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Top 10 Transformers Flops and Failures

The results are in and I won't lie, I disagree with most of this list, but it's not about me, it's strictly the fan votes and this time they voted on the top 10 Transformers flops and failures by Hasbro (my own list and probably yours, would look wildly different from the results, go figure,lol)
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Re: Top 10 Transformers Flops and Failures

10 - no argument here
9 - hahahahaha, I heard this was sh*t, only ever bought 1 fig from it, what a mistake
8 - aw, come on - sure I thought they were stupid when I was a kid, but as an adult, I've got mad nostalgia for em (plus Masterforce helped my position on em)
7 - huh, I mean I guess so - it was definitely more of a flash in the pan, and ya, it didn't really "succeed"... yeah, OK (I like when it gets callbacks, though)
6 - never bought any, can't speak to it
5 - ya this was unfortunate when it started happening, though I've been able to work around it - but no denying it sucks
4 - the only one I missed, because priced out
3 - hahahahaha, f*ck em for turning my favourite show into that - couldn't finish season 1
2 - HAHAHAHAHA, this was the stupidest - when I saw em in stores, was like "wtf, these look terrible"
1 - a) squarely falls into same category as #8 -> yeah these suck in concept, but I've got mad nostalgia for em since childhood, and some of the larger sets? forget about it, they were awesome
b) adopted the position right away that I probably wouldn't dig the show (seems marketed to kids), though I did watch 1st eps - my kid might have liked it, but she's not into TFs, so
Got a kick out of the new characters though, and I've been picking those up (started appreciating "new" characters ever since RiD2015), orange dude is great
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Re: Top 10 Transformers Flops and Failures

this youtube channel

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