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Help with Brothers essay

Hey fellas, I am helping my brother write an essay about War World II for his school projec. And I need a little help, can you say in the early stages of the War? Or the opening phase of the War? And so on..

Thanks in advance
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Re: Help with Brothers essay

well some people say it started with appeasement

and then what comes to mind is blitzkrieg

Hope this helps!
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Re: Help with Brothers essay

Tell him to do his own homework. At the very least tell him to go online and ask other people to do homework for him himself. He's got to learn to do his own mooching, if not his own work, if he's going to survive.

Man, this is a new low.

Since you're being a good brother (presumably), I won't leave you empty handed though. Look up the Treaty of Versailles, and the resulting impact on the German economy (coupled with the Great Depression). In the Pacific theatre, look up the rise of militarism and the growing influence of various Zaibatsu in the Imperial Court. Then look into the rise of the axis powers, fascism as an ideology, and the failure of the League of Nations following WW1.

I'm of the mind that, sadly, WW2 was an inevitable consequence of the outcome of WW1, as the treaties that followed did little to address the causes of that war (and likely exacerbated some of them), and the lack of real 'peacemaking' efforts after the war, combined with international economic instability and isolationism, created an atmosphere where the leftover attitudes from the war festered until another conflict sprung out of them.

In terms of the early days of the war, the general 'start' as I understood it was considered the invasion of Poland by Nazi forces in the Atlantic Theatre and the Japanese offensives in Hawaii, Hong Kong, and the Dutch Indies in the Pacific Theatre. It's important to remember that things can be argued to go back further, however, given the annexations of Austria and Czechoslovakia, and the occupation of Manchuria and Korea.

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Re: Help with Brothers essay

I suspect this is all outlined in Transformers: The
Last Knight, if you can wait for the movie the movie to come out

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