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The Sunbow and Marvel script/storyboard archive (Non-TF shows)

Presenting the Sunbow Marvel Archive. Showcasing scripts, storyboards and other production material from 25 years of animation history.

MP 4000 Specials, pilots, miniseries and movies

4035-4039 Robotix: "Beats" outline
4064 Pryde Of The X-men storyboard samples, model sheets


MP 6000 Spider-man And His Amazing Friends

Network pitch character and concept sketches by John Romita Sr
Main cast model sheets and height charts
6002 The Crime Of All Centuries - Kraven model cel
6004 Sunfire model sheets/cels
6005 Swarm - Flash Thompson model sheet
6006 Seven Little Superheroes - Chameleon model sheet
6007 Videoman partial storyboard (27 pages), Electro model sheet
6010 The Vengeance Of Loki model sheets
Firestar season 2 model revision
6018 A Firestar Is Born partial storyboard (5 pages)
6024 Along Came A Sandman model sheets
6025 The Bride Of Dracula model sheets
6026 Education of A Superhero model sheets
6027 Attack Of The Arachnoid model sheets
6028 Getting It All Together AKA Origin Of The Spider-friends: full slugged storyboards, Iron Man model sheet
6029 Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow model sheets
6030 The X-Men Adventure model sheets
6031 Save The Guardstar! model sheets

MP 100 The Incredible Hulk (1982)

Story bible
07 The Creature And The Cavegirl partial storyboard


MP 400 Dungeons & Dragons

Development Bible
1 The Night Of No Tomorrow partial storyboard
3 The Hall Of Bones partial storyboard
5 In Search Of The Dungeon Master full script
6 Beauty And The Bogbeast full script
7 The Prison Without Walls full script
8 Servant Of Evil full script
9 Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior full script
10 The Garden Of Zinn full script
11 The Box full script
12 The Lost Children full script
16 The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow full storyboard
17 The Treasure Of Tardos full script
18 City At The Edge Of Midnight full storyboard
19 The Traitor full script
20 Day Of The Dungeon Master full script
21 The Last Illusion full script
22 The Dragon's Graveyard full script, partial storyboard
23 Child Of The Stargazer full script
26 Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn full script
28 Requiem full script
33 Cave Of The Faerie Dragons full storyboard
CBS Notes 24/01/84
CBS Audience Scores (Season 1)


MP 500 Muppet Babies

13 Good Clean Fun partial storyboard (last 3 pages)
16 Main cast revised model sheets (Construction, Attitudes, Expressions and Turnarounds)


MP 600 GI Joe

Marvel Comics issue 14 commercial storyboard (Debut of Destro)
4007 The Worms Of Death partial storyboard
4022 Amusement Park Of Terror model sheets
01 Cobra's Creatures model sheets
05 Cobra Stops The World outline and full script
06 Jungle Trap full script
07 Haul Down The Heavens - Baroness in winter gear model sheet
08 Battle For The Train Of Gold model sheets
10 Lights! Camera! Cobra! - Actor As Snake Eyes model sheet
19 Twenty Questions - Baroness after tear gas/itch gas attack model sheet (deleted scene)
20 The Gamesmaster - Baroness in bikini model sheet
21 The Greenhouse Effect partial storyboard
24 Where The Reptiles Roam model sheets
26 The Germ model sheets
27 Worlds Without End, part 1 model sheets
28 Captives Of Cobra, part 1 model sheets
31 Cobra Quake partial storyboard (17 pages), Ninja Guards model sheet
37-41 Pyramid Of Darkness miniseries main title storyboard (missing 5 pages, became main season 1 title), Snake Eyes as "Boy George" model sheet, Baroness as a nurse model sheet
44 Flint's Vacation, Act II storyboard
46 The Traitor, part 2 - two page storyboard of deleted ending scene
56 The Great Alaskan Land Rush - Baroness as old lady model sheet
57 Skeletons In The Closet - Coverta Fatale model sheet
Writer's Guide
Alternate Season 2 opening, full storyboard
65 Glamour Girls - Natasha model sheet
74 Arise, Serpentor, Arise part 2 - Ghost model sheet
4057 GI Joe: The Movie (February 26th, 1986 draft), storyboard samples (17 pages)
Battleforce 2000 commercial storyboard (1988 toyline)
MP 1199-408 Imp/Swampmasher commercial - Storm Shadow v2 model sheet (Marvel Productions)
8710-GIJ-1 Rolling Thunder commercial - Storm Shadow v2 model cel (TMS)


MP 900 Defenders Of The Earth

Show bible
01 Main title full storyboard
06 Root Of Evil full script
03 Escape From Mongo full storyboard
29 Terror In Time full storyboard
38 Audie And Tweak full script
39 The Defense Never Rests full storyboard
45 The Golden Queen, Act II storyboard
48 The Future Comes But Once, Act I storyboard
58 The Deadliest Battle partial storyboard (Missing KShin's anti-drug speech at the end)
59 100 Proof Highway, Act I storyboard

MP 5205 Jem

4041-MT Main Title storyboard: first draft and revised final
Jem/Jerrica commercial storyboard
01 Starbright part 1: Falling Star music video storyboards (Who is He Kissing first page, Jealousy two-page, Universal Appeal first page)
05 Adventure In China music video storyboards (Something Is Missing In My Life first page, Love Unites Us first page)
06 Last Resorts music video storyboards (It's Workin Out/It's Doin Me In first page)
07 In Stitches music video storyboards (Designing Woman first page, Time Is Running Out first page)
13 The Music Awards, part 1 music video storyboards (She Makes An Impression first page)
14 The Music Awards, part 2 music video storyboards (You Oughta See The View From Here first page)
15 The Rock Fashion Book music video storyboards (We're Off And Runnin' full storyboard)
17 In Search of The Stolen Album music video storyboards (There's A Melody Playin' first page, There Ain't Nobody Better first page)
18 Hot Time In Hawaii music video storyboards (Misfits In Hawaii full storyboard, How You Play The Game first page)
20 Island Of Deception music video storyboards (Set Your Sails first page)
26 Glitter And Gold (music video) storyboard: roughs and final of first four pages.
29 The Presidential Dilemma music video storyboards (Time Is Running Out v2 first page)
33 Trick Or Techrat: We Can Change It, version 2 storyboard
34 The Bands Break Up: music video storyboards (Gettin' Down To Business v2 12 pages)
59 The Stingers Hit Town, part 2: Now full storyboard: roughs and final
62 That Old Houdini Magic music video storyboards (She's Got The Power v2 first page, Mind Games two-page)


MP 5206 Inhumanoids

01 Cypheroid dialogue script
02 The Surma Plan dialogue script
03 Cult Of Darkness dialogue script
04 Negative Polarity dialogue script
05 The Evil Eye dialogue script
06 Primal Passions full script
07 The Masterson Team dialogue script
08 Auger For...President? dialogue script
09 The Evil That Lies Within, Part 1 dialogue script (The Inhumanoids episodes 1-3)
10 The Evil That Lies Within, Part 2 dialogue script (The Inhumanoids episodes 4-6)
11 The Inhumanoids, Episode 11 full script (Part 4, Act II of The Evil That Lies Within)
12 The Evil That Lies Within, Part 4 dialogue script (The Inhumanoids episodes 10-12)
13 The Evil That Lies Within, Part 5 dialogue script (The Inhumanoids episodes 13-15)


MP 6501 Fraggle Rock
02A Big Trouble For A Little Fraggle partial storyboard
04A A Fraggle For All Seasons partial storyboard
10A Mokey's Flood Of Creativity partial storyboard


870108 Visionaries

01 The Age Of Magic Begins dialogue script
02 The Dark Hand Of Treachery dialogue script. Includes separate script for Jonathan Harris (Mortdredd) ADR session.
03 Quest For The Dragon's Eye dialogue script (Act III missing)
04 The Price Of Freedom full script
05 Feryl Steps Out full script
06 Lion Hunt dialogue script
07 The Overthrow Of Merklynn dialogue script
08 The Power Of The Wise dialogue script
09 Horn Of Unicron, Claw Of Dragon dialogue script
10 Trail Of The Three Wizards dialogue script
11 Sorcery Squared dialogue script
12 Honor Among Thieves dialogue script
13 Dawn Of The Sun Imps dialogue script


MP 6610 Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars

05 On The Blink full script
06 Kreation Konspiracy full script
07 The Komplex Caper full script
08 The Search For Bruce full script
11 The Warriors full script
12 Bye-Bye Berserker Baboons full script
13 The Taking Of Pilot Jenny full script
Marvel Productions model sheet pack (83 pages)


93-400 The Tick
Writer's Guide


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Re: The Sunbow and Marvel script/storyboard archive (Non-TF shows)

Thanks to some judicious cropping of online magazine scans, the archive now hosts model design lists and storyboard from GI Joe episode Haul Down The Heavens. As well as six pages of storyboard samples from The Million Dollar Medic

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Re: The Sunbow and Marvel script/storyboard archive (Non-TF shows)

Made my first purchase in the name of preservation. An ebay store is auctioning several items on behalf of Mike Vosburg (Marvel Comics and Productions). Among them are a storyboard set from The Bands Break Up, which I snapped up. It should be here by the end of the month, but for now I've posted the 12 preview photos from the auction:

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Re: The Sunbow and Marvel script/storyboard archive (Non-TF shows)

As the official Hasbro YouTube releases of GI Joe that I link to are at the halfway mark. I've decided to split the show up, same as with TF. Season 2 and Movie material are now at: https://sunbowmarvelarchive.blogspot...hero-1983.html
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Re: The Sunbow and Marvel script/storyboard archive (Non-TF shows)

It is Buy One Get One Free week as I've received and scanned the storyboards I bought and got contribution of another Jem music video.
First, Gettin' Down To Business v2

There's A Melody Playin' from In Search Of The Stolen Album. Drawn by Vicky Jenson (the future director of Shrek) and taking visual ideas from Papa Don't Preach, which had only been released as a single on June 11th:


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Re: The Sunbow and Marvel script/storyboard archive (Non-TF shows)

Make it three. Got another music video, this time drawn by comics legend Romeo Tanghal. This one was cut from the episode Island Of Deception and never animated:
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