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Re: G1 Hun-Gurrr Help!

Originally Posted by Retrospex View Post
I snapped a G1 Rippersnapper's head while it was attached to Hun-Gurrr as an arm limb. Unfortunately the head is lodged in the socket port. If in Abominus mode: left arm port hole.

How do I take that lodged piece out from the socket port? I would like to know the wizardry behind this because I can't figure it out.

Also... does anyone have an extra G1 Rippersnapper head?

Thanks in advance,
I had this happen as well...I think Rippersnapper has something similar to gold plastic syndrome...more like "blue plastic syndrome" but either way they are likely to fail over time.

One idea is to get a KO just for the head, perhaps it will last longer....
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Re: Repair Thread

I think I just have bad luck with TR and PotP figures where stickers are concerned. Several of my figures have crumpled stickers right out the box and it really bugs me because the creases on the foil stickers are just highlighted more when light shines on them, and of course, the effect is pretty darn ugly. Is there any way to make the creases on the stickers not so obvious? Alternatively, I wouldn't mind getting replacement stickers exactly like the pre-applied ones on the toys and reapplying them myself, but I highly doubt Reprolabels or any similar business has made such stickers to begin with (and it doesn't even seem like any sort of wide demand exists for them). I know replacement sticker sheets for G1 figures exist, but nothing comparable appears to be around for TR and PotP figures.

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