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The double edged sword of collecting smaller vintage toy lines

I just received a new figure to add to my SilverHawks collection; Mon-Star's tech guy, Hardware.

While waiting for him to arrive it caused me to ponder collecting these smaller, maybe, less popular, toy lines, and how they are a double edged sword.

Sure, since they're smaller there are less figures to hunt down; SilverHawks has only 19 figures, 3 vehicles, and 3 large birds. But because they are smaller, and perhaps less popular, that means there is also less of them out there. The figures I have consist of 2 that I've had since I was a kid, most I've found at toy shows, one I stumbled upon at an estate sale, and 2, Hotwing and Hardware, I only got on eBay because they were great deals. All the other figures are very hard to find in good condition (thank you chrome flaking) and/or complete.
Personally I have no interest in the vehicles and birds, mostly because of space considerations.
Now I'm in the position of trying to track down Hotwing's bird companion Gyro. Which is difficult since Hotwing himself is hard to come by. I'm lucky I only paid $9.99 for him because getting that bird is likely to cost me!

This is what it looks like:

If anyone has any leads, I'd appreciate it!

Another line like this is Centurions.

If you're like me, and are pretty much only interested in just the core characters with their basic weapons, you can build and pretty much complete your collection in a very short time. The only one that was really hard for me to get was Jake Rockwell. He seems to be the hardest to get of all the 3 Centurions.
But the figure that is the hardest to find is the Traumatizer, which was an end of line release that is so rare and expensive that it might as well not exist.

Then there are the rest of the weapons sets. They can be pretty hard to get complete, and you may have to resort to buying multiple lots of parts just to complete one set. Then there are a couple end of line releases of these as well, that, like the Traumatizer, might as well not even exist.
Doc Terror and Hacker's accessories can be hard to find too. Specifically Hacker's club & axe, and especially Doc Terror's claws.

Like with Gyro, I am in the unenviable position of needing to find ONE of Doc Terror's claws.

Again, any help is appreciated!

What are some of the smaller lines you are trying to collect?
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Re: The double edged sword of collecting smaller vintage toy lines

There's a gyro on ebay right now for $15. Pricey, but perhaps you could contact the seller and try working something out.
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