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Robot in Disguise
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Siege Jetfire - Things to Watch

Here’s a quick snippet of things I noticed with my Siege Jetfire. These are just a few precautions for those who arent aware yet. ... Mileage may vary between other copies of this bot

What to watch out for:

- the main handle for the combining gun was suuuuper tight on mine (I had to loosen one of the screws to prevent any stressing)
- those ankle rockers were nerve-rackingly tight too (its just a mini tab, however every time I pop ‘em out they sound like a major “crack” occurring - grab the entire foot when moving, as opposed to merely pressing from one side)
- taking the face mask outta the storage unit caused some stressing (no need to firmly press in place for it to close, as this was what I was doing wrong with mine initially)

Things not mentioned in the instructions:

- there’s a flippable chest insignia in bot mode (just takes a little knife or screwdriver to get into the tab itself to rotate it)
- in jet mode it can hold up to 3 Titan Masters (x2 in rear cabin & the other in the nosecone area - just need to remove the black computer looking piece of plastic)
- it's hard to notice at first but there's a waist swivel in bot mode

Hope this helps!

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Alexander Quinn
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Re: Siege Jetfire - Things to Watch

I didn’t know you could put Titan Masters in the back. Will have to check that out later. Cool!
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Iron Pasc
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Re: Siege Jetfire - Things to Watch
My BST list is HERE.
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Beast Machine
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Re: Siege Jetfire - Things to Watch

My copy of this big guy had a few issues.

I tightened up every screw that was visible and he tightened up quite a bit.

Had to future the mushroom pegs on the hands to tighten up the wrists. so loose that when you put his gun on his hand, it would flop to one side. thats fixed now.

Had to future the pegs and slots on the two air intake chest pieces so they are tighter (still pop open when removing chest plate armour) stay on better now when no armor is used.

Had to future the crotch section for the joints that allows for splits. It was way too loose for my liking and any wide stance = splitz....that's no longer an issue

Future on the pegs and peg holes for the wrist connection to the landing gear. This was just to help it stick better as they pop off really easily

The smallest gun/turret that pegs onto the chestplate kept popping off on the left side. Future fixed it too.

Mine has a few scratches on the mask but other than that he is a great copy that is improved with floor polish and a screwdriver. My gripes have been minimized and he's fun to play around with. Feels good in the hand too (that's what she said).
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