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chans formers
raff ow roud
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tfcon 2014 high's and low's

like the title says,what were your tfcon 2014 high and low moments?most positive moments?negative moments?memorable moments?
please feel free to use this thread and share your experience whether it's your very first tfcon or you're returning for yet another year of plastic crack filled goodness
(you never know,this could also help the organizers implement changes if need be or keep the good staples a constant fixture)

as soon as i'm finally back at home and settled i'll add to this but in the mean time...have at'er

(and please,keep it pg)
now open for commissions...big and small...minor and heavy,you dream it,i make it.
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Robot Master
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

First one - was alot of fun.

Dealer room was packed with lots of cool stuff and great time interacting with the designers that were there.

No negatives thankfully, just a completely positive experience.
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Freedom, ikimasu!
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

- Absolute top moment for TFCon2014 for me: seeing Retrospex (and his family) again after he went MIA after we met up in Japan in 2008.

- Burrito Boyz


- Getting fired at with Nerf guns while I was passed out drunk on the couch in the hotel room.

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All Makes and Models
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

Pros: Deals, buying, meeting people, friendly staff, great dealers. ATM still had cash late afternoon! Hotel staff kept water stations filled. Artists and cosplayers were super friendly to my wife (she loves them). And the exclusives, especially Columpio!

Cons: Parking was a bear in the AM (nobody's fault). Some blasts of epic BO occasionally (come on people!).

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Big Filipino
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

Started this year with the Friday custom class ran by Otis, Stu and Eric and it was fantastic. I kept gushing on about how great the class was and was not exaggerating. I've done this class now 4 years in a row and this was by far my favorite figure. The ease of the class compared to years past really stood out and I'd hope this would encourage more to attend. I told Dak that this should be the benchmark going forward.

This year's exclusives from FansProject and Mech Ideas stole the show IMO. Those are fantastic at-show exclusives and some of my favorite purchases from the weekend.

Last but not least, there's the social aspect and getting to hang with the "Boys of Burrito Boyz". Can't go wrong there. Met some really cool people this weekend who I hope to connect with more often.

This TFCon was one of my favorite con experiences and I tip my hat off to the organizers for another fantastic show. Keep up the great work.
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wervenom's Ebay Auctions
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

Had a great time personally, spent $50 less than my budget (like I had one). Had a good moment and bad moment all at once without realizing the bad until I got home. Met up with chroma23 while in line to get a complete Nemesis Breaker and I must have dropped the tail when the line suddenly moved and didn't realize it was gone until I got home, so if anyone has one let me know. First thing was meeting Neil Kaplan to get an autograph and he refused to take the money which was nice so used it to buy one his photos to have autographed for the little one after which he offered to take a picture with him as well which I thought was super nice. Met up with Echotransformer for boosticus G2 kit, an absoulutely amazing upgrade. If you don't have one, get it, it's worth it. Met up with typev3, herooftheday316,FEZaid, Autobot Lancer, Shockwave 75 and while talking to him, introduced myself to Renegade Decepticon, always nice to meet up with a fellow Venom fan and my hat's off to him for being an even bigger fan than me (but I'm keeping the name lol) Bought a lot of stuff, nice to talk to Nullray, Slayback and Kool toys and meeting many new people in addition to finally getting to put faces to names, didn't get a chance to talk to Primecron, but no worries boss, we have the next show lol. My son really enjoyed his first ever TF Con but said it was too much walking and standing. He got to make his first "deal" with Cheers Ian which he was very excited about and took some pics with the cosplayers. Honestly can't say enough about how well organized it was and hope everyone had a great a time as I did. If I left anyone out I apologize but it was far more a mind blowing event than my past years there. It was mind blasting lol . And was just emailed that Scoria was finally sent out
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Generation 2
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

For me, it felt like something was missing this year. It didn't feel much like a convention like it did in 2012 or 2013. Something just felt off.
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Dragon Knight
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

Highs: Getting to hang out with my bros Stu and Malwave, along with meetting new ones, FreedomGundam and Ichabod in particular.

Lows: ShelfLife holding up the damned cargo elevator during clean up, kijiji-style low ballers.

Memorable moments: Customer bought a giant Vegeta and I saw the same customer pushing it around his baby stroller.

Also a few storm troopers from the 501st came by our table on Sunday, my partner grabbed a photo of one of them eying a Storm Trooper iphone case.
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ありがとう任天堂 ಠ_ಠ
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

- Catching up with old friends and making new ones
- I'm still the burrito champ!
- Thanks to the Brice-man we have a new home for dinner

- Saying goodbye until next year

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I can't anymore. Done.
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Re: tfcon 2014 high's and low's

I've kinda posted my opinions already in the other thread

As soon as we hit 100 likes we will be having a sale!

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