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Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

Letís continue the tradition of listing our purchases for the year.

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Re: Your List of Purchases for 2020!

List of Purchases 2020

01/03 - Siege Spinister - eBay
01/03 - Siege Crosshairs - BBTS
01/03 - Siege Battle Master Singe x2 - BBTS
01/03- Siege Battle Master Rung x2 - BBTS
01/03- Siege Battle Master Pteraxodon - BBTS
01/03 - Siege Micromaster Battle Squad (wave 5) - BBTS
01/27 - Fanstoys Goose - ShowZStore
01/28 - MP Hound - ShowZStore


On The Way











Planned for 2020

ER Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol - pre-order
ER Micromaster Military Patrol - Pre-order
ER Ironworks - pre-order
ER Sound Barrier - pre-order
ER Micromaster Race Track Patrol
ER Micromaster Astro Squad
ER Runamuck
ER Runabout
ER Snapdragon
ER Double Dealer
ER Airwave
G1 Wheeljack - eBay
G1 Mirage - eBay
G1 Defensor
Fanstoys Iceman - ShowZStore preorder
Fanstoys Viper
Fanstoys Hollywood
Fanstoys Bandit
Fanstoys Magnum - ShowZStore preorder
Fanstoys Smokey - ShowZStore preorder
Fanstoys Brawn - ShowZStore preorder
Fanstoys Beachcomber
Fanstoys Warpath - ShowZStore preorder

Upcoming 2021
WFC Unicron - HasLab preorder

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Generation 2
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Re: Your List of Purchases for 2020!


Siege Astrotrain
Siege Crosshairs
Siege Spinister
G1 Crosshairs
G1 Sureshot
G1 Pointblank

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Re: Your List of Purchases for 2020!

My list:

SS scavenger
Mp45 loose edition
Siege Spinister
Siege Crosshairs
SS shockwave
McFarlane Animated Batman

SS frenzy & ratbat
Earthrise shield dude
ER Hoist
ER Wheeljack
ER Cliffjumper
ER Bombshock & Growl
ER Starscream
ER Optimus Prime

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Optimus B
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Re: Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

THF Ultra Magnus
FOC Soundblaster
Daban ko GT Prime

Mp gold B
MMC bugs

Flame Toys Drift model

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MahtimusPrime09's Ebay Auctions
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Re: Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

Transformers '84 (2019)
G1 Wheelie (MISB)
Transformers 2019 25Ę Collector Coin (changing Optimus Prime image)
Hear me and rejoice! Smile... even in poverty, you have become children of Hasbro.

My Sales Thread
My Want List
My Feedback Page

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you renegade maverick
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Re: Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

Jan 02 -> WFC-S3 Blowpipe (blast effects already poached) - TreasureHunt
Jan 06 -> LG-EX Convobat - Mandarake
Jan 09 -> LG-EX GodGinrai - Mandarake
Jan 11 -> BW Snarl, Insecticon (missing 1/4 of crossbow), & Injector (missing projectile) - ToyHeaven
Jan 24 -> WFC-S50 Apeface - (echotransformer)
---------> Botbots JavasaurusRex & Hamurai - WalMart
Jan 28 -> WFC-S49 Crosshairs - WalMart
---------> TR Clobber, WFC-S66 ClassicAnimation Megatron, SparkArmor Sky-Byte, BotBots DizzyBones, Dumbeats, Outtacontrol, SteveFromAccounting & Rebugnant - TreasureHunt

Feb 02 -> WFC-S48 Spinister & WFC-S51 Astrotrain - WalMart
Feb 18 -> LG-EX Metroplex - Mandarake
---------> TransArts Strange Friend - OhMyPrimus

Mar 12 -> G1 reissue Soundwave & Buzzsaw - TreasureHunt
Mar 14 -> WFC-S47 BattleSquad & WFC-E4 MilitaryPatrol - ToysRUs
Mar 17 -> BlackMamba DN-04 - Wish

Apr 06 -> TFSS 5.0 Fractyl/Lifeline/Scorponok/Quickslinger - (MonstaBot)
Apr 08 -> Authentics Starscream - Superstore
Apr 13 -> WFC-S1 Firedrive, WFC-S17 Aimless & WFC-S30 Caliburst - WalMart
Apr 15 -> Cyberverse Sharkticons Attack Pack - ToysRUs
Apr 18 -> WFC-S1 Firedrive, WFC-S30 Caliburst & WFC-S31 Smashdown - WalMart

May 02 -> WFC-S17 Aimless - WalMart
May 04 -> Perfect Effect PC-15 (upgrade for PMOP/LG Jinrai) - Mandarake
May 05 -> WFC-S63 Soundblaster & WFC-E1 Soundbarrier - WalMart
May 15 -> WFC-GS10 Soundwave Spy Patrol 3rd Unit - ToysRUs
May 22 -> WFC-(S58-62) Autobots VS Decepticons Micromaster 10-pack - ToysRUs

Jun 24 -> Botcon 2016 Terrorsaur - Mandarake
Jun 26 -> WFC-S9 Hound - TreasureHunt
Jun 29 -> WFC-S46 Soundwave Spy Patrol 2nd Unit - TFSafari

Jul 06 -> TFxGB 2019 Collaborative Ectotron - EBGames
Jul 11 -> WFC-E11 Optimus Prime - WalMart
Jul 14 -> LG-46 Kup & LG63 G2 Megatron - Mandarake
Jul 17 -> WFC-E7 Cliffjumper - WalMart
Jul 19 -> TAV VS-SP Dogfight VS Runamuck - Mandarake
Jul 21 -> WFC-E13 Slitherfang - WalMart
Jul 28 -> WFC-E9 Starscream - WalMart
---------> bundle of assorted CW weapons - (OldOfflineMan)
Jul 29 -> WFC-E6 Wheeljack & WFC-E10 Grapple - WalMart

Aug 05 -> WFC-S36 Refraktor - WalMart
Aug 12 -> Netflix Decepticon Mirage - WalMart
Aug 14 -> WFC-S24 Starscream, WFC-S39 Thundercracker & G1 reissue Warpath - TreasureHunt

Sept 02 -> Tiny Turbo Chargers Arcee - WalMart
Sept 03 -> POTP Moonracer - TreasureHunt
Sept 11 -> Perfect Effect PC-02 (Menasor hands/feet) - Mandarake
Sept 16 -> DNA Design DK08 & DK-08+ (POTP OpOp upgrade kits) - Mandarake

Oct 01 -> WFC-E16 Astro Squad - WalMart
Oct 03 -> Cyberverse Gnaw - TreasureHunt
Oct 15 -> WFC-E23 Doubledealer - WalMart
---------> Botcon 2016 Ravage - eBay
Oct 18 -> Tiny Turbo Chargers Arcee - WalMart

En route:
- -
@ myUSaddress:
WFC-S26 Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce -
TFSS 4.0 Impactor - eBay
Perfect Effect PC-14 (Titans Cannon) & PC-18 (GodJinrai upgrade kit) - BBTS

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Machine War
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Re: Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

Siege Crosshairs
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Reverse Corte
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Re: Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

Siege Shockwave
Siege Ratbat & Rumble

Siege Sideswipe
SS '07 Megatron
Siege Brunt

Earthrise Wheeljack
Earthrise Hoist

Weijiang MPP-10
MPM Jazz
Earthrise Soundbarrier

Earthrise Ironworks

Siege Ironhide
Siege Springer
Siege Prowl
Siege Bluestreak
Siege Thundercracker
Siege Astrotrain
Earthrise Cliffjumper
KO MP+ Sideswipe
Animated Rodimus
Animated Arcee

BW Tripredacus
My Sales Thread & Wants Thread

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Re: Post Your Transformers Purchases - 2020 Edition

Purchases for 2020
War for cybertron lancer
Ut challenger
Honey badger ko mpm 08 megatron
Black badger rotf ko os tank commander megatron
God plain mode jet rotl starscream
Studio series bumblbee movir optimus prime
Weijang nightblades os ss blackout
Mpm camero bumblebee
Black mamba os god of war prime
Bstvtoys perukill lockdown.
D4eam factory dotm battle damaged megatron
Kkb aoe hound os
Ancient leader black mba aoe grimlock
Aoyi ancient monster os aoe scorn
Bw mp dinobot (found for $160!) Ripped off. Not delivered.
Fantoys pheonix mib with repros
Weijang omega drone. Misb
Mp blackarachnia misb
Zeta toys silverbolt and flyfire misb
Zeta toys bruticus..complete set for $300.
Bw mp dinobot ko $80 (quality is decent enough)
Dx9 hanzo sixshot $185
Ft med purple version quakewave. $180
Human alliance mudflap
Human alliance skids
Open and play big spring
Daniel exosuit figure from mp bb
Mmc zinnia tfcon exclusive. Im calling her ArRen. (Since shes a medic)...
Ut blurr version 2 blue windshield.
Dz9 la hire. Misb.
Badcube wardog.
Te mp bumblebee. Courtesy of bkackspideyboy.
Mp beast wars megatron ko. Great quality and show accurate voice chip! Yeeeessss....
Xtransbot savant
Ectotron crossover transformer. 60!
Toyworld coolsville. Groovy!
Alternity nemesis prime.
Free bonus figure!! Alternity red samurai megatron! Wow!!
Dna susanoo! Finally. Thanks Primecron!!
3rd party last knight mohawk.
Mpm nemesis prime ko. Tfdirect.
Unique toys megatron
Legendary yoys sideswipe os
Weijang shockwave
Aoyi os studio series jetfire
Newage mista mpm soundwave. With ravage and laserbeak.
Zeta toys black jet
Black mamba ss os starscream
Duban ko of gt op ex. Awesome idw mp prime!

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