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Transformers collection for sale!

Transformers collection for sale!

All figures have been stored in darkness in a smoke-free home, and are complete with all parts/weapons unless otherwise noted.

Would prefer to sell as a lot.

Classics Mirage (Deluxe, 2006)
Universe Acid Storm (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Sunstreaker (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Prowl (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Silverstreak aka Bluestreak (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Sideswipe (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Smokescreen (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Ironhide (Deluxe, 2008)
Universe Ratchet (Deluxe, 2009)
Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks (Deluxe, 2010)
Reveal the Shield Fallback (Deluxe, 2010)
Generations Red Alert (Deluxe, 2010)
Generations Drift (Deluxe, 2010)
Generations Wheeljack (Deluxe, 2011)
Generations Sergeant Kup (Deluxe, 2011)
Reveal the Shield Perceptor (Deluxe, 2011)
Prime Bulkhead First Edition (Voyager, 2011)
Prime Arcee First Edition (Deluxe, 2011)
Generations Hotspot (Voyager, 2012)
Generations Grimlock (Voyager, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe (Deluxe, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Soundwave (Voyager, 2012) - includes Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat and Laserbeak data discs
Fall of Cybertron Kickback (Deluxe, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Onslaught (Deluxe, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Swindle (Deluxe, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Blast Off (Deluxe, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Brawl (Deluxe, 2012)
Fall of Cybertron Vortex (Deluxe, 2012)
Prime Airachnid (Deluxe, 2012)
Beast Hunters Shockwave (Voyager, 2013)
Thrilling 30 Skids (Deluxe 2013)
Thrilling 30 Orion Pax (Deluxe 2013)
Thrilling 30 Waspinator (Deluxe, 2013)
Thrilling 30 Blitzwing (Voyager, 2013)
Thrilling 30 Springer (Voyager, 2013)
Thrilling 30 Sandstorm (Voyager, 2013)
Thrilling 30 Tankor (Deluxe, 2014)
Thrilling 30 Doubledealer (Voyager, 2014)
Thrilling 30 Jhiaxus (Deluxe, 2014)
Thrilling 30 Rattrap (Deluxe, 2014)
Thrilling 30 Rhinox (Deluxe, 2014)
Thrilling 30 Scoop (Deluxe, 2014)
Thrilling 30 Nightbeat (Deluxe, 2014)
Combiner Wars Blackjack (Legends, 2015)
Combiner Wars Groove (Legends, 2015)
Combiners Wars Cyclonus (Voyager, 2015)
Generations Clobber (Titan Master, 2016)
Titans Return Twinferno aka Doublecross (Deluxe, 2016)
Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime (Leader, 2016)
Titans Return Sixshot (Leader, 2016)
Titans Return Breakaway (Deluxe, 2016)
Combiner Wars Trailbreaker (Deluxe, 2016)
Combiner Wars Scattershot (Voyager, 2016)
Titans Return Galvatron (Voyager, 2016)
Titans Return Astrotrain (Voyager, 2016)
Titans Return Soundwave (Leader, 2016)
Titans Return Blaster (Leader, 2016)
Titan Master Skytread (Accessory, 2016)
Titans Return Broadside (Voyager, 2017)
Titans Return Blitzwing (Voyager, 2017)
Titans Return Krok (Deluxe, 2017)
Power of the Primes Jazz (Deluxe, 2017)
Power of the Primes Dreadwind (Deluxe, 2017)
Power of the Primes Blackwing aka Darkwing (Deluxe, 2018)
Power of the Primes Moonracer (Deluxe, 2018)
Power of the Primes Battletrap (Deluxe, 2018)
Siege Skytread aka Flywheels (Deluxe, 2018)
Siege Roadhandler & Swindler (Micromaster, 2018)

Make me an offer!
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