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Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

From a Facebook post on TF group Transfans, we have what appears to be our first look at the upcoming Deluxe Waspinator figure from the Transformers Kingdom line. Good ol’ bug eyes is shown here in both robot mode and wasp mode. This iteration of Waspinator is sporting clear purple wings and the majority of his bug legs are attached to his robot mode legs. Check out the images after the jump and then head over to the 2005 boards to chime in on why the universe hates Waspinator!

The post Kingdom Waspinator Revealed? appeared first on Transformer World 2005 - TFW2005.COM.


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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?


On the one hand, yay

On the other, why his bug legs are so fat? Like they determined "this b*tch gon be able to stand up as a bug, I swear"
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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

The previous version still looks way better to me.


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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

Originally Posted by Robimus View Post
The previous version still looks way better to me.

But the previous won't generate that much profit for Hasbro...

sell/trade/wanted thread

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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

The generations 1 is way more superior.
Lame new product.
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Generation 1
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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

I was wondering a few days ago how they could improve on Generations Waspinator at a deluxe price point. I guess now we know the answer - they can't.

I guess what makes it more sad is Generations Waspinator was likely $15 at the time and they will want $32-34 for this.

Maybe some more/official shots will make it look better, but I'm thinking this is a pass for me and I'll stick with my Generations version.

On the bright side, at least Terrorsaur almost has to be an improvement over the existing basic figure...

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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

Yikes, I hope that's a prototype because, if not, not digging it...
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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

I think it will look better with more careful attention to articulation and posing. But, I can see where folks that have the T30 version wouldn't feel the need to upgrade.
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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

I'm gonna say it, and I love Waspinator....but we need a Voyager Inferno or Scavenger if they need to call him that. THAT's what I want with my Predacons. For...The...Royalty
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Re: Kingdom Waspinator Revealed?

It looks like he has brown, over-sized antennae nipples that are pitifully sagging.
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