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Siege leaders (Utlra Magnus and Shockwave) quick review

As the Siege leaders (Ultra Magnus and Shockwave) are out in EB Games stores all across Canada and a bunch on here have now jumped and purchased them, I didn't see any threads about them, if anything the forums seems a bit dead lately...

So I'll start this with my impressions of both figures.

First, the temptation was horrible, I saw that my local EB Games had both, but as I barely have time to go around EB games in general, and that after about 2 weeks of them showing up, I felt that the risk of having trouble getting them later on wasn't worth the price difference, should the BOGO sale still be even on if or when TrU would start carrying them.

So I stopped and had decided, should they still be there, they would come home with me... and they were, and they did.

As there's plenty of videos already out, I won't bother with the details... but my list of pros and cons.

  1. The siege line have been refreshing as it's the first line I've seen in forever with decent plastic that doesn't feel brittle or easily worn as per all the issues with many of the Combiner Wars and POTP figures. So both of these figures are part of this... I like the plastic.
  2. Overall, the figures are very nice looking, probably some of the best (if not the best) I've seen of these two characters.
  3. They're sized in keeping with the other figures, unless you count Shockwave's alt form that would end up needing to be the size of a city bus.
  4. The colours are great, and the main details are also excellent, as far a quality control goes, my two appear to be as good as it gets.

Now the cons

The largest one: While their design is decent, even quite good, there's many things that could have been easily done to increase their quality and details.


  1. that rubber hose should have been made removable, but one side is built-in his body. I'm considering taking him apart just to remove it. It's an eyesore in alt mode, and simply annoying/in the way.
  2. alt mode, those two extra gun-arms and shoulder part end up leaving a gap with the connector pin just sitting there... it could have been easily done that these gun-arms rotate into that empty space.
  3. Built-in lights.. at 70$, a small set of LED lights and watch batteries for the guns and the forward section /gun barrel would have been nice. Shess.. Dollar store robots have such lights, so for this price, they really could have done it.
Ultra Magnus
  1. The rig alt mode... everyone's complaint (I believe) is 1) "the hands" and 2) the feet... they really could have made them hidden, that's a serious case of being lazy about it.
  2. How the rig and the trailer connects... no separated middle connector for turning, the whole thing is a big bus more than a car carrier... which brings up
  3. the trailer... really, it's not able to open to carry any cars inside when a bit less laziness could have made the trailer sleeker, putting the extra arms parts away better and make it able to open in the back as per the original and carry a few cars.
The worse sin of it all

Empty space syndrome!! argh!! with Optimus Prime and even Megatron being so freaking great as having closed off arms and legs compared to so many previous lines...part of what gave me so much joy to see on those figures, and here we have the "larger" figures lacking this?

Shockwave's "feet"/ side wings cannons could be so much better if closed off.

Ultra Magnus's well.. everything, all that emptiness, but worse are his weapons.

So, all this to say that .. these are excellent in many ways, but lack on many also...

I don't regret getting them, they do look amazing, but if only for these "cons", these would have probably been the best version of these characters, or at least set the bar extremely high.

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