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04-23-2007, 05:24 PM
<a href="http://www.tfw2005.com/news/data/upimages/1141243867.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.tfw2005.com/news/data/upimages//thumbs/1141243867.jpg" hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0 alt="The Transformers - TFW2005.com" align=left></a>Star Wars Transformers Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter has been released in Canada. This sighting was at the Toys R US in Oakville, Ontario and is packed with the previously released Darth Vader, General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Thanks to DAK of the TransformersCon (http://www.transformerscon.com/) forums for the report.

Originally Posted On: Wednesday March 01 2006

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