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Re: Transform your collection!

I used to transform the whole collection weekly, but not as much anymore, I timed myself every time, last time was 14 hours. Now I do lines instead,
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Re: Transform your collection!

I transform random ones constantly, so that at any given time parts of the collection are in alt mode.

The other thing I recently did was to reorganize it from "by line" (i.e. Cybertron here, Alternators there, Animated over there) to "by character" (Primes here, Bumblebees there, etc).

I like to change it up from time to time.
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Re: Transform your collection!

Back when my collection was only like 200 toys (around 1997-98). A friend of my who I use to play hockey with joked that next time he comes over he wanted to see everything in it's car/beast mode (Everything at the time was in robot mode). I did it =P I noticed it took a lot more space that way too.
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Re: Transform your collection!

For sure D,.. when displaying I prefer Bot mode, firstly they do look cooler than a plain vehicle secondly way less room especially with all the scale differences.
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Re: Transform your collection!

For me maybe once a year but bot mode for most. Any doubles I have would be in alt mode but it is basically the same as everyone else. Lack of space and too many TF's. Well not TOO many as you can never have enough!
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Re: Transform your collection!

I transformed a bunch of stuff recently too. But it was after I put a bunch of stuff into storage and had the space to do it. When I get a new toy, I would give it its quality time and transform it several times a day for like a week and after that it ends up in the shelf and hardly messed up unless I feel a particular itch or want a different look out of it.

Space and time is mostly the deciding factor when it comes to how much I mess with my stuff. I got the RTS Legends BB and have been messing with that a lot because it's quick and takes up the same room in either mode.

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Re: Transform your collection!

Eventually I'd like to have enough display space to give each figure enough room to be displayed in either of their modes at any given time. At the moment I barely have any space at all so about 1/10th of my collection is on display.

As far as amount of time it'd take to TF them all, I'm guessing a full weekend without anything else to do or probably a week and a half spending a few hours a day TF'ing them all.
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Re: Transform your collection!

Originally Posted by Scrapper6 View Post
Most of my 900 + collection is trapped in plastic tubs for storage, were I to have all of them on display finding the time to transform them all would take... cycles.

However I would probably find time to fiddle with them occasionally.

What I currently do have on display, well it will be transformed when I get the itch. You know what I'm talking about, you just bought a single new figure and learned how to TF him for the first time, but then you get the itch to TF something more. So what do you do? (Go out and buy another one? I think not.) You pick up someone else on the shelf and have a little mock battle. Complete with Transforming and Transforming again and again.

It appeases the itch, and allows for some fun different displays.

When you don't have the itch, which is more often than not in my case, you sometimes can't help yourself and just go stir crazy, so you have to transform something. What fun it is to have the need to transform, that's why I'll never be an MISB/MOSC collector, staring at a mint in package item just wouldn't appease that itch. My fingers would get all twitchy, I'd start to lose control and before you know it... Cardboard Carnage Everywhere, so if you're an MISBer never let me near your collection. Who knows if I'll be able to control this rabid transforming monster in the presence of so many MISB figures. :lol
Hahahah, I love what you're saying about the itch, and that's part of why I could never be a MISB collector either. I still like to keep the boxes & cardbacks couse I'm too much of a nerd to get rid of that stuff, but when I buy something... I like it to actually be mine, not the box's.

Now on the flip side, I also like to leave my figures posed & untouched for the most part (I don't like them getting all loose & whatnot), but still. Transformers are well, transformers!

Originally Posted by ConvoyGTR View Post
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Re: Transform your collection!

I have over 1700 TF's now. I can't imagine how long it will take to transform all of them!
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Re: Transform your collection!

I started transforming them all today actually. Well, only because I am finally unpacking them to get them on display. I don't think that counts.

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