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Talking Suddenly in love

Simply put, what're some figures that we've suddenly or even randomly found ourselves wanting/appreciating, and how did this come to be?

I mean, sometimes it has to do with a movie or episode (advertising ftw!), sometimes we come across a great set of pics, vids or discussion (tfw ftw!), and other time it can seem to come outa nowhere, at least for me. For example, I had this urge to look into HFTD Banzaitron maybe 3 hours ago, and now I'm shitting myself for not picking him up when Toys R Us had those Voyagers for half price... even though I had next to no interest when I first looked into him or even when I kept seeing it a lot.

... so yeah, +rep (or -rep, depending on how you look at it) for sudden urges.

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Re: Suddenly in love

i for one got that kind of love/appreciation when i finally got a Classics Bumblebee in mid July of this year.

the reason is that I had been collecting lots of little bits that can be added onto the figure (FP gun from G3 trailer, reprolabels, etc.) without actually having it. now that it is in my possession, the full experience of my Bumblebee is heightened, even if it's not the greatest of figures
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Re: Suddenly in love

i think universe darkwind fits this for me. i told myself i hated the mold and avoided a silverbolt in the zellers clearance section for MONTHS, but when i got darkwind i just fell in love! he's rad, and then when i got the renderform kit for it, he got even radder.

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Re: Suddenly in love

It had to be Animated Lugnut,ROTF Ravage,and DOTM Hatchet.Since the moment I picked up those guys,I just instantly loved them and didn't realize how fun they were (They're usually the type of toys I get for the sake of completing a line of characters).I still play with them from time to time,just remembering how adorable they truly are
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Re: Suddenly in love

RID Scourge.
I had no knowledge of him for years, but I ebayed him a few years ago.
Definitely a premiere piece in my collection. Ahead of his time.

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Re: Suddenly in love

I wasn't too keen on the leader Starscream, but when I got him in a trade I thought hey he is awesome.
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Re: Suddenly in love

For me, it was the Power-Core Combiners. Was really iffy on them at first, but then Heavytread changed my mind. Definitely one of the better figures of that line.
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Re: Suddenly in love

Animated skywarp. Got me to watch TFA and the buy the whole line up of toys. It was evil!
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Alexander Quinn
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Re: Suddenly in love

Energon Landmine. I saw it on the shelf in the store and eyed it casually. My wife saw me look at it and popped it in the cart without me even knowing until we were at the checkout. He was a nice surprise and ended up being one of my favourite Transformer in my collection even to this day.

I also have a warm fuzzy burning appreciation for the original TFTM Leader Prime. Every time someone would start gushing about the ROTF Leader mould, I would look over at my movie one figure and smile. I just think he's more fun to actually play with.
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Re: Suddenly in love

TFTM1 Longarm...instant love that I did not expect!

G1 Broadside...I still don't know what it is but I absolutely love that toy. Theres no reasoning behind it. I only bought it because I wanted all of Season 1 - 4 bots.

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