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Question How Do I Become Successful?

Hi everyone. I feel that if a community has enough space and resources and time to devote to collecting toys then perhaps they've solved the truly challenging questions in life. I am intensely curious: How does one become successful? I define successful as: Doing what you want to do, with people you like, with enough of everything that a human needs to flourish and have fun. It is a feeling of aliveness and self actualization. I really want to be me and just live fully.

To be honest I'm pretty far into my journey towards success. I have read hundreds of books on self improvement and my life is shaping into something that looks like the foundation of success. I have a good career, I have a strong romantic relationship. I have friends and collaboration partners. I have intense fun creative hobbies outside of work.

I'm just wondering about the next level. I can see I will achieve FIRE (Financial independence retire early) in 15 years. But is there anything I should be doing in the mean time? It's there any small change... I mean anything tiny... that could improve my life? What has worked for you?

What works for you? What systems or apps or habits have brought you good things?

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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Stop giving a shit what others think of you.
If you're doing something and it makes you happy then that is success.
If you're not a burden on the social system and you contribute to the betterment of others (even if it's just within your small circle of friends and family) you're successful

There's an old saying that says "Success is what you make of it". So if you're happy with your life and the direction it's going, then you are successful. Don't let others dictate how should live your life, live it for yourself and the ones you love.
There will always be someone higher than you so don't try to play catch-up. You'll only end up bringing yourself down

Feedback thread

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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Dont let others dictate your success... do you(aslong as you doing you doesnt have a negative impact) and find JOY in all you do.
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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Sounds like you’re already there.

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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Originally Posted by Robimus View Post
Sounds like you?re already there.
"Reach for the stars, but never leave your friends."
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Feedback thread:
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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Next level of accomplishment: have the Leafs sign you and win them the Stanley Cup.
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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Not investing in depreciating assets.

Of course your threshold and mine are not the same. So figure out your level and stick with it.

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Re: How Do I Become Successful?

Don't let your failures stop you

Build on your successes

Remove negative people from your life. If you can't do that, minimize their involvement with you, and ignore their stupidity (i.e in-laws and family members you can't avoid)
This includes people that try to force their opinions on others, or bitch about minor problems.

If you can't do something, admit it, get help, and try to learn how to do it if you must.

Realize if you have back pain, you might need special shoes, and possibly need to lose weight.

A good comfortable mattress is a must-have investment.

If you don't like how someone looks/acts/etc, ignore them. If they don't like how you look, ignore them.
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improvement, success

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