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  1. Buy One Get One 1/2 Price on all Transformers at Zellers
  2. Transformers Energon and Cybertron Basics on for $4.97 at TRU Canada
  3. Costco Optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus 2 Pack Released in Canada
  4. Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 3.5 Released in Canada
  5. Cybertron Evac Voyager Class Wave 3 Released in Canada
  6. New Sponsor on Cybertron.CA: GoldenAgeToys.com
  7. Cybertron.CA HSB-01 Galaxy Convoy Giveaway Winner Announced
  8. Cybertron Supreme Starscream Price Drop at Walmart Canada
  9. 30% off on Transformers Sale at TRU Canada
  10. Cybertron Scout Class Wave 4 Released in Canada
  11. Transformers Alternators Returning to TRU Canada January 2006
  12. Get $15 Off Your Order Through ToysRUs.ca
  13. Cybertron Defense Red Alert Released in Canada
  14. Cybertron Mini-Con Versus 2-Packs Wave 1 Released in Canada
  15. Cybertron Supreme Starscream Marked Down to $40 at Walmart Canada
  16. Alternators Skids, Prowl, Sunstreaker and Tracks Released in Canada
  17. New Transformers Cybertron Episode 27 to Air on YTV this Friday
  18. Cybertron Scout Class Wave 5 Released in Canada
  19. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Figures Released in Canada
  20. Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 4 Released in Canada
  21. 10 Cent Listing Day on Ebay.ca - January 30, 2006
  22. Star Wars Transformers Released in Canada
  23. Supreme Starscream Now Marked Down As Low as $20 at Walmart
  24. Niagara Falls Transfan Meetup Next Saturday
  25. Cybertron Scout Class 2-Packs Released in Canada
  26. Toronto TransformersCon 2006 Preregistration Online
  27. Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 5 Released In Canada
  28. Cybertron Galvatron Released In Canada
  29. Star Wars Transformers Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter Released In Canada
  30. Transformers Movie Producer Don Murphy To Attend Toronto TransformersCon 2006
  31. Legends of Cybertron Wave 3 Released In Canada
  32. Cybertron Wave 3 Mini-Con Two-Packs Released In Canada
  33. Cybertron Voyager Class Sale at Toys ?R? Us Canada
  34. Cybertron Scout Class Wave 6 Lugnutz and Scrapmetal Released In Canada
  35. Toronto TransformersCon Exclusive Hard Hero ?Stealth? Cyclonus Bust
  36. G1 Voice Actor Michael McConnohie To Attend Toronto TransformersCon 2006
  37. Alternators Rollbar and Ricochet Released in Canada
  38. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Wave 2 Released in Canada
  39. Cybertron Deluxe Class Sale at TRU Canada
  40. Toronto TransformersCon 2006 Tentative Event Schedule Online
  41. 2006 Convention Exclusive Comic at Toronto TransformersCon
  42. Toronto TransformersCon 2005 Documentary Online
  43. Star Wars Transformers Sale At TRU Canada
  44. Hasbro?s Transformers Collector?s Club Panel at Toronto TransformersCon
  45. Toronto TransformersCon 2006 with Don Murphy and Michael McConnohie is THIS WEEKEND
  46. Star Wars Transformers Wave 2 Released In Canada
  47. Toronto TransformersCon 2006 Images Online
  48. Cybertron Shortround and Repugnus Released in Canada
  49. Alternators Optimus Prime Released at Canadian Retail
  50. Cybertron Voyager Class Wave 4 and 5 Released In Canada
  51. Cybertron Ultra Class Wave 4 and 5 Released In Canada
  52. Star Wars Transformers Millenium Falcon Released In Canada
  53. Cybertron Voyager Class Wave 6 Nemesis Breaker Released In Canada
  54. Release Info for Titanium and Classics at TRU Canada
  55. Action Toy House Merges with Kool Toyz
  56. Cybertron Scout Class Wave 8 Released In Canada
  57. Alternators and Beast Wars Figures on Clearance at Walmart
  58. Cybertron Mini-Con Class Wave 4 Released In Canada
  59. Transformers Titanium 3-Inch Figures Released In Canada
  60. Star Wars Transformers Wave 3 Released In Canada
  61. New Release Info for Classics in TRU Canada Computers
  62. 3rd Annual Canadian 80s Toy Expo is October 22nd
  63. Collectors Club Landquake arriving to Canadian Members
  64. Titanium 3-Inch Wave 2 Figures Released In Canada
  65. Cybertron Primus with Unicron Head out in Canada!
  66. Cybertron Metroplex Released In Canada
  67. Basics on Half Price at TRU starting this Saturday
  68. 6 Inch Titanium Optimus Prime and Megatron Released In Canada
  69. Legends of Cybertron Wave 4 Released in Canada
  70. Cyber Power Transformer Listing in Canadian Costco Computers
  71. Transformers The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD Pre-Order
  72. Transformers Attacktix Released In Canada
  73. Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 6, 7 and 8 Released In Canada
  74. Looking for Transformers Fans for New TV show
  75. Titanium 3-Inch Wave 3 Figures Released In Canada
  76. Cybertron Quickmix Released In Canada
  77. Alternators Mirage and Camshaft Released In Canada
  78. Titanium 3-Inch Wave 4 Figures Released In Canada
  79. Kool Toyz Newsletter: Transformers Classics In Stock
  80. Transformers Classics and More In Stock at Hasbro Canada
  81. Galaxy Force Optimus Prime Released In Canada
  82. Cybertron Scout Class Wave 9 Released In Canada
  83. Cybertron Deluxe Figures On Sale At TRU Canada
  84. Zellers Raises Transformers Prices
  85. Cybertron Voyager Class Wave 8 Released In Canada
  86. Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 9 Released In Canada
  87. Transformers Cybertron Voyager Sale at Toys R Us
  88. Alex Milne to Attend the Canadian 80s Toy Expo 2006 on October 22nd
  89. 6 Inch Titaniums On Sale At Toys R Us Canada
  90. Titanium Jetfire and Thundercracker Released In Canada
  91. Cybertron Cryo Scourge Released In Canada
  92. Exclusive Cover to GIJoe vs Transformers #5 at 80s Toy Expo
  93. Cybertron Basics Half Price Sale at TRU Canada
  94. 25 Percent off All Transformers at Zellers
  95. Deluxe Classics and 20th DVD Prime Released In Canada
  96. Classics Voyagers Prime and Megatron Released In Canada
  97. Toronto TransformersCon 2007 Announced
  98. Cybertron Scout Class Wave 10 Released In Canada
  99. New Transformers Sale at Toys R Us Canada
  100. Buy TF:TM 20th Anniversary DVD at HMV Get a Free T-Shirt
  101. Titanium Scourge and Optimal Optimus Out In Canada
  102. Optimus Prime vs. Megatron 2-Pack In Stock at Kooltoyz.ca
  103. New Transformers Sale at Zellers
  104. Primus with Bonus Minicons Released In Canada
  105. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cybertron Basics at TRU Canada
  106. Classics Optimus vs Megatron 2-Pack Out in Canada
  107. Teletoon More Than Meets The Eye Contest
  108. Cybertron Voyager Assortment Sale at Toys R Us Canada
  109. Optimus Prime and Wing Saber Costco Exclusive Out In Canada
  110. Star Wars Transformers Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale at Toys R Us
  111. TRU Exclusive Reissue G1 Soundwave Not Coming To Canada
  112. Transformers Classics Mini-cons Released In Canada
  113. 30% Off Transformers at Toys R Us Canada
  114. Classics Deluxe Sale From December 16-23 at TRU
  115. Classic Legends Wave 1 Released In Canada
  116. SWTF Darth Vader (Star Fighter) and Clone Pilot (ARC-170 Tiger Shark) Out
  117. Reissue Soundwave To Be Released In Canada After All?
  118. Classics Wave 2 Mirage, Grimlock and Jetfire Out In Canada
  119. Cybertron Primus On Sale For $40 At Toys R Us Canada
  120. G1 Reissue Soundwave To Ship To Canada This March
  121. Alternators On Sale at Canadian Superstore for $15
  122. Don Murphy at TransformersCon Toronto 2006 Videos Online
  123. Titanium 3 Inch Rodimus Prime and Thundercracker out in Canada
  124. 6 Inch Titanium Soundwave and Rodimus Prime Out In Canada
  125. Classics Wave 3 Ramjet and Cliffjumper Out In Canada
  126. Exclusive WST at TransformersCon Toronto on April 28th
  127. Alex Milne to Attend TransformersCon Toronto 2007
  128. Toronto TransformersCon Exclusive WST is G2 Flamethrower
  129. Reissue Soundwave Update: May Canadian Release Date
  130. Titanium RID Optimus Prime and WW Starscream Out in Canada
  131. Alternated Masterpiece Lithograph at Toronto TransformersCon
  132. G1 Voice Actor Michael Bell to attend TransformersCon 2007
  133. New Sale at Toys R Us for Scout and Voyager Toys
  134. Toronto TransformersCon Blurb in ToyFare #117
  135. TFCon Toronto Exclusive WST G2 Flamethrower Box Art
  136. 10 Lucky Draw TFCon Toronto Exclusive WST G2 Flamethrowers to be released
  137. Transformer Movie Preview Figures at ToysRUs.ca
  138. Matt Moylan to attend TransformersCon 2007
  139. TransformersCon 2007 Overflow Hotel Announced
  140. Transformers Movie Preview Figures Out at Canadian Retail
  141. First Image of TFCon Toronto Exclusive WST G2 Flamethrower
  142. Optimash Prime Released at Canadian Retail
  143. Former Dreamwave Editor Matt Hansen to attend TransformersCon
  144. Toronto TransformersCon T-Shirt Art Revealed
  145. 2/3rds of the Toronto TFCon Alternated Masterpiece Lithograph Revealed
  146. Welcome to the Relaunched Cybertron.ca
  147. Entire Toronto TransformersCon Alternated Masterpiece Lithograph Revealed
  148. Toronto TransformersCon is TOMORROW
  149. Transformers Cybertron Ultra Figure Sale at TRU Canada
  150. Transformers Movie Real Gear Released in Canada
  151. Lots More Movie Toys Released At Canadian Retail
  152. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime On Sale Starting Saturday
  153. Transformers Robot Heroes Found At Canadian Retail
  154. Transformers Movie Deluxe Figures Out At Canadian Retail
  155. Transformers Monopoly Released in Canada
  156. Classics/Reissue G1 Soundwave to be Released In Canada June 2nd?
  157. Diamond Select Transformers Statues and Busts Released in Canadian TRUs
  158. Transformers Classics Soundwave Reissue Found in Canada
  159. Saturday June 2nd Deluxe Sale at Toys R Us
  160. Transformers Movie Adaptation Trade Paperback Found at Canadian Retail
  161. Movie Voyager Ironhide and Starscream Out In Canada
  162. Movie Bumblebee and Barricade 2 Pack Released In Canada
  163. Transformers Movie Adaptation Comic Artist Alex Milne Signing
  164. Transformers Movie Burger King Toys Canadian Release Dates
  165. June 22-28 Zellers Transformers Sale
  166. YTV Transformers Contest, upcoming Marathon, and Chat
  167. Generation 1 Soundwave Reissue WAS In Stock at Toysrus.ca
  168. Transformers Movie Burger King Toys Images
  169. Toys R Us Transformers Sale for June 16-22
  170. Transformers Movie Deluxe Wave 2 Figures Released in Canada
  171. Hasbro Transformers Movie Legends Wave 2 out in Canada
  172. Win 2 Tickets to the advanced screening of Transformers in Toronto
  173. Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron Released In Canada
  174. Advanced Screening Transformers Movie Winner Announced
  175. Transformers Movie Voyager Megatron Released In Canada
  176. Robot Heroes Wave 2 out at Canadian Retail
  177. The Making of The Live Action Transformers Movie on Space Tomorrow
  178. Transformers Cybertron Marathon & G1 Movie on YTV Tomorrow
  179. Transformers Movie Robot Replicas Out At Canadian Retail
  180. Hasbro Toy Shop may start shipping to Canada this January
  181. Free Shipping on Select TFs at toysrus.ca
  182. Toysrus Flyer for July 14-20 - Transformers Sale
  183. Transformers Movie Deluxe 08 Bumblebee, Arcee, & Dreadwing Released in Canada
  184. Movie Legends Blackout and Starscream out at Canadian Retail
  185. Walmart Exclusive Robot Heroes 5-pack Released In Canada
  186. New Titanium 6 inch out at Canadian Retail
  187. Transformers Movie Voyager Prime Released in Canada
  188. New Star Wars Transformers Released in Canada
  189. Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus and WW Megatron Released in Canada
  190. New Movie Real Gear Sighted at Canadian Retail
  191. Huge Sale of Remaining Alternators and Cybertron at Wal-Mart
  192. Fast Action Battlers Frenzy, Blackout and Megatron found at Canadian Retail
  193. Transformers Movie Optimus Prime voice changer Cullen Version out at Canadian Retail
  194. Sears Wish Book Shows Prices of Movie Ultimate Bumblebee and Star Wars Death Star
  195. Transformers Movie Real Gears on sale at Toys R Us Canada
  196. Transformers Cyber Slammers Brawl & Ratchet out at Canadian Retail
  197. Optimus Prime Christmas Ornament Out in Canada
  198. Movie Unleashed Optimus Prime Released at Canadian Retail
  199. Cybertron.ca Answers: Will Alternators Ravage and Rumble be released in Canada?
  200. Costco Exclusive Leader Movie Optimus Prime with Bonus Released in Canada
  201. New Transformers FAB's and Movie deluxes out at Canadian retail
  202. Alex Milne to attend Toronto Action Figure Expo September 30th
  203. Transformers Movie DVD Release Date listed on Amazon.ca
  204. Transformers Movie Leader Class Brawl Released In Canada
  205. New Transformers Movie Role Play T.E.C.H Toys Released In Canada
  206. Transformers Movie DVD Future Shop Exclusive Autobot & Decepticon Steel Cases
  207. Star Wars Transformers Death Star Released at Canadian Retail
  208. Toysrus Canada merges with the US to form Toysrus North America
  209. Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee Released at Canadian Retail
  210. Canadian IMAX Theaters showing Transformers
  211. Best Buy Transformers DVD Exclusive
  212. New Transformers Animated Books Listed at Amazon.ca
  213. Transformers Movie Rescue Ratchet and Thundercracker Out At Canadian Retail
  214. Star Wars Transformers Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale at Toys R Us
  215. New Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Released at Canadian Retail
  216. Canadian Artwork Forum Opens Up on Cybertron.ca
  217. Toronto Action Figure Expo 2007 is this Sunday
  218. TFCon 2008 Announced - June 21st 2008 - Toronto Canada
  219. Transformers 2 Week Sale at Zellers
  220. Transformers Real Gear 50% off at Toys R Us
  221. Transformers Movie Deluxe Dropkick and Recon Barricade Released
  222. Transformers Movie Scout Class Released at Canadian Superstore
  223. Transformers Movie & Star Wars TF Sale at Toys R Us Nov 3rd - 16th
  224. Walmart Exclusive Masterpiece Starscream Not Being Released In Canada
  225. Canadian Transformers Fans Group Launched on Facebook
  226. New Transformers Real Gears Released at Canadian Retail
  227. Transformers Sale at Canadian Toys R Us and Walmart Stores Next Week
  228. Hasbro Transformers Question and Answer Panel at TFcon 2008 in Toronto June 21st
  229. Transformers Classics 2 pack On Sale at Sears
  230. Transformers on Sale at Toysrus for Nov. 24 - Nov. 30
  231. Evolution of a Hero Bumblebee 2 pack released in Canada
  232. Transformers Movie Leader Class Price Drop at Wal-Mart
  233. Transformers Sale at Zellers Dec. 1 -Dec. 7
  234. Transformers Movie Figures & Prime Helmet on Sale at Toys R Us
  235. Transforming Optimus Prime DVD Case at Canadian HMV
  236. 2008 Canadian 80s Toy Expo Announced - Sunday, March 16th
  237. Transformers Movie Cyber Slammers Jazz and Cliffjumper Released at Canadian Retail
  238. Transformers Bumblebee: Evolution of a Hero 2 pack on sale at Zellers
  239. Transformers Animated to Air in Canada on YTV Starting this January
  240. Toysrus Flyer Dec. 15 - Dec. 21
  241. Toysrus 3 Day Sale on Star Wars Transformers Death Star
  242. Transformers Movie Voyager Class Incinerator Review
  243. YTV Launches Transformers Animated Promo Site with New Air Date
  244. TFcon Toronto Saturday, June 21st, 2008 Promo Video Online
  245. Transformers Movie Wave 2 Screen Battles Out in Canada
  246. Canadian Transformers Packaging Archive Launched
  247. Transformers Animated Listed in Toys R Us Canada Computers
  248. Transformers Movie Deluxe Class Cliffjumper, Camshaft and Landmine Released
  249. ALLSPARK POWERED Legends of Cybertron 2 packs released at Canadian Retail
  250. Sponsor News: AgesThreeandUp.com January Newsletter