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Iron Moose
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

TFCon Sphinx (Stealth)
TFSS 3.0 Nacelle
TFSS 3.0 Krok
Yu-Pack Danboard Mini
Transformer Gun (a red, off-white and blue knockoff of the Gobot Laser Pistol)
complete but yellowed G1 Skystalker
King Dam Three In One Daicast (Diabattles) (stickers poorly applied, but two drivers and four missiles included)
Binoculars Robot Scope Man (vintage KO of Microman Binoculars) Animated accessories pack
Animated Sari/Sumdac/Fanzone giveaway
Renderform Purple Tailclonus head
Renderform Combiner Wars G2 Blastoff head and pistol upgrade.

and a wonderful, warm feeling from helping others find things in the dealer room.
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

Some highlights of my TFCon 2016 haul.

Thanks to the many board members I made deals with, show vendors, and the awesome TFCon organizers.

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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

4 G2 Comics and Fanstoys Willis from Eric thanks man. I found a lot of the prices to be a little bit much from the major dealers that used to offer good deals, but most were the same as the site with a little extra on top, so I found impulse buying very limited that was a good thing for me as FT Willis was my impulse buy.

Was a great show and was nice to see a lot of you again except for the rude people I seen plow little children over and push my wife and child around (you know who you are !)
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Old Skool
Socko76's Ebay Auctions
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

Picked up mp Ultra Magnus, mp Ratchet, and mp bumblebee. Can't wait for tomorrow.
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Robot in Disguise
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

Got a Browning II
American friend brought up a Groove for retail from, some of the new TR deluxes and a used QuadU he found cheap a while back.

Was kinda hoping for a diaclone IF City Commander for $65, didn't see any but didn't get much time in the dealer room.
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Generation 1
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

Still piecing today (Saturday's Hauls) but Friday at the Charity Auction

Badcube Backland
MMC Sphinx (All Clear edition)
And the prize for when you donated to the Charity Auction
(which included Autographs, MMC Anarchus, CW Swindle, Ultimate Expo pass and the Frank Welker VIP pass)

From Board Members
Janitor - CW Pipes
Echotransformers - Titanium Megatron
FreedomGundam - Revoltech Magnus and JAFCON Black Optimus Prime

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Machine War
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

All thanks to Slayback!
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Shockwave 75
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

I went in looking for Beast Wars 2 stuff, found pretty much nothing. Actually I bought mostly non Transformers at TFCon.

Transformer-wise I got a complete Targetmaster Sureshot, and Micromaster Hothouse, oh and the Captured prey Capt. Fanzone, Sari, and Sumdac freebies.

Additionally I some Centurions stuff. Almost complete Doc Terror & Hacker (just missing Doc's 2 black claw parts and Hacker's blue cyborg shoulder piece. Any help on those would be great!), and a complete Doom Drone Strafer.

I also got Flint Dille's autograph on a bunch of stuff cuz he was free!

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wervenom's Ebay Auctions
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

Haul part 2 (Sunday)

1) Ian Corlett signature for Titanium Cheetor
2) Flint Dille autograph on 86' TF Movie
3) Autobot Decpeticon Faction Symbols
4) TF Con 2015 DVD
5) KFC (shattered glass?) B-Box and Birdbomber (good price at $13 for the set IMO but don;t know much about them)
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Dragon Knight
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Re: post your tfcon 2016 hauls

Maaay have gone a bit over board this year:

G1 Starsaber from Artfire200
Combiner Wars Devastator from Crobot91
CW Devastartor from Crobot 91
Generations Rattrap
MP Shafter
MP Axsis
MMC PS-01S Stealth Sphinx
RID 2000 Megatron
Crobot War Axe
SIC Kuuga 2008 Re-release from Vangelus
1/100 Graze Commander/Standard Type
Aoshima 1/48th scale Gernsback M9

And finally my autographed prints from Frank Welker, Dan Gilvazan, Jim Berns, and Ian Corlett:

PSN: Yuusha0
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