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Re: TFC Primary School, PS-01 Primars


Filmation MOTUC

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Re: TFC Primary School, PS-01 Primars

great review!

was on the fence about this, but definitely getting it now.
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Review: Primary School - Primars PS-01

Hey there, been a while I haven't made any review... just seemed useless since a whole bunch of peoples receives the figures much faster than me.

But today I just got my hand on the Primary School - Primars PS-01 *Chibi Optimus Prime* (He's so Kawaiiii!! hahaha)

And since there are no reviews at all for the little fella, I am making one.

So the first thing I noticed about the little fella is GOSH he's so small, REALLY! He's the same size of the Disney Mickey Optimus prime... but on a complexity level of a Classic Transformer. It's AWESOME!

Here's a pict in Truck mode:

The truck mode is the exact same size of Disney's Mickey Mouse.

One thing that bothers me in Truck mode is how everything is fragile... not as in it'll break, but the slightest pression will make everything pop out. The back panel of the truck's cab pops out like crazy, they dont hold into the tabs too good :-( Same thing for the hands; the feets kinda tabs into the hands, but they pop out if you look at them too much.

But otherwise, the truck mode is insanely cute, superb model...

Transformation is very nice, impressed with it... I love complex transformation and for him I was expecting something similar to the Disney Mickey Prime... but Primar is Much more complex... not insane compared to other lines of Transformers, but for that small size, it's pretty darn good. I also like the fact that viewing it from the bottom, you dont see much of robot parts... thats one thing I really like in a Transformers

Though transformation is similar to the Mickey Prime, its one big step of complexity above Mickey Prime, you can check the video I made at the bottom for the video review and Transformation :-)

Robotwise, thats the charm right there, this is what we're paying for, the most adorable Chibi optimus prime... God I hope they make more Primars, I want Soundwave and Megatron haha Insanely cute, changeable face; sad, angry, normal, eyes and forehead lights up blue, lots of articulation points, smoke stacks becomes a staff, or guns, the daggers are my favorite, solid piece of engineering... very stable, stands great on its two feet.... there's nothing bad to say about it...

Maybe my only complaint... more like nit-picking; the back panel... but you can look at it like a cape... haha

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! Basicaly its about the same price as Disney Label Mickey Mouse, same size, but you have the complexity of transformation of a Deluxe Transformer in a scout size. Its an awesome addition to any TF collection. Highly Recommend this pint size Gallon of cuteness.

Figure: 9 out of 10 (minus 1 for all the "cape" back pannel and truck hood on the back)
Transformation: 9 out of 10 (minus 1 because it's simply the same as Disney Label Mickey Mouse, only more complicated, and less solid)
Truck: 8 out of 10 (minus 2 because not every parts holds too good together, tabs loves to pop out)

Seriously... Get this baby before it grows up to be a boring Deluxe TF :-)

Awwww He's Getting Grounded!

Video review :

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