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Hey TF fans. This group is for all those who loved beast wars. I personally thought it was one of the best transformers themes to date.
5 0 0 0
The air is drier than than the wit. For us Calgary Transformers fans. Oh, and did I mention that we're the best city group. Take that Edmonton; Winnipeg
48 7 413 15
06:50 PM
its a group for all those shockwave lovers clarity of thought before rashness of action-shockwave
5 2 3 0
09:10 PM
if you like collecting the harder to find rarities or oddities,this is the group for can be any bot from any line like starsaber from victory or even countdown from zone or even good ol' g1 can also be the fun stuff like an ancient tf blanket/comforter from waaaaaay back in the a tf themed thermos from back in the day?feel free to post pics of it and share with us why you have it,like it, and shall ultimately keep it till the day you meet primus;p
30 2 13 21
01:37 PM
For all the Vancity TF collectors out there! Join up and Unite!!!!
72 117 1,912 1
03:39 PM
For those of us that are vintage collectors.
31 4 10 15
01:11 PM
For fans of that other 1980s transforming robot toyline
7 1 6 4
10:00 PM
1 0 0 0
Join the Decepticon Fan Club and talk all about your favorite decepticons from G1, Beast Wars, Armada, TF Trilogy, and others.
2 1 1 0
04:29 PM
Group for people ordering from Corvicron to buy TFCC figures
9 1 38 0
03:24 PM
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