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Re: Your Childhood "Holy Grail" Transformers?

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Re: Your Childhood "Holy Grail" Transformers?

I had quite a few TFs growing up. Reading about everyone's grails here makes me realize how lucky I was as a kid. Sadly, as I got into my teenage years my mom had me get rid of them. Lots were broken due to years of intense playtime so at least my family never wasted their money.

My grails were G1 Wheeljack, Shockwave and the Constructicons. Picked up loose Constructicons at a TFCon years ago but they were very worn so I would like to get the re-issue to replace the aging ones I have.

Feedback thread

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Re: Your Childhood "Holy Grail" Transformers?

I didn't have many G1 toys growing up so not too many worries about getting that stuff. Except I had a Hardhead that was given away one day... Prices on ebay are higher than what I want to pay right now.

This is a few years past childhood but, I've always wanted a Armada Tidal Wave, but hated the random green and gold on it, and hoped to get the Japanese one instead. I finally got one last week after finding someone selling the Korean version on ebay at a decent price. And this was casually search on and off for years.
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Re: Your Childhood "Holy Grail" Transformers?

Originally Posted by Ozrein View Post
One Christmas in the mid 80s, my parents order the 5 dinobots and the constructicons from the Sears catalogue for my brother and I. Unfortunately (according to them) Sears ran out of Sludge, Snarl and Slag. So while we were lucky enough to get Grimlock, Swoop and the Constructicons, we missed out on the other 3.

I always wanted to finish off the group and once I got back into collecting a number of years ago, they were at the top of my list. It took a while to find them in good condition for a reasonable price but I eventually ended up getting them and they are now some of my fav figs from G1.

And here they are:

They do look oh so good as a group. Also in the pic is my other fav group of bots... er I should say 'cons.
I just realized from that pic that a loose G1 swoop I sold at a previous TFCon must have been a knock off. There was quite a bit of blue on the torso. For whoever bought it, I apologize. On the plus side, I remember I did sell it for extremely cheap, so I hope it balanced out.
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Re: Your Childhood "Holy Grail" Transformers?

RiD Wedge and Aramada Nemesis Prime (AKA RiD Scourge V2). Heck, they're still two of my all-time favourites.
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Re: Your Childhood "Holy Grail" Transformers?

oddly enough for me, it's my henkei bumblebee
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childhood, grail, past, wanted, young

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