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Ghost's Collection Sell off

Long time member back from the dead. Looking to get rid of my collection. Will be posting more in the coming weeks as I try to organize everything.

Locals can come pick up. Willing to ship. Reasonable offers accepted.

Art asylum's Matrix of Leadership replica MIB - 800

Transformers CHUG Thundercracker MISB - 50

Reveal the Shield Battle in space gift set MISB - 50

Camshaft MISB - 75

BW 10th anniversary transmultate - 100

20th anniversary dvd optimus prime MIB - 120

Omega Supreme with box, no insert- 100
Arcee Black Card MISB - 30
Omega Sentinel MIB - 150

LeoBreaker MISB - 50
Galavtron Loose - 100

Movie 1

Arcee scout MISB Card backing bent - 15
Elita-one scout MISB - 25
Black Arcee (Takara) MISB - 100
Megatron Voyager Metallic paint Limited edition MISB - 80
Leader Starscream Loose - 100

HFTD Elita-1 MISB - 35

Galaxy Force
Fang Wolf Toy's Dream Project MISB - 90
Soundblaster Toy's Dream Project MISB - 200

Sons of Cybertron Gift set (Takara) MISB- 50
Samurai Prowl Loose - 50
Arcee Loose - 20

Robot Masters Skywarp & Thundercracker gift set MIB - 70

Power Core Combiners - Loose
Double Clutch - 20
Mudslinger - 20
Grimstone - 40

Robot Heroes
Battle of the Fallen gift set MISB - 20
Battle of the Allspark gift set MISB - 20
Decepticon Sneak Attack MiSB - 25

Titanium - All MIB
Ultra Magnus - 60
Cheetor - 30
War within Megatron - 25
Rodimus Prime - 30

Mighty Muggs
Grimlock MISB
Optimus Prime MIB
Bumble Bee MISB
StarScream MISB

Starscream USA edition MIB - 100
Skywarp Hasbro - 80

Commemorative Series
Rodimus Prime MIB - 50
Ricochet MIB - 35

Contact me if you're looking for anything in particular. Mainly collected Hasbro from BM to

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Re: Ghost's Collection Sell off

Bump up with more items.
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