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  1. TFW2005 Content Update - New Wallpapers Galore
  2. IDW Updates: Reign of Starscream #1 Out 5/7/08, Animated #1 Script for First Page
  3. TFSource - New City Commander - Armor & Trailer Pics Up
  4. Preview Images of Upcoming New Transformers Animated Cartoon Characters
  5. TFW2005 Radicon member DAK wins BotCon 2008 Custom Contest
  6. Jonah Hill In Talks to Star in Transformers Sequel?
  7. Latest Updates from Reprolabels - Movie Upgrade Barricade, G1 Upgrade, Binaltech Blas
  8. Preview Colored Pages from Transformers Spotlight Cyclonus and Hardhead by IDW
  9. Images of Transformers Henkei Skyfire and Ramjet from Amazon
  10. Movie Stealth Bumblebee and Salvage Released in Canada
  11. New Transformers Name Trademark Applications Filed
  12. Teresa Palmer To Be In Transformers 2?
  13. BotCon 2008 Animated Script Reading
  14. Image of Packaging and File Card for Upcoming eHobby Guardian Robot Release
  15. Animated Activators Bulkhead Video Review
  16. IDW Studios Toured by Comic Book Resources
  17. Rumor: Luxoflux Making Transformers 2 Video Game
  18. Colored Cover for All Hail Megatron #2
  19. Possible Package Art for Transfomers Cybertron: The Complete Collection DVD Box Set
  20. Jizai Toys Update on Perfect Transformation Ironhide
  21. Generation 2 Unreleased Camo Megatron Prototype on Ebay
  22. United Kingdom Toys R Us Gets Animated Battle Begins Set
  23. BigBadToyStore Update: 15% Off Sale, TF, Indy, Iron Man, Anime, Preorders & More!
  24. REMINDER: Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow (May 3rd)!
  25. Reminder: Transformers Animated Episode 19 "Mission Accomplished" Airs Today!
  26. Movie Stealth Bumblebee Gallery
  27. Transformers Universe Classics and Animated Leader Class Up for Preorder at Big Bad T
  28. Transformers Collectors Club Members - Take a Survey for the chance to win a conventi
  29. Transformers New Product Preview at TFcon Toronto
  30. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  31. Transformers Animated Constructicons Images
  32. Botcon 2008 Non-attending Box Sets Arriving
  33. TFsource 5-4 SourceNews: Botcon 2008 Exclusive Toys - Up
  34. Lil Formers #97 - Seekers
  35. Pics and Summary of Animated Episode "A Fistful of Energon"
  36. Transformers Collectors' Club Piranacon Auction Found
  37. More New Photos of Universe Tankor, Prowl & Sunstreaker
  38. IDW Publishing's All Hail Megatron #1 Retailer Exclusive Cover
  39. Transformers Movie Deep Space Starscream now available online at Target.com
  40. Presenting May's Featured TFW2005 Radicon - TheDevastator
  41. Unreleased Generation 2 Motormaster Gallery
  42. Shia Labeouf Vows Never To Get Arrested Again
  43. Simon Furman Teases UK's Movie #13 Comic
  44. Comics Release Information for 5/7/08, Reign of Starscream #2 Release Date Change
  45. Upcoming Animated and Universe Case Assortment Breakdowns
  46. Pictures and Summary for Animated Episode 24 "S.U.V. - Society of Ultimate Villainy"
  47. Transformers Nominated for Three MTV Movie Awards
  48. Colored Apocalypse Comics All Hail Megatron #1 Cover
  49. Animated Transform and Roll Out Rear Box Art Reveals Extras
  50. Shane McCarthy All Hail Megatron Interview on Comixfan
  51. Impossible Toys Updates with new Images of the Quints, Kremzeak and Nightbird
  52. Gallery Systems Updated - Up Us Test It Out.
  53. Gallery Systems Updated - Help Us Test It Out.
  54. New Images Of Transformers Henkei Hot Rodimus
  55. Jonah Hill Will Not Appear in Transformers 2
  56. Interview with IDW's Chris Ryall and Chris Mowry at Toycyte.com
  57. Transformers Nominated for Four EMA Home Entertainment Awards
  58. Pictures and Summary for Animated Episode 25 "Autoboot Camp" (Spoilers)
  59. Two Rumored New Animated Characters Confirmed? (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)
  60. Two Rumored New Animated Characters Confirmed (SPOILERS)
  61. Character Lists for Animated Episodes 21-24, 26-28
  62. Isabel Lucas To Appear in Transformers 2
  63. Transformers Movie to Premeire on Cinemax - Saturday, May 10th
  64. Henkei D-03 Classics Astrotrain Video Review
  65. Lorenzo di Bonaventura: No Aircraft Carrier in Transformers Sequel
  66. Official Pictures of Animated Wave 1 Leaders, Voyager Wave 3, Activators Wave 1 and M
  67. New Animated, Movie, and Universe Soliciations Reveal Assortment Breakdowns
  68. Marcelo Matere Cover for IDW's Transformers Animated #1 Comic
  69. Transformers Comics Shipping List for May 14, 2008
  70. Teresa Palmer NOT in Transformers 2, Jonah Hill Negotiation End Confirmed
  71. New Transformers Mobile Game in Development
  72. Screen Actors Guild Strike Could Delay Transformers Sequel
  73. TFW2005 Content Update: Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Exclusive Image Galleries Now Onl
  74. New Story on TransformersClub.com - Withered Hope
  75. Germany Transformers Animated DVD and TV News
  76. Movie Premium Bumblebee Found at US Retail
  77. New Transformers Animated Snarl Image on Ebay
  78. McDonalds Animated Optimus Prime Toy Video Review
  79. Official Pictures of Universe Autobot Blaster and Heavy Load
  80. Transformers Animated Full Song and Intro Movie
  81. Transformers2.com Redirect Now In Effect
  82. Garbage In, Garbage Out on Cartoon Network today, Velocity on YTV
  83. New Trademarks: Constructicon Devastator + Optimus Primal
  84. Animated Voyager Class Toys Released In Canada
  85. Lots of New Transformers Animated Soundwave Pics
  86. Transformers Universe Classics Sunstreaker, Prowl and Blaster New Images
  87. TFW2005 Content Update: 13 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  88. Transformers Animated Leader Megatron on Ebay
  89. E.J. Su's cover for Spotlight: Doubledealer
  90. TFsource 5-11 SourceNews: E-hobby City Guardian Robot Up!
  91. Star Wars Transformers Wave 7 Released in Canada
  92. Official Images of Universe (Classics 2.0) Legends Red Alert and Starscream
  93. Pictures and Summary for Animated Episode 28 "A Bridge Too Close, Part I" (Spoilers)
  94. Lil Formers #98 - Bulkhead & Lugnut
  95. Rachael Taylor confirms she will not return for Transformers 2
  96. Knock Off Generation 1 Metrotitan Delayed at Ages Three and Up
  97. Official Images of Universe (Classics 2.0) Deluxe-Class Prowl and Sunstreaker
  98. Movie Deep Space Starscream (Target Exclusive) Gallery
  99. Transformers Animated Roll Out Command Optimus Prime on Ebay
  100. New Transformers Animated Jazz Pictures With Packaging Shots
  101. New Images of Transformers Animated Snarl in Both Modes on Ebay
  102. New Images Of Transformers Animated Jazz With Packaging Shots
  103. Final Apocalypse Comics Exclusive All Hail Megatron #1 Cover
  104. Isabel Lucas Confirmed for Transformers 2 by Michael Bay
  105. Pictures and Summary for Animated Episode 29 "A Bridge Too Close, Part 2" (Spoilers)
  106. Official Hi-Res Images of Universe Tankor and Universe Wave 1 Robot Heroes
  107. Transformers 2 To Be Shown in Dolby 3-D? (Update: Confirmed!)
  108. Madman Entertainment Transformers Victory DVD Collection Press Release
  109. Transformers Universe Heavy Load on Ebay
  110. New Listing For Transformers: Spotlight Volume 3 Trade Paperback
  111. New Carded Transformers Animated Soundwave and Jazz Images
  112. New Review And Pictures of Transformers Animated Jazz
  113. New Review And Pictures of Transformers Animated Soundwave
  114. Hasbro Reacquires Rights to Transformers and Other TV Programs
  115. Official Hi-Res Images of Megatron, Ratchet & Blackarachnia
  116. Simon Furman Spotlight Sideswipe Script Wrap
  117. Animated Deluxe Figures In Stock at ToysRUs.ca
  118. Knock Off Generation 1 Reflectors Now Being Sold
  119. Animated Deluxe Soundwave Video Review and Images
  120. New High-Resolution Images of Transformers Animated Leader Bulkhead and Blitzwing
  121. Transformers Video Forums Now Open
  122. Wave 6 Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Sighted At Retail
  123. Transformers Universe Blades Found on eBay
  124. Transformers Universe Blades and Dropshot Found on eBay
  125. Transformers 2 To Film in Jordan
  126. Official SDCC Exclusive Nemesis Prime In Package and Loose Images
  127. Transformers 2 Casting Call Announced
  128. Fansproject City Commander Upgrade News
  129. Blurr Named Fastest Fictional Car By Forbes
  130. Animated Deluxe Jazz Video Review and Images
  131. Revelations Four-Part Cover Revealed
  132. Transformers Movie Electronic Father's Day Card Found
  133. Reign of Starscream #2 Two-Page Preview
  134. Upcoming Binaltech Figures Shown at Shizouka Hobby Show
  135. Diamond Select Toys' Soundblaster & Ratbat Bust Delayed
  136. Bring It! Tyrese Gibson and Jon Voight to Return for Transformers 2
  137. Transformers 2 to Film at Bethlehem Steel
  138. Official Images of Animated Wave 1 Battle Bumpers
  139. Universe Bios for Most of Wave 1 and Deluxe Wave 2
  140. Official Images of Universe Wave 1 Ultra-class Powerglide and Onslaught
  141. Soundwave Confirmed for Transformers 2
  142. Animated Deluxe Snarl Video Review and Images
  143. Velocity Airs on Cartoon Network Today
  144. Reign of Starscream #2 Five Page Preview
  145. Jonah Hill Explains Why He Turned Down Transformers 2 Movie Role
  146. TFW2005 Content Update: 12 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  147. Gallery of Gold Lucky Draw Movie Voyager Optimus Prime
  148. Animated Blackarachnia and Ratchet Released In Canada
  149. Marvel Transformers Crossovers Iron Man and Hulk (2-Part) Video Reviews
  150. Marvel Transformers Crossovers Iron Man and Hulk (2-Part) Video Reviews
  151. TFsource 5-18 SourceNews: New Quints & Kremzeak Shipping!
  152. Another Video Review of Transformers Animated Leader Megatron with Size Comparisons
  153. TFW2005 Content Update: New TOY Galleries Online 5-19-08
  154. Lil Formers #99 - Blurr
  155. Transformers Animated 2009 Calendar Announced
  156. More New Photos of Animated Blitzwing
  157. Giant Transformers Movie Autobot Statues made from used car parts
  158. From Concept to Completion: Transformers Animated Lockdown
  159. IDW Publishing Solicitations for August 2008
  160. Transformers Animated Oil Slick and Snarl MOSC on Ebay
  161. New Transformers Universe Classics Blades Images
  162. Transformers Animated Comic Pencilled Pages
  163. Video Review of Universe Classics 2.0 Blaster
  164. Video Review of Transformers Universe Classics 2.0 Blaster
  165. New Video Review of Transformers Animated Roll Out Command Optimus Prime
  166. TakaraTOMY Updates With New Henkei Transformers And Movie Premiums
  167. TakaraTOMY Reveals Henkei Thundercracker, Skywarp and Crystal Convoy
  168. Transformers Animated Season 2 Airing in the UK from 26/05/08
  169. Gregg Berger (G1 Grimlock and Skyfire) to attend Toronto TFcon
  170. TFW2005 Content Update: 14 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  171. Gallery and Review of Transformers Movie Voyager Inferno
  172. Transformers 2 Movie Casting Call For A Female Biker
  173. Gallery of Transformers Universe Classics 2.0 Voyager Heavy Load
  174. Transformers 2 Movie Casting Call For A Female Motorcycle Rider
  175. Transformers 2 SAG Casting Call for Background Talent
  176. BigBadToyStore Update: Transformers, Indy, Iron Man, Anime, Preorders & More!
  177. Transformers Animated Released in Hong Kong
  178. Hasbro Files New Trademark for "The Fallen"
  179. New Wal Mart Exclusive Three Pack The Legacy of Bumblebee
  180. Steve Jablonsky wins a BMI Film Music Award for Transformers
  181. Official Promotional Images of Binaltech BT-21 Arcee and BT-22 Convoy
  182. Comics Shipping Update for May 28th/29th
  183. All Hail Megatron #2 Hutchison Cover Updated
  184. Dan Gilvezan to be Guest of Honor at Auto Assembly 2008
  185. New Pictures of Henkei Crystal Convoy, Additional Details Regarding Availability
  186. Club Exclusives Nightbeat And Seacons Preorders Up Next Week
  187. TFW2005 Content Update: 15 New Customs Galleries Now Online
  188. New Images of Transformers Animated Oil Slick
  189. New Gallery of Takara Release MA-21 Premium Optimus Prime Battle Mode
  190. New High Resolution Galleries of Transformers Animated Oil Slick and Snarl
  191. Rise of the Constructicons on Cartoon Network today, A Fistful of Energon on YTV
  192. Transformers the Movie 2007 Coming to Blu Ray in the UK
  193. Michael Bay Comments on Josh Nizzi's Long Haul Concept
  194. Open Casting Call for extras on Transformers 2
  195. Glenn Morshower to return for Transformers 2?
  196. Transformers Animated German DVD release news
  197. Brian Goldner, Hasbro's New CEO, sees possibilities beyond toys
  198. Transformers The Movie Blu Ray Coming on September 2nd in the US
  199. June / July Collectors Club Magazine Arriving, Topspin Delayed
  200. Transformers Animated To begin Airing In Latin America
  201. Henkei Thundercracker and Skywarp are NOT Limited
  202. Buyer Beware: Transformers Animated Toys Now Being Knocked-Off
  203. TFsource 5-25 SourceNews: Lots of New Instock Items!
  204. Alex Milne to attend TFcon Toronto 2008 on June 21st
  205. Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime Pics and Review
  206. Transformers 2 Bethlehem Steel Pre-Production Prep Pics and Info
  207. Bethlehem Steel Pre-Production Preparation Pictures and Information About Transformer
  208. Cartoon Network's Transformers Animated Schedule for June 2008
  209. Transformers Henkei Powerglide, Silverbolt, and Onslaught Announced, Will Have Cartoo
  210. Official Images of Universe Wave 2 Robot Heroes
  211. Official Images of Animated Wave 3 Deluxes Autobot Jazz, Oil Slick, Snarl, and Soundw
  212. Learn How To Draw Transformers Animated Bumblebee
  213. New High Resolution Gallery of Transformers Animated Jazz
  214. Actor Rainn Wilson Cast In Transformers 2
  215. Transformers Animated Season 1 DVD Box Set Confirmed for August 19, 2008 Release
  216. Movie in Blu-Ray and New DVD Releases Confirmed for September 2, 2008
  217. Possible Transformers 2 Logo, Additional Bethlehem Filming Details
  218. Transformers 2 Logo Revealed, Additional Bethlehem Filming Details
  219. Ironhide Vehicle Prop Sighted Near Philadelphia, Can-Am Spyder to be in Transformers
  220. Ironhide Vehicle Prop Sighted Near Philly, Can-Am Spyder to be in Transformers 2?
  221. Ironhide Prop Sighted Near Philly, Can-Am Spyder & Motorcycle in Transformers 2?
  222. Beast Wars Sourcebook and Animated Volume 3 Trade Paperbacks Delayed
  223. TFW2005 Content Update: New G1 And Animated Desktop Wallpapers
  224. Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, and John Turturro Confirmed for Transformers 2
  225. Josh Duhamel and John Turturro Confirmed for Transformers 2
  226. Animated Toys Released in Malaysia
  227. Hasbro Files 4 New Transformers Trademarks for Video Games
  228. New Images Of eHobby Exclusive TakaraTOMY Henkei Crystal Convoy
  229. Final Box Art for Transformers Cybertron: The Ultimate Collection DVD Box Set Reveale
  230. BigBadToyStore Update 05/29 - Animated Voyagers Lugnut and Grimlock due "in about a w
  231. G.I. Joe Comic Book License Goes To IDW Publishing
  232. New Video Review of Transformers Animated Deluxe Oil Slick
  233. Simon Furman Previews United Kingdom's Movie Comic Issue #14 and #15
  234. eHobby Exclusive Guardian Robot to Come with Mini-Comic
  235. Transformers Comic Releases for June 4, 2008
  236. eHobby Exclusive Guardian Robot Mini-Comic Preview
  237. Transformers G1 Game Will Be Reissued on Wii Virtual Console in Japan
  238. Knockoff Transformers Auctions Being Pulled From eBay
  239. New Official Images Of Universe/Classics 2.0 Galvatron and Acid Storm
  240. Transformers 2 Begins Filming In Bethlehem, PA
  241. Transformers 2 Movie Set Images - Chevy Malibu Police Car
  242. Autobot Jazz is back for Transformers Movie Sequel
  243. Reminder: New Animated Episodes Today in US and Canada
  244. Transformers 2 Casting Call For Male Little Person Actors
  245. Reprolabels Update - WST Dirge, Ramjet and G1 Roadbuster Stickers now available
  246. Minor Wizard World Philly Coverage
  247. Jaran Studios Dread Force
  248. Transformers Animated Leader Bulkhead In-Box Images with Back of Box Bio and Features
  249. TFW2005.COM back online
  250. Official Images of Universe Wave 2 Voyagers Autobot Blades & Decepticon Dropshot