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  1. Transformers Movie Toys Out In Argos and more
  2. Fantofan updates with Transformers Movie EZ Collection
  3. Toys R US Exclusive 3" Titanium 2-pack Found
  4. Hot Topic Transformers Movie Mini Posters
  5. Hasbro SDCC Exclusives - Alternators Rodimus and Titanium Menasor Confirmed
  6. Transformers TV Spots Declare and Vibration Online.
  7. Takaratomy Site Update With Movie Information
  8. More Movie International Release Dates Listed
  9. Transformers Movie Poster From Taiwan
  10. First Image Transformers Movie Bumblebee Gift Card from Toys "R" Us
  11. First Look at Ultimate Bumblebee's Transformation Videos
  12. Children's Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Halloween Costume
  13. Hasbro Launches the new Transformers Website
  14. First Penciled Page of New Transformers UK Comic by Titan and Geoff Senior
  15. Official Images of Comic Con Exclusive Alternators Rodimus
  16. Hasbro reveals Transformers: The Movie Guidebook
  17. Diamond Select Transformers Statues and Busts Released in Canadian TRUs
  18. Transformers Music Label Magazine Scans
  19. Movie 3 inch Titaniums on card
  20. Play Transformers: The Game this weekend at the London Expo Show
  21. First look at Voyager Starscream in International Packaging
  22. Reprolabels.com adds six new sticker sets
  23. First look at Transformers Movie Voyager Optimus Prime in Box
  24. Transformers Attacktix Wave 3 Revealed
  25. Killer3 Commercial on You Tube Featuring Megan Fox, Jazz, and the Movie Rating
  26. Transformers G-Shock Watches from Casio
  27. New Pictures of Upcoming Star Wars Transformers
  28. Transformers Movie Transforming Toothbrush
  29. New International Movie Posters
  30. Red Mill Snack Foods to be the Exclusive Snack Partner for Transformers
  31. "Star Wars" Style Transformers Movie Poster on Ebay
  32. Sector Seven Mobile Command Now Showing Movie Footage
  33. RadioShack Starscream Micro Flyer
  34. New Chevy Advert Starring Bumblebee
  35. Transformers takes Number 1 in Yahoo's Summer Movies Chart
  36. IDW Previews for 05/30/07
  37. Burger King Movie Fold-In Advert
  38. New Images of Sealed Voyager Optimus Prime
  39. Botcon Confirmation Letters being sent out
  40. TFW2005.com Content Update! New Galleries!
  41. More International Advertising For The Movie
  42. Transformers Movie Robot Heroes
  43. Lil Formers #47 Product Placement
  44. New Images Of Star Wars Transformers In Robot Mode
  45. New BotCon Classics Dreadwind Test Shot Images
  46. TFsource.com Preorders for new WST Dinorobots and MP-05 Accessories
  47. Transformers Classics Soundwave Reissue Out in Canada
  48. New TV Spot Featuring Bumblebee Speaking
  49. Transformers Bikes Are Coming
  50. Gallery of Voyager Thundercracker
  51. 3 Inch Movie Titaniums Available For Purchase At Wal*Mart
  52. Transformers Titanium Bio for War Within Optimus vs Megatron 2-pack
  53. Transformers Soundtrack update courtesy of Soundtrack.net
  54. Transformers World Premiere to be in Italy
  55. Transformers.com Updates with images of TRU Exclusive Titaniums
  56. Japanese Movie Protoform Canteens
  57. TFW2005 Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron Gallery
  58. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Target Giftcard Found at Retail
  59. New Transformers Movie Items in Target's Dollar Section
  60. Bumblebee Speaks Transformers Movie TV Spot Online
  61. Titan UK Transformers Movie Wallpapers
  62. Transformers Movie Bicycle Helmet Found at Wal-Mart
  63. Transformers Movie Activity Station Found at Target
  64. TFCC's Official Magazine Issue #15 for June/July 07 now Arriving
  65. Transformers Movie Target Exclusive Basics + FABs Sighted In Store
  66. Comic-Con Exclusive War Within Grimlock Bust from Action Figure Xpress
  67. Transformers US Premiere on June 27th to be Open to the Public
  68. More Information on Movie Kmart Exclusive Unleashed Bumblebee
  69. New Movie Promotional Package from Hasbro PR
  70. Transformers Movie Undercover Carabiner Set
  71. New Transformers Movie T.E.C.H. Roleplay Item Images
  72. More Transformers Movie Items found at US Retail - Robo Vision Prime, Stratego, and M
  73. Transformers Movie Pinball Game Found in Austrailia
  74. Hasbro US version of Masterpiece Starscream First Look
  75. Transformers Game Site Updates - New Cullen Interview, Wallpapers, and More
  76. Transformers Movie to Grace the Cover of Sci-Fi Magazine
  77. Transformers Movie Beach Towel Found
  78. Your Ultimate Transformers Movie Merchandise Checklist
  79. SDCC 2007 HasbroToyShop Update - Menasor and Rodimus Listings
  80. Transformers Movie Special Event Screening in Australia on June 12th
  81. Transformers at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards - Preshow to Feature Movie's Stars and a Ne
  82. Newly Packaged Chinese Release Of The 20th Anniversary Transformers DVD
  83. New In-package Images of Transformers Movie Zipzaps
  84. New Transformers Movie Role-play T.E.C.H. Toys
  85. Transformers Movie Opens July 3rd?
  86. New Tranformers Movie Toy Commercial
  87. New Transformers Toys - Longarm, High Score 100, Payload, Final Battle Jazz
  88. Michael Bay Talks Transformers at IGN
  89. KO Cassette and G1 Mirage Replica Toys Now Available at Ages 3 And Up
  90. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Plush Found at Target + Shoes
  91. Robot Heroes WalMart Exclusive
  92. Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet Sounds and Review
  93. Transformers Movie 3 Inch Titanium Jazz and Ironhide Images
  94. New Behind the Scenes Video for Transformers The Game
  95. Transformers Movie Toys released in Japan!
  96. New Generation 1 Soundwave Shirt at Hot Topic
  97. Transformers Movie Adaptation Trade Paperback Found at Canadian Retail
  98. Transformers Movie Toys Officially Released in USA
  99. Scorponok to be a playable character in Transformers: The Game
  100. Target to carry Exclusive "Robovision" Editions of Transformers: The Game
  101. Target "Robovision" Movie Prequel Comic
  102. Reprolabels and TFSource Present the "Design a Faction Symbol" Contest
  103. Official Transformers Movie Site Update
  104. Two Versions Of The Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmets Are Available
  105. Fan Art and Fan Fiction Contests Live - Week 8 Winners
  106. Cybertron Philippines Reviews Arcee, '08 Concept Bumblebee
  107. IDW Previews for 06/06/2007
  108. Transformers Cell Phone Game Site Now Online
  109. Beatmix Bumblebee now available through Sharper Image
  110. TFSource 06/03/2007 SourceNews
  111. Dutch Convention "Transformations" Program Revealed!
  112. MTV 2008 Music Awards - New Clips Galore
  113. Michael Bay Post-Premiere Press Conference in Australia June 13th Open to Fans
  114. TFW2005 Galleries Update - 8 New Galleries Online
  115. Transformers The Movie 1986 Ultimate Edition Released Today in the UK
  116. Japanese Real Gear Transformers Feature Movie Screen Stickers
  117. Daiki's Metal Version Collection Hot Rodimus PVC Figure
  118. Exclusive Movie Gallery at Blackfilm.com
  119. Ebay Launches "Transform Your World" Promotion
  120. Peter Cullen Variant Cyber Stompin' Optimus Prime
  121. Official MySpace Page for Transformers The Game
  122. Possible Barricade Redeco coming in August?
  123. Simon Furman Talks Beast Wars: The Ascending #2
  124. New Pictures and Reviews for Movie Deluxe Arcee, Dreadwing and Fast Action Battler Fr
  125. Picture of Final Version of Fast Action Battler Bumblebee online at Target.com
  126. Howard Stern Turns Down Movie Role
  127. New UK Transformers Comic to Feature a Fanart / Letters section
  128. IDW Previews Spotlight: Galvatron
  129. Transformers Movie Debuts July 2nd, 8pm!
  130. Topps Transformers Movie Artist Sketch Cards Revealed!
  131. New Michael Bay Interview on Yahoo! Movies
  132. Transformers Xbox 360 Faceplates Found at Retail + Images
  133. Pictures of the Transformers 3D Battlecards
  134. New Camero Bumblebee and Arcee in Package Pictures
  135. IDW Five Page Preview of Transformers: Devastation #1!
  136. Target's Robovision Site Updated - Final Battle Jazz Revealed!
  137. Tom DeSanto Talks Transformers 2: Dinobots to Appear?
  138. Transformers Movie Comic Adaptation Review with Detailed Summary
  139. Transformers PSP Game Releasing a Week Early?
  140. Repaint of Transformers Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime Named
  141. New Pictures of Transformers the Movie Ratchet Repaint
  142. RC Starscream Micro Flyer - Review and Video
  143. Transformers Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack - Images and Info on Repaints
  144. New Transformers Theme Song from Sector Seven Site - Plus Other Soundtrack Related It
  145. Transformers Capture the Cube Game by Mountain Dew Now Online
  146. Transformers Movie Adaptation Trade Paperback Out At US Retail
  147. Transformers Movie Promotional Site by GM - AutobotsRollOut.com
  148. Peter Cullen Interview with SuperHeroHype.com
  149. New Transformers Movie Handheld Game Listing + Image
  150. More Geoff Senior Artwork from the Upcoming Transformers UK Comic by Titan
  151. Transformers Movie Theme by Mutemath - Clip from The Band's MySpace Site
  152. Megan Fox on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Promoting Transformers Movie - Clip
  153. Movie Ironhide featured on the Cover of Truck Trend
  154. Hasbro Tour Raffle Winners Announced
  155. Full Minute Of New In-game Video Footage From Upcoming Transformers Videogame
  156. Popbox to sell Collectible Metal Coins and Iron-on Patches
  157. Transformers Movie T-Shirts Available for Pre-Order
  158. Transformers Movie Collector's Cup
  159. IGN and Movieweb Interview Peter Cullen
  160. Transformers Soundtrack Album Track Listing Confirmed
  161. First Look at Cyber Slammers Brawl
  162. Target Movie Trailer Now Available
  163. Variety Magazine Coverage of Transformers
  164. Review and Gallery of 2008 Concept Camaro Bumblebee
  165. IGN Music Coverage of the Goo Goo Dolls Single "Before It's Too Late"
  166. Lil Formers #48 - Armada
  167. IDW Previews for 06/11/07
  168. New G1 Ravage Shirt at Hot Topic
  169. New Transformers Game Trailer from GameTrailers.com
  170. Transformers Dog Tags Exclusively Available in the UK
  171. Transformers Movie Top Trumps Cards
  172. TFSource SourceNews for 06/10/07
  173. 4th Annual Canadian 80s Toy and Action Figure Expo Announced
  174. Them Funny Robots 112: Movie Starscream
  175. There's No Such Thing As Too Many Peter Cullen Interviews
  176. New Image Of Fast Action Battler Frenzy With Disc
  177. More Images of SDCC Alternators Rodimus in Package
  178. BigBadToyStore.com - Update for 06/10/07
  179. Botcon Exclusive Thrust and Dirge on Ebay - More Images
  180. Mountain Dew Transform Your Summer Commercial found Online
  181. Transformers Game Trailer - Deception - 06-11-07
  182. SuperHeroHype Interview with Transformers Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura
  183. Transformers Movie Barricade Bicycle Helmet Found at Toys R US
  184. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Party Favor Mask
  185. Transformers Movie Tickets Preorder Now Available
  186. Transformers Video Game Intro
  187. Images Of 1974 Camaro Bumblebee At An Autoshow
  188. South Korean Press Junket For The Transformers Movie Premiere
  189. Hasbro Drops Talent Representative, Creative Artists Agency
  190. Josh Duhamel on the Today Show Promoting Transformers Movie
  191. G4 and Transformers - DeSanto to Appear on Attack of the Show + Transformers Video Co
  192. Transformers Movie Screening Event in Sydney - Photos and Feedback
  193. New Transformers Movie Merchandise from the UK - Bath Items and Cards
  194. New Transformers Game Footage from Gamespot Interview Online
  195. First Look at Transformers Movie Burger King Toys
  196. TFW2005 Previews Transformers The Movie The Game
  197. Transformers Movie Clothing from French Connection UK (FCUK)
  198. New Transformers Movie TV Spot
  199. Lets Roll 2 Ol Skool Remix 2007
  200. Transformers Movie Voice Actor Cast List Revealed
  201. Preview Pages of Free Transformers Movie Comic sponsored by Target
  202. Transformers Movie Promotion by Vespa
  203. First Image of a Colored Geoff Senior Page from Transformers UK Comic by Titan
  204. Sci-Fi.com Talks with Peter Cullen About Optimus Prime in the Transformers Movie
  205. Transformers Movie Bumblebee and Barricade Featured in Rides Magazine
  206. Botcon 2007 Update - Avoid Primus Packages from Ebay
  207. Transformers Movie Running Time Confirmed
  208. Interview With Anthony Anderson About the Transformers Movie from BlackFilm.com
  209. More Very High Quality Transformers Movie Promotional Images Online
  210. LA Times: ''Spider-Man,' 'Transformers' and 'Pirates' Toys Battle for Boys' Attention
  211. New Transformers Movie Clip from Shia LaBeouf Interview on the Tonight Show
  212. Cover Images for Beast Wars Ascending #1 by IDW
  213. PopBox Collectables Newsletter
  214. BOTCON Exclusive Dreadwind Reviewed
  215. In Memoriam - TFW2005's Shaun_C
  216. Alternators Decepticharge to be re-released through HTS?
  217. Games of Deception - BotCon 2007 Box Art Revealed
  218. Robot Heroes Optimus Prime/Unicron And Jazz/Thundercracker Out At US Retail
  219. New Transformers TV Spot
  220. BOTCON Primus Package Artwork Revealed
  221. New Optimus Prime Promotional Poster
  222. K-Mart Exclusive Bumblebee Unleashed Out At Retail
  223. New Transformers Movie TV Spot Screen Captures
  224. Images of Transformers Movie Activity and Drawing Sets
  225. UK Fans - A Chance to Win Tickets to the June 22nd Advance Screening
  226. Another New Tranformers TV Spot
  227. Bumblebee and Decepticons Baseball caps
  228. TRU Exclusive Soundwave Back In Stores
  229. BOTCON Alpha Trion Review
  230. TFCC Breakaway Figure Information
  231. Shockwave And Soundwave Contests Extended Until This Sunday!
  232. Stan Bush's Track For The Transformers Movie Revealed
  233. Transformers Movie Deluxe Dropkick
  234. Loads Of New Movie Merchandise In UK
  235. Transformers Movie Videogame Premiere/ With Chance To Attend
  236. Transformers Movie Fleece Throw and Placemat Found At Walmart
  237. Shaun Christopher (Shaun_C) - Remembered By the Transformers Club and Hasbro
  238. Tons of new Transformers Movie Spoilers here at TFW2005
  239. Win 2 Tickets to the advanced screening of Transformers in Toronto
  240. Transformers Movie Bumblebee Alarm Clock
  241. New Movie Clips, Featurettes and Behind the Scenes Videos at IESB.net
  242. SDCC Exclusive War Within Grimlock Bust Press Release
  243. Transformers Beach Ball Promo
  244. Best Buy Offers Transformers Movie Concession Money With Purchase of Certain DVD's
  245. Transformers Movie Promotions - This Week's TV Appearances
  246. TFsource 6-17 SourceNews
  247. Transformers Movie Video Game Opening Cinematic And Screens
  248. Lil Formers #49 - Poor Repaints
  249. More Images of Transformers Movie Toys from Burger King + Promotional Poster
  250. Botcon 2007 Update - Deadlines