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Beast Wars 25 Tournament, Match 8 - Round 1, Match 8: Grimlock vs Ravage

After seven matches in this opening round - you can see links to the results of Matches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 - this is the last match in Round 1 of the BW 25 Dream Combat Tournament. As with previous matches, the poll for this match lasts for three days, and short profiles for each combatant have been provided.
In selecting the winner, decide which one is more likely to force their opponent into submission or surrender, or a knockout for at least a 10-second period. Outright destruction is not necessary, though possible.
The winner of this match will advance to Round 2 (beginning this Sunday, February 7) to face Rhinox. If a draw is reached in this poll, both combatants will be eliminated from the Tournament.

Match 8: Grimlock vs. Ravage

Grimlock (Maximal) - Autobot legend from the past, reformatted for the future. Still highly powerful, brave, and merciless, but has sacrificed a degree of strength for a major boost in speed and dexterity. Armed with an energo-epee and a rotary blade-shield as robot; transforms into a velociraptor with strong, sharp teeth and claws, and enhanced visual and olfactory senses. Fighting instincts as great as ever, but may forget to adapt to the limitations of his new, smaller body.

Ravage (Predacon) - Covert Agent for the Tripredacus Council; the rebuilt form of the original Decepticon saboteur. Dedicated soldier with countless years’ worth of experience and historical knowledge. Armed with twin blaster rifles with laser sights; has an electromagnetic emission shield that hides appearance from detection. Transforms into a cassette, but rumored to still retain his old jaguar mode from the past. Intimidating due to reputation, but physical durability is only above average; also sensitive to bright light, and can be blinded.

This poll concludes this Saturday night (about 9:30pm ET). Watch for Round 2's first match to begin next Sunday afternoon!

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