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Re: Transformers Prime Episode 56 - Project Predacon - Discussion

Originally Posted by Shockwave 75 View Post
I'm betting that "Bombshock" was just the name of the Insecticon who spoke.
Yeah but it's nice to have another named Insecticon. Hopefully he doesn't bite it the episode after his debut too.
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Re: Transformers Prime Episode 56 - Project Predacon - Discussion

Agree with most of the comments here.

The episode was obviously trying to set up the premise of the season, but that premise is weak, and all the little nods/references are pandering that didn't really make for believable dialogue. "We have to become Beast Hunters" ...sheesh.

Prime's alt mode scanning was also silly.

The mythology thing was stupid too... but consistent with all the other Earth's history silliness these writers have cooked up since the movie trilogy.

The overuse of groundbridges also seems cheap now, especially since there are a whole bunch of other occasions when they could use them if they're that easy to open and close.

At least the intro is kinda updated.
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Re: Transformers Prime Episode 56 - Project Predacon - Discussion

The series so far does have its fun moments but there's no denying this is a bad show. I'm surprised it hasn't been renamed, The Adventures of Smokescreen and his Amazing Transforming Friends. I just find it too random that the writers shift so much focus on a late entry character. What little development the core cast has had just seems like an afterthought now and unfortunately these characters really fade deep into the background. The current bone hunt just seems superfluous. There really is no point to it. Luckily I can still have fun with dreadful programming.
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Re: Transformers Prime Episode 56 - Project Predacon - Discussion

Why does Megatron needs an army of Predacon to submit humankind to his will? He's got a vehicon armada and a whole hive of Insecticon! What more does he need?? Just attack Washington already!
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