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Re: Going back to school

Congratulations on going back to school. It couldn't have been an easy decision, but if you stick through it, it should be worth it.
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Re: Going back to school

Thread updated.I am 34 years old, and I am studying ti get my high school equivalency, I mean it's like getting your high school, but you only get 2 chances if you fail the 1st required exams which are French, you have to wait 1 year to be able to do it again. I failed 1 and I have 1 do-over. Someone told me (my sister) "that I am getting old for school and by the time I finish and get settled have a stable career, I would be like 42-43, she also goes at your age 34, this is when you should focus on your career and build your career not 9-10 years from now. No offence, you are my brother and I want your best also I want you to be realistic here. Maybe go see a career counselor and/or take a class or two to better yourself in costumer service and enhance your skills, you can have great careers with customer service" If she is my sister and wants what's best for me, then why would she say that instead encourage me. What happened to my family lately? My mother and family were overjoyed of the idea of me going to school and getting a degree, but now they think it's a waste of time, especially at my age, and my mom out of all people she goes " there is no shame in work whether you work at McDonalds, whether you are a dishwasher etc etc. you're getting legal money" Then she goes "Look at your father, grandfather and uncle, they came here to Canada, and they had nothing" I was like "Really mom? you're comparing to me to men who came to Canada in the 60's and 70's with no education? they had no choice, grandpa was already money and you guys were poor when you came here, out of people I thought you would understand and support me with my decision not shit on it, and with everything you've been through you should know. I mean look at your oldest daughter, married with 2 kids full time job and she still managed to get her MBA in 2012"

I am discouraged!
Die Autobots!
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Re: Going back to school

Good job! Unfortunately u need that piece of paper or you’ll only get so far. Congrats and good decision
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Re: Going back to school

You realize this thread hasn't had any real activity in ~4 years, right?
I'm pretty sure "Rosalinda" and "Umbertos" are not real users. :P

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Re: Going back to school

agreed your decisions is very brave. I support your very brave decision.
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Re: Going back to school

Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
Never too old really, and if anything, you're probably a LOT better suited & prepared for it now than when you were younger. Use that to your advantage if possible, and just laugh in the faces of people who try & hold you down.
Couldn't have said it better myself
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