voice Actor Garry Chalk Injured, Out of Action For A While
  239. Transformers Movie Blu-Ray Listing From Circuit City
  240. Furman Expects Arcee Spotlight to be "Divisive"
  241. New All Hail Megatron Artwork
  242. New Transformers Animated Air Time in Canada
  243. Animated Update on Transformers.com With U.S. Release Dates
  244. Interview With Hasbro Designer Tim Bradley
  245. Encore Skylynx Released Today
  246. Universal Studios and Hasbro form Movie Partnership, Transformers and GI Joe not incl
  247. Transformers Animated Bulkhead Found at US Retail
  248. RSS Feeds From Around The Site
  249. Animated Dinobot is named Snarl, not Slag?
  250. Comic-Con Exclusive Classics Nemesis Prime Confirmed