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These are the items I have for sale or trade. I accept PayPal (gift or standard method). Prices open to negotiations (nothing set in stone). Willing to trade, please check my Wants below. Will ship to Canada (from the U.S.) and internationally (increase shipping costs and time apply). Save on Shipping! Purchase several items to shave off final shipping rates.

Please, do not post on this thread. PM me instead. Thank you

Unless stated, all prices are in USD, not CAD, all items are MiSB/MoSC/MiSPackage, and pics available upon request. You can view my feedback here: CybertronianFan's Feedback on Cybertron.CA and on TFW2005: CybertronianFan's TFW2005 Feedback

RED = Sold
GREEN = On Hold
ORANGE = Traded


Fall of Cybertron/War for Cybertron/Generations/Transformers Prime

- Takara's TG-18 FoC Skywarp. Opened, 100% in condition, 100% complete, and comes with original packaging and instructions. - $20 USD


- Takara's MP-18 Streak (MiSB) - $65 USD

3rd Party

- MMC's Terminus Hexatron R-01 (v.1). Set is opened (never transformed, practically mint!), 100% complete, w/instructions, and original box. Included also are the limited run chrome helmet & guns and Reprolabel's Hexatron label sheet (100% complete and unapplied). - $100 USD
- BadCube's Wardog Veteran Edition (Limited edition MP Warpath. Only 500 units made). Sealed MINT in box (couldn't even tell you its numbering). - $170 USD
- FP's Kar Krash (G2 deco). MoSC - $55 USD
- Planet X's original v1 Caelus (FoC Swoop). Fig is 100% complete, 100 % in condition, comes with original box and instructions. Also has Reprolabels Cybertronian glow faction symbol. - $45 USD

Transformers TCG(Trading Card Game) (selling or exchanging these towards other TF: TCG cards)

For Sale -
Ultimate Combiner Ensemble - $140 USD [$190 CAD] (shipping to Canada included). Made up of the following:
*Volcanicus + Dinobot Enigma x3 + Electified Spikes x3
*Optimus Max + Sentinel Enigma x3 + Combat Commands x3
*Predaking + Predacon Enigma x3 + Tooth and Claw x3
*Superion + Aerialbot Enigma x3 + Aerialbot Formation x3
*Menasor + Stunticon Enigma x3 + Stunticon Swagger x3

For anyone just getting into Wave 2 (and considering the cost of booster boxes), this ensemble is a great jump ahead towards getting the combiners from this set.

For Trade -
Wave 2 -
Acid Storm

Aerialbot Formation
Bad Attitude x2
Bumpers x4
Crash Landing
Defensive Driving x2
Energized Field x3
Fog of War x2
Inferno Breath x3
Intelligence Mission x4
Mounted Missiles x2
Recon System x6
Steamroll x2
Tackle x3
Unleashed Potential x3

Wave 1 -
Agility of Bumblebee x4
Cargo Trailer x3
Combat Training x4
Cybertronian Bow x5
Hunker Down
Nullray of Starscream
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
Shock Absorber
Static Laser of Ironhide
Swap Parts
System Reboot x2
Team-up Tactics x2
Thermal Weaponry

Wants (to trade towards)

Transformers TCG (trading from card stock above) -

SDCC pack
W2 SRT Starscream
Armed Hovercraft x6
To JIGOKU with Geewun!
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To JIGOKU with Geewun!
Bay'formers are NOT Transformers (FACT!)
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