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I realised recently that i'm a little obsessed with the Alternators/Binaltech line, and i'm sure there are more of you out there. So i'm starting this group so any other Alt/BT crack addicts can share collections/customs/anything.
5 1 13 0
02:38 AM
for anyone who collects transformers in vancouver.
38 8 11 0
12:02 PM
A place to vent your frustration at not being able to find new Transformers at Atlantic Canadian retail.
20 4 44 0
11:05 PM
=[Iacon North]= The Manitoba Transformers Fan Club
64 15 542 32
07:44 PM
Local trading group in Halifax / Dartmouth NS, that meets at Giant Robot Comics (, to trade and discuss transformer toys, as well as other toy lines (GI JOE, HE-Man, Etc.)
9 4 5 0
07:46 AM
This group is for people that think Michael Bay took Transformers and messed them up good... (Even though the toys that come out of the movie are AWESOME)
4 1 5 0
02:32 PM
A group for fans of the Decepticon Seekers
16 1 5 1
03:03 PM
When Primus the god of all Transformers and protector of our universe forged Cybertron onto himself and crafted the Matrix of Leadership, a prophecy was spoken. That one day, a Transformer of great courage and skill will rise through the ranks and be the chosen one to defeat the impending evil that would one day threaten the galaxy. His name was Hot Rod, better known as Rodimus Prime. Yes. I, Protoman am very sad and obsessed.
26 1 26 12
04:02 AM
This is a group that either still live, or are from the best island in Canada, that love "The Transformers".
2 1 1 0
03:19 PM
A group for all decepticons!!!! >:)
13 1 4 0
01:52 PM
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