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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

I've been seeing a lot of Blurr around lately. Only two all year, but now he seems to be everywhere.
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

I have an animated leader Megatron at my local Zellers... still!
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers


The Dirge/Jetblade mold is really nifty, and Jetblade has a great color scheme and smart paint apps. Good in both modes, with an interesting yet not frustrating transformation. It's a great design and a good recolor.

Jetblade had the misfortune to be a recolor nobody's heard of in the Recolor Waves from Hell.

Also, I agree about Fallback. Another great mold with a smart recolor. Passed over because people already had the original, the character/reference was obscure, and people were done with RtS and even more recolors.
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

Blurr would have to my fav current shelfwarmer. Wasn't he one of the ones a lot of collectors were freaking out about not being stocked here a while back?

On whole the RTS BB no longer being a warmer, colour me disappointed. I was in need of one until recently for a custom I'm doing and I couldn't find one in retail to save my life. Until I needed one they were everywhere.

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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

Dirge and Red Alert for sure. DOTM Crankcase as well.

I too remember when T-metal Waspy was shelfwarming. Scavenger was the "voyager" who shelf warmed at the time.

Never got any of sad this thread has made me.

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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

Originally Posted by Vain View Post
Dirge and Red Alert for sure. DOTM Crankcase as well.

I too remember when T-metal Waspy was shelfwarming. Scavenger was the "voyager" who shelf warmed at the time.

Never got any of sad this thread has made me.
I bet those shelfwarming Beast Wars toys would be gone pretty quick if they hit the shelves today
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

I'm not ashamed to say it; ROTF Tuner Mudflap. It had been shelfwarming forever and our wally worlds were going through a real dry spell it was $10 and I wanted something so in the cart it went and surprisingly I loved it and still do.
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

Definitely Red Alert and Blurr for me.
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

Animated Lugnut.Every time I go to the shops and he's still around,but I'm not complaining.I love the little guy.
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Re: Awesome Shelfwarmers

I remember the original Hasbro MP Prime shelf warming here for a long time. That worked out for me because I was on a TF break and my buddy convinced me to pick it up. I also remember the Alternators could find Hound and the first releases for years after their release.

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