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View Poll Results: Which Optimus Prime to keep in my collection?
Takara Tomy Legends LG-EX God Ginrai 26 60.47%
Cybertron "Sonic Wing Dual Savage Claws Mode" Optimus Prime 17 39.53%
Voters: 43. You may not vote on this poll

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Machine War
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Re: Help with Agonizing Decision: Which Optimus Prime to Keep?

Here's what you do. Combine the Cybertron prime into the full robot. Then transform Ginrai and G-dBomber into the truck mode.
Stand Combined Super Optimus on top of Ginrai, and display em both.
Alternately, you can leave the lions as their alt modes and stand them on the trailer of Ginrai.
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Re: Help with Agonizing Decision: Which Optimus Prime to Keep?

The Cybertron Prime by himself goes for about $150 to $200 CAD on Ebay. You have Wing Saber and Leobreaker along with Prime. That should be push its worth just over $300 easy (if you have the boxes, that would make them worth even more).

Ginrai and God Bomber are sold together new on EBay for $250 CAD. They're also plentiful on Ebay and other sites.

Ultimately, I would keep both, putting one on display and keeping one stored away. But if I had to choose, on worth alone, the Cybertron figures are worth more and are much harder to find, so I'd keep those.
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Machine War
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Re: Help with Agonizing Decision: Which Optimus Prime to Keep?

Thank you so much for the responses. The final voting results are 60/40 in favour of LG-EX God Ginrai, which is indicative of how hard the choice was.

I do think the Cybertron set is of superior quality. Those toys are rock solid, made to last, beautiful and is really fun. Not to mention the set was hard to assemble.

The God Ginrai is nice looking as well, but half the time I'm afraid I'll break something when I'm transforming them. The joints don't seem all that robust to me and will probably wear out after a few more transformations. The headmasters' legs and hip joints feel fragile. It seems like a toy meant to be posed rather than play with.

I ultimately went with God Ginrai though, and it's really for nostalgia. I grew up with Prime being a semi-trailer truck alt mode and a rather boxy robot form with a plate over where the mouth should be. Even though God Ginrai is a futuristic take on Prime that's armed to the teeth, I still see the old Prime in him. It also helped that Powermaster Prime was one of my favourite Transformers toy back then, even though it couldn't really move and it reminded me of a T-Rex with those dinky arms and large head. God Ginrai was the version of Prime I wish I had as a kid. Looking at him triggered many happy memories of childhood.

When I look at Cybertron Prime, my eyes see a superior toy to God Ginrai in every respect (my opinion), but I just didn't identify with a Prime with a mouth, a fire truck alt mode and angular cab design. I also didn't see any of the Cybertron cartoons and didn't know they existed until I ran into the toys on Ebay as an adult.

So I went with my heart rather than my head.

I'll be selling all five Cybertron figures (loose and complete; transformed once at most) as a batch with an asking price of $230. They along with pictures to my sales thread later this weekend.

Thanks again for all your help!
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