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Iron Pasc
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The Purge: 2019 Edition

Shipping is extra. EMT or Paypal acceptable (+4% if not F&F).

I've started pricing things, more to come.

-MP-21G G2 Bumblebee (MIB) - 50 cad / 38 usd

-Walmart G1 Reissue Starscream (MIB - stickers applied) - 45 cad / 35 usd
-Encore G1 Reissue Starscream - 40 cad / 30 usd
-TRU G1 Reissue Rodimus Prime (MIB) - 40 cad / 30 usd
-G1 Action Masters Starscream - 35 cad / 26 usd
-G1 Action Masters Bumblebee - 40 cad / 30 usd
-G1 Action Masters Grimlock (missing small gun) - 26 cad / 20 usd
-G1 Pretenders Starscream (one damaged wing post, taped, still works, SS has lots of paint wear) - 60 cad / 45 usd
-G1 Pretenders Bumblebee - 75 cad / 57 usd
-G1 Goldbug - 20 cad / 15 usd
-Encore G1 Reissue Bumblebee (new face) - 15 cad / 11 usd
-Walmart G1 Reissue Bumblebee (MOSC) - 10 cad / 8 usd
-G1 Keychain Bumblebee - 15 cad / 11 usd

-G2 Starscream - 55 cad / 42 usd
-G2 Gobots Bumblebee - 20 cad / 15 usd

-WST G1 Starscream - 25 cad / 19 usd
-WST G1 Bumblebee - 25 cad / 19 usd
-WST G2 Starscream - 25 cad / 19 usd

-Beast Wars Basics Megatron (crocodile)
-Beast Wars Reborn Megatron (original Ultra mold, new head + premium paint)
-Beast Wars Telemocha TM-02 Megatron (Robotmasters mold, premium paint)
-Beast Machines Megatron
-Beast Machines Mechatron
-Beast Machines McDonald's Megatron
-Beast Machines Jollibee Megatron
-R.I.D. 2001 Megabolt Megatron
-Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Deluxe Megatron
-Beast Wars II BB & Starscrem

-Machine Wars Basics Megatron
-Machine Wars Ultra Starscream

-Robotmasters G1 Starscream

-Micron Legends Starscream
-Armada Starscream
-Armada BTR Starscream
-Armada BTR Megatron
-Armada Happy Meal Megatron
-Armada Happy Meal Starscream

-Energon Deluxe Starscream
-Energon Ultra (Powerlinx) Megatron
-Energon McDonald's Megatron (South America - completely different mold)
-Energon Minicons Perceptor

-Cybertron Supreme Starscream
-Cybertron Legends Starscream
-Cybertron Legends Megatron
-Galaxy Force Voyager Starscream
-Cybertron Burger King Megatron
-Cybertron Jollibee Megatron
-Galaxy Force Kabaya DX Megatron
-Cybertron Legends Red Alert
-Cybertron Legends Hot Shot
-Cybertron Legends Leobreaker
-Cybertron Legends Scourge
-Cybertron Legends Soundwave
-Cybertron Legends Vector Prime

-Henkei Deluxe Starscream
-Henkei Deluxe Bumblebee
-Classics Deluxe Megatron (G1 colors)
-Classics Legends Bumblebee (MOSC)

-Universe 2008 Legends Starscream
-Universe 2008 Legends Bumblebee
-Universe 2008 Legends Megatron
-Universe 2008 Legends Starscream

-Generations Legends Bumblebee
-Generations Legends Megatron/Chop Shop
-Generations Legends Starcream/Waspinator
-Generations T30 Deluxe Bumblebee
-Generations T30 Deluxe Armada Starscream

-Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus
-Combiner Wars Deluxe Offroad
-Combiner Wars Leader Armada Megatron
-Combiner Wars Leader Starscream

-Titans Return Legends Bumblebee

-Power of the Primes Abominus
-Power of the Primes Voyager Starscream
-Power of the Primes Deluxe Dreadwind (x2)
-Power of the Primes Deluxe Blackwing (x2)

-Reveal The Shield Legends Bumblebee (Goldbug)
-Reveal The Shield Legends Starscream
-Reveal The Shield Legends Starscream (remold w/ new weapons)

-United Deluxe Bumblebee w/ Renderform Goldbug upgrade kit

-Cyber Battalion Starscream
-Cyber Battalion Megatron
-Cyber Battalion Bumblebee

-Alt-Modes Starscream
-Alt-Modes Bumblebee
-Alt-Modes Megatron

-Bot Shots Starscream
-Bot Shots Bumblebee #1
-Bot Shots Bumblebee #2
-Bot Shots Flip Shot Bumblebee
-Bot Shots Megatron (tank)
-Bot Shots Launcher Bumblebee
-Bot Shots Megatron (truck)
-Bot Shots Dragon Megatron (Flip Shot)
-Bot Shots Megatron (Spin Shot)

-Nike Calvin Johnson Megatron (Generations T30 redeco + football)

-Construct-Bots Scout Starscream
-Construct-Bots Scout Bumblebee
-Construct-Bots Elite Megatron (purple)
-Construct-Bots Elite Megatron (G1)
-Construct-Bots Triple Changer Bumblebee
-Construct-Bots Scout Beast Hunters Bumblebee
-Construct-Bots Scout Beast Hunters Starscream
-Construct-Bots Elite Beast Hunters Triple Team Unicron Megatron
-Construct-Bots Scout AOE Dinobot Rider Bumblebee
-Construct-Bots Scout AOE Dinobot Warrior Bumblebee

-Bearbrick Starscream
-Bearbrick Megatron
-Bearbrick Bumblebee

-Q-Transformers Starscream
-Q-Transformers Megatron
-Q-Transformers Bumblebee
-Q-Transformers Bumblebee #2

-Authentics 5" Starscream
-Authentics 5" Bumblebee
-Authentics 5" Megatron
-Authentics 7" Bumblebee
-Authentics 7" Megatron
-Authentics Titan Changers Bumblebee
-Authentics Titan Changers Megatron

-Animated Deluxe Bumblebee
-Animated Voyager Starscream
-Animated Activators Starscream
-Animated Activators Bumblebee
-Animated Activators Megatron
-Animated McDonald's Starscream
-Animated McDonald's Bumblebee
-Animated McDonald's Jumpstarters Starscream
-Animated McDonald's Jumpstarters Bumblebee
-Animated McDonald's Jumpstarters Megatron
-Animated Legends Starscream
-Animated Legends Bumblebee
-Animated Bumper Battlers Bumblebee
-Animated Deluxe Arcee

-Prime First Edition Deluxe Starscream
-Prime Deluxe Bumblebee
-Prime Voyager Starscream
-Prime Legion Bumblebee
-Prime Cyberverse Commander Starscream
-Prime Cyberverse Commander Megatron
-Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Bumblebee
-Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream
-Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Sharkticon Megatron
-Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Bumblebee
-Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Starscream
-Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Unicron Megatron
-Prime Beast Hunters Beast Tracker Energon Driller Bumblebee
-Takara Go! Ultra Dragotron
-Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Predaking
-Prime Beast HuntersCyberverse Commander Bulkhead
-Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Ultra Magnus
-Prime Beast Hunters Beast Tracker Sky Claw + Smokescreen
-Prime Beast Hunters Beast Tracker Apex Hunter Armor + Breakdown

-RID Legion Bumblebee
-RID Legion Starscream
-RID Warrior Starscream
-RID Warrior Bumblebee
-RID Warrior Megatronus
-RID Decepticon Hunter Bumblebee
-RID 1-Step Bumblebee (mold #1)
-RID 1-Step Bumblebee (mold #2)
-RID 1-Step Bumblebee (mold #3)
-RID 3-Step Bumblebee
-RID 3-Step Clash of the Transformers Bumblebee
-RID Crash Combiners Bumblebee/Sideswipe
-RID Crash Combiners Dragstrip / Wildbreak
-RID Crash Combiners Shockdrive / Warnado
-RID Crash Combiners Saberhorn / Bisk
-RID Team Combiners Galvatronus
-RID Power Surge Bumblebee
-RID Power Surge Starscream
-RID Titan Changers Bumblebee
-Adventure Deluxe Supreme Mode Bumblebee

-Angry Birds Bumblebee Bird

-Cyberverse Scout Bumblebee
-Cyberverse Scout Megatron
-Cyberverse Scout Starscream
-Cyberverse 1-Step Megatron
-Cyberverse 1-Step Starscream
-Cyberverse 1-Step Bumblebee (new mold)
-Cyberverse 1-Step Megatron (new mold)
-Cyberverse Warrior Bumblebee
-Cyberverse Warrior Megatron
-Cyberverse Warrior Starscream
-Cyberverse Warrior Hot Rod
-Cyberverse Ultimate Bumblebee
-Cyberverse Legion Windblade
-Cyberverse Warrior Windblade

-Authentics 5'' Bumblebee
-Authentics 5" Starscream
-Authentics 7'' Bumblebee

-Botcon 2006 Megatron
-Botcon 2011 SG Galvatron
-Botcon 2011 SG Goldbug
-Botcon 2013 Starscream
-Botcon 2013 Megaplex (avec upgrade kit Renderform)
-Botcon 2015 Megatron

-Kabaya G1 Deathsaurus
-Kayaba Beast Wars Megatron
-Kabaya Beast Wars II Galvatron (version 2)
-Kabaya Beast Wars II Galvatron (version 2)

-Generations T30 Voyager FOC Grimlock (rare prototype)
-ROTF Voyager Mixmaster (test shot w/ alt. head)
-HFTD Voyager Recon Ironhide (test shot w/ alt. head)

-Fanshobby Red Dragon (TM2 Megatron - MIB)
-MMC Calidus (IDW Hot Rod - MIB)
-ART Feather AF-006 Goldbug
-Toyworld Goldbug
-Impossible Toys Valkyrie (G1 Arcee)
-iGear Delicate Warrior (G1 Arcee)
-MMC R-08 Azaela (Arcee)

-Toynami Masterpiece Voltron (20th anniversary / bookstyle - MIB)
-CMs Brave Gokin Grendizer/Goldorak (MIB)
-Bandai Macross DX VF-25 Alto + full armor
-Yamato Galaxy Cyclone Braiger (MIB)
-Bandai Soul of Chogokin General Franky (MIB)
My BST list is HERE.

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Iron Pasc
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Re: The Purge: 2019 Edition


-Fall of Cybertron Voyager Megatron (unreleased, extremely rare): 4500 cad

-ROTF Voyager Mixmaster (alternate head/loose): 100 cad

-ROTF Voyager Recon Ironhide (unused head/loose): 100 cad
My BST list is HERE.

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Iron Pasc
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Re: The Purge: 2019 Edition

G1 Action Masters Megatron sold.
My BST list is HERE.
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