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What's your top 3 TF toys?

We all got a collection going on. What's your top 3 favourite figures in your collection? and why those 3?

You're welcome to name a matching group/team as a single unit like Constructicons/Devastator or Dinobots. But not something like the Wreckers where anyone can join/leave. If you're inclined to load up some awesome pictures of those top 3 then go for it.

My top 3:
1. Grand Maximus - It was a gift plus it's an awesome titan with great colour scheme.

2. Siege Seekers - Love the seekers in general but these ones are great, love the bot mode, great articulation, even like the tetra jet mode despite the obvious bot bits on the bottom.

3 - BMB Dinobots - They may be oversized KO of the PotP Dinobots but they are great and it's that oversizing that makes them all the better for me otherwise I would have gone with the Terrorcons. I like dinosaurs.
List of TF figures I'm looking to buy:

List of TF figures I'm looking to sell/trade:


Video tour of my collection:

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Re: What's your top 3 TF toys?

Easy, 1. Mettoplex- My wife (gf at the time) found him after market for 90 bucks for me. I always say he is a work in progress and never ever get tired for him. 2. Ultima Guard - he is another I never get tired of and just splendid, plus he was a gift for my 40th birthday from my mom of all people. 3. Primus - he's Cybertron, nuff said, and my wife got him for my birthday once and got him complete for 50 bucks. Possibly he proudest moment of gift giving ever.
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Re: What's your top 3 TF toys?

Ooh that's gonna be tough but I'll have to say 1. Generations Leader Jetfire (Really good use of colour & chrome) 2. POTP Leader OP (Best mould to date of OP imo & he comes with the matrix) 3. Combiner Wars Leader Megatron (Really good likeness to the original cartoon Megs & nice silver paint they used on him).

Also close runner-ups

4. CW Devastator
5. Titans Return Fort Max
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Iron Pasc
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Re: What's your top 3 TF toys?

1. G1 God Ginrai
2. MP-44 Convoy
3. MP-36 Megatron
My BST list is HERE.
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Re: What's your top 3 TF toys?

Answered this question by asking: "If I was forced to give up all but three - which three would I keep?"

The answer was pretty much instantaneous:

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Optimus B
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Re: What's your top 3 TF toys?

X Transbots Motormaster

Daban Op Ex

Planet X Perceptor
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Re: What's your top 3 TF toys?

MP-36 Megatron
FT Sovereign
MP-10C Cell shaded Prime
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