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Iron Pasc
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Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

My time there was limited, but there are a few things I regret not finding/buying this year...

-MISB G2 Optimus Prime (there were 2 but I ran out of money)
-G1 Scourge (saw 2 but they were too expensive)
-G1 Blurr (forgot to look for that one)
-some G1 Minibots like Wheelie, Warparth, Cosmos, etc. (forgot to look for those)
-the Movie 1 Cyber Slammers that I'm missing (Brawl, Barricade, Ironhide) (forgot to look for those)
-Generations DLX Drift (they were all gone)

On the other hand, I wasn't expecting to find Macross stuff there and I was more than happy to come across a "chunky" VF-1J reissue, I think it's my favorite purchase from the con! Just love the transformation and the die-cast. I think I like it better than my 1/48 version...
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Fortress Maximus
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

- Impossible Toys Arceee (only one vendor had them, and too expensive).
- Optimus Prime Christmas Ornament (passed on it first time, and it was gone later).
- ROTF Thrust (couldn't seem to find one).
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Cheers Ian
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

Here's my short list

-Takara Animated Blackout (Honestly forgot he was even out. Didn't realize till it was too late)

-G1 Override (Couldn't F--cking find one...)

-Some cheap G1 Minibots one vendor had (Should have jumped on them when I had the chance)

-G1 Thunderclash (Seller was asking too much and his son didn't want to haggle on his behalf. The dad never returned when I was around and I was also put off by the yellowing)

-G1 Fangry, Hosehead, Nightbeat, and Siren (Didn't see any of them that were complete other than on Russ' table and his price was not one I was willing to pay.

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Fortress Maximus
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

There were a few figures I passed on for a few different reasons.

I wanted doubles of Generations Wave 1 but the prices were outragous. $30 for Drift? I'm sorry, but if anyone paid that amount for a figure you can buy in store in about 2 weeks you are a total idiot. Sorry if that offends you, but that's how I feel. I got all 4 shipped for $45 so $30 for one figure is just wow, out there.

I was looking hard at the BIAB Magnus and Superlink Shockwave but passed in the end. I'm sure I can find them cheaper later, just gotta know how to play the game. Being a vendor there for a number of years has helped me see things for what they are, so maybe I'm a little biased.
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Generation 2
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

Considering this was my first con of any kind, I didn't have any preferences when it came to buying a certain figure...however consdering G1 was my era I was just taken back to my child hood when I seen all these old G1 Transformers, and the ones in their original packaging made it that much sweeter...

Having said that, I knew when I went to this con I'd be seeing the G1 figures all over...and if not over priced I would purchase a few, I had my PDA with me and compared online pricing vs what dealers prices at the con and the prices were simply to high...I wanted the FULL Optimus Prime from 1984 but didn't buy it, as I can get a better deal online...

I wish I had gone to the booth at the very back left hand side (as you entered) as he had many G1 Transformers and was willing to listen and pretty much accept good offers...however when I got to him he only had insecticons and others left...

Another reason I didn't buy any G1...I am just getting into collecting and I have opened Transformer G1's stored in boxes I haven't touched in over a first I start with what I have and what I want mint...
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Resident Gryphon
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

in terms of my list;

- G1 Ultra Magnus; cheapest I found was like...80 bucks

- G1 Scamper; needed the cash to get home

- G1 Shockwave; 160 for an incomplete and broken one? Yeah, f@#k you. (thank you KO! )

- G1 Star Saber KO; wish I'd bought it at the parts party instead of waiting on saturday; couldn't find the guy again >_<

- Classics Grimlock; curse me for thinking he'd be on the table after the David Kaye panel.
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chans formers
raff ow roud
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

the only one that comes to mind is botcon scorch and glint.i was debating it being as the vendor i was talking to was the only one there that actually still had the glint figure with him.
ultimately i grabbed botcon doublepunch buit left scorch.....regrets now
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Machine War
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

Warbot, Kool Toyz sold out. But I'll be getting one from him eventually.

TFX-03 Upgrade for City Commander, the only vendor that sold it was asking for $25 and I don't think 2 shoulder launchers and a gun can justify that price.

RID Optimus Prime, saw a MIB one for $75, and a loose complete one for $55. Kept walking around the dealer room wondering if I'd cave in. By the time I convinced myself to go for the $55 one, it was sold and when I went to check on the $75 it was gone too. I've since found a seller on TFW offering me both Prime and Magnus for $90 shipped =)

Bad Seller: X-Warlock
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Dragon Knight
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

Beast Wars Galvatron...I saw him for 30 passed, walking around again, came back to the same table saw it marked down to 20 passed...decided to think about it...walked around a third time came back to the table once more...gone.

There was also a Beast Wars 2 Lio Convoy, the silver version for 50$...I don't know why I didn't buy it...I just kinda forgot it was there.

I was hoping to find a City Commander, but all the booths were either too expensive, or didn't have the commander by himself...I found one for 90$ at one table, but before I could buy him...someone else stole him right from under me.
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G1 Original
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Re: Toys you were hoping to find/buy at TFcon but didn't buy for whatever reason

1) Let's see I was looking for a Universe Classic Grimlock and Jetfire for custom project, found them to be way too expensive.

2) I couldn't find a Universe Classics Nemesis Prime

3) Complete G1 Jetfires were going for way too much. I managed to find a complete 'broken' one for $25. It wasn't actually broken someone had just not bothered to reassemble it.

4)Was looking for a Classics Universe Dirge junker to harvest for parts (spring and rotator joints)but didn't find any.
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