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Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Another year, another list!

01/03 - Hasbro Rescue Bots Jet Bumblebee (
01/09 - Hasbro TR Legends Brawn (freebie)
01/17 - Kddi/Takara Project Infobar Optimus Prime (BBTS)
01/22 - Takara MP-39 Sunstreaker (Madhaus Toys)
01/23 - Fans Hobby MB-06 Power Baser (Automaton Toys)
01/31 - Open & Play Big Cannon (Geekstuff)
01/31 - KFC 10A Kingzilla (Geekstuff)
01/31 - Xovergen TF-02 God Armor (trade)

02/27 - Alien Attack A-01 El Cid (Robotkingdom)

03/01 - Hasbro Authentics Optimus Prime (Ebay)
03/01 - Hasbro Authentics Megatron (Ebay)
03/01 - Hasbro Authentics Bumblebee (Ebay)
03/01 - Hasbro Authentics Starscream (Ebay)
03/06 - Maketoys MTCD-03 Thunder Manus + Divine Suit (Madhaus Toys)
03/06 - Alien Attack STF-01 Firage (Madhaus Toys)
03/12 - Weijang M03 Battle Hornet (dingd0ng)

New figures: 16

New Optimus Prime figures: 6
New Megatron/Galvatron figures: 2
New Bumblebee figures: 3
New Starscream figures: 1
Coming soon: rien pantoute.

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

I'm in!

Reserving my post.

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Generation 1
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Ditto - Happy New Year Everyone

POTP - Grimlock
POTP - Swoop
POTP - Slag
POTP - Dreadwind
MP Artfire
MP 15/16 Cassettes
FT Apache

POTP - Optimus
Feedback Thread

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Maybe DX9 Omega Supreme

sell/trade/wanted thread

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you renegade maverick
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Jan 07 -> Under-3 (Lionhead 1996 Happy Meal McD's toy) - eBay
Jan 14 -> CW Victorion -
Feb 03 -> TR Nightbeat, Brawn & Ptero - WalMart
Feb 05 -> TR Crashbash & Repugnus - WalMart
Feb 10 -> TR Sawback & Overboard - WalMart
Feb 18 -> POTP OptimusPrime & RodimusPrime - ToysRUs

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

1/11 Gen DLX Darkmount (BST)
1/11 Gen DLX Wheeljack (BST)
1/11 Gen DLX Trailbreaker (BST)
1/11 Gen DLX Scourge (BST)
1/11 Gen DLX Thunderwing (BST)
1/11 RTS LGD Windcharger (BST)
1/12 BW BSC Terragator (BST)
1/12 BM DLX Skydive (BST)
1/12 TFTM DLX Stockade (BST)
1/12 ROTF VOY Bludegon (BST)
1/12 GDO DLX Wheelie (BST)
1/12 TFU DLX Hound (BST)
1/12 ROTF DLX Breakaway (BST)
1/12 ROTF DLX Dirge (BST)
1/12 ARM ULT Tidal Wave (BST)
1/12 BW SPR Optimal Optimus (BST)
1/13 CW TITAN Devastator (BST)
1/13 CR SPR Black Convoy (BST)
1/13 Gen DLX Wreck-Gar (BST)
1/13 CW LEG Shockwave (BST)
1/13 CW LEG Bombshell (BST)
1/13 TR LEG Kickback (BST)
1/18 RID LEG Springload (HTS)
1/18 TR TM Shuffler (HTS)
1/18 TR DLX Blurr (HTS)
1/18 TR DLX Slugslinger (HTS)
1/18 POTP LEG Skrapnel (HTS)
1/21 TFP Beast Fire Predaking (Facebook)
1/21 TR LEG Cosmos (TRU)
1/21 TR DLX Quake (WM)
1/21 TR DLX Krok (WM)
1/23 TFP VOY Shockwave (BST)
1/23 WFC DLX Cliffjumper (BST)
1/23 FOC DLX Kickback (BST)
1/23 FOC DLX Jazz (BST)
1/23 FOC DLX Ultra Magnus (BST)
1/23 FOC DLX Shockwave (BST)
1/23 FOC VOY Soundwave + 5 Discs (BST)
1/23 FOC VOY Blaster + 5 Discs (BST)
1/23 DOTM VOY Shockwave (BST)
1/23 AOE DLX Lockdown (BST)
1/23 AOE DLX Snarl (BST)
1/23 AOE VOY Slog (BST)
1/23 RID WAR Grimlock (BST)

2/24 TR LEG Seaspray (
2/24 TR VOY Octone (

3/02 TR VOY Blitzwing (TRU)
3/02 POTP LEG Windcharger (TRU)
3/02 POTP LEG Beachcomber (TRU)
3/02 POTP LDR Optimus Prime (TRU)
3/07 SWTF Death Star Vader (BST)
3/07 CLA VOY Nemesis Prime (BST)
3/07 TFPBH VOY Sharkticon Megatron (BST)
3/07 TFU SPRM Unicron (BST)
3/07 CW LDR Armada Megatron (BST)
3/07 CW LDR Skywarp (BST)
3/07 GEN LDR Jetfire (BST)
3/07 GEN VOY Whirl(BST)
3/07 GEN DLX Dreadwing (BST)
3/07 GEN DLX Skids (BST)
3/07 GEN DLX Centuritron (BST)
3/07 GEN DLX Goldfire (BST)
3/07 GEN DLX Scoop (BST)
3/07 RTS DLX Tracks(BST)
3/07 TFU DLX Octane (BST)
3/07 TFU DLX Acid Storm (BST)
3/11 TFP DLX Wheeljack (Facebook)
3/11 TFP VOY Dreadwing (Facebook)
3/11 TFPFE VOY Bulkhead (Facebook)

Mp-41 Dinobot (AMIAMI)
BST Feedback:

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Jan 5- TR TM Skytread (amazon)
Jan 10 - Fansproject LER-07SP Pinchar
Jan 13 - MMC R-01G Grandus Hexatron (chroma23)

Jan 26 - '86 Animated Movie on VHS near mint shape (value village)
Jan 28 - BW Tigatron (Primecron @ OCC)
Jan 28 - PRID Vehicon (FEZ @ OCC)
Jan 28 - PRID Thundertron (FEZ @ OCC)
Jan 29 - TR Titan Master Rodimus (positivelyken)

Feb 3 - MP-39 Sunstreaker (Nippon-Yissan)
Feb 6 - LG23 Blurr

Feb 8 - Alcee replacement head (Sarah Z)
Feb 8 - KO PE UW Bruticus hands/feet (Sarah Z)
Feb 13 - MP-36 Gold KO
Feb 23 - Jinbao KO OS GT Gravity Builder Set A (Show Z)
Feb 27 - Wei Jiang NE-01 Megamaster (Sarah Z)

Mar 4 - POTP Optimus Prime (TRU)

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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

This year (including this past weekend):
POTP Evolution Optimus Prime
POTP Evolution Rodimus Prime
Beast Hunters Shockwave
TLK Voyager Hound
Dr. Wu Veteran Upgrade Kit
Marvel Legends Nakia
Unique Toys Sworder

....and that's it. I'm done for the year.
Okay, hand me the bomb.
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

Preordered/planned, for now:

MP-15/16-E Cassettebot Vs Cassettetron exclusive
MP BW Dinobot
FT-16 Sovereign reissue
FT-24 Rouge
Japan Legends exclusive LG-EX Greatshot
Japan Legends exclusive LG-EX Grand Maximus
PotP Sludge
PotP Snarl
PotP Predaking (will it be released this year?)
Japan Legends LG60 Overlord

Looking for:
  • TR Titan Master Ramhorn

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Generation 1
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Re: Your personal list of purchases for 2018

PotP Leader Optimus Prime
BW Transmetal Cheetor
Power Rangers Legacy Megazord

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