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Re: Should we close the sightings threads?

Originally Posted by The7thParallel View Post
We shouldn't have to close it down. We should be responsible adults and show care and restraint by not posting there. Moderate ourselves. I have been FORCED out of my house several times this week after my father passed away. I have had to spend time in a hospital, at a funeral home, and still must do a few more trips for things that have no online option. I have made the painful choice to delay his funeral, likely by MONTHS, in order to make sure that I don't put a single person at risk.

I hate being out. I worry about my own lungs as I'm asthmatic. I worry about getting my wife and children sick. So, please, be considerate. If you can, and most of you seem able to do so, order online as much as possible. Get what you need, but be responsible. Love one another. Enjoy what you have for now and let the rest go. Don't go out. Even if the risk to your own person is low, the harm you may inadvertently do... just think about it. And for what?

Everyone should act as if they have the virus themselves and want to protect anyone they might see or run into. Don't post the store sightings. Online sightings, however, go for it.

Be kind and love one another. Thanks for listening. Hug your loved ones.
Having lost my own father this past October, that was hard enough. I can not imagine having to deal with all that, and a worldwide pandemic. My condolences bud.

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g1 baby
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Re: Should we close the sightings threads?

Well I'm gonna post regardless of this pandemic.
You're at wal mart
Why not??
We know toys r us is closed
So what's the big deal
No sightings from there for 1/2 month
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Re: Should we close the sightings threads?

Ok if you go once a week, not ok if you go every second day.
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Re: Should we close the sightings threads?

My Two Cents:

I agree with others that closing the sightings threads will have little, if any effect. If people are going to post a sighting they will just create a new thread or find somewhere else to post about it.

My opinion is now is definitely not the time to be running out to multiple Walmarts to track down a toy. But taking a quick peek if your already there is harmless. But I understand opinion may vary on that.

Lets just be smart about this, follow what we are being instructed to do by our government folk and stay safe.

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