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Re: So this is why people are buying lots of Masterpiece Grimlocks

Originally Posted by Mumps View Post
Scalpers only exist because when a new toy is put on the shelves, and they buy 20 of them, there are 20 idiots out there willing to spend twice the price because they GOTTAHAVEITNOW! If people weren't STUPID scalpers wouldn't exist. I was going to include impatient in the previous line, but... I am impatient Just not dumb enough to fuel scalper's wallets.
Don't really believe those 20 actually can be sold. There is a guy listing a legend class Prowl for 5 dollars only on Craigslist but seeing it repost again again. I don't really think any body is buying from him.
We do give the Scalper too much credits. Sometimes they are dump enough to buy everything and lots of shelfwarmer like TFA lockdown and put on ebay to hope people buy those "eventually".

Originally Posted by Uberman View Post
I was also going to try and set up a meet between two Toronto craigslist scalpers at a public place, just to see who they are and waste as much of their time as I could, but my laziness overtook my thirst for justice.
Any trick can be used to get them out but don't want to pay them ?

Let's see if people actually buy it. Now I saw 2 items are available in his listing. If there is a buyer, I don't think he/she is living in North America. Nevertheless, Other than North America, Hasbro MP Grimlock should be available in other areaes for now.

Btw, you guys see the Superstore charge the Generation Deluxe for more than 24.99 on the shelf? what a rediculous price locally~
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Re: So this is why people are buying lots of Masterpiece Grimlocks

Wasn't part of the animated rush (not an animated fan, although I am tempted by Rodimus). I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but when I've gone a million times, and they don't have it I get annoyed.
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Re: So this is why people are buying lots of Masterpiece Grimlocks

I just got my Grimlock in the mail i bought off a guy on ebay. He was in the states, and had a BUY IT NOW for $80 and only wanted $9 to ship it up here to BC.

The nearest TRU is a little over an hour away, and after gas and taxes it was about how much it would cost me in a TRU. Especially since I hear nothing but people making a trip and finding them all sold out, and make repeated trips.

If I made a trip every week that gas money would really add up.
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Angry Re: So this is why people are buying lots of Masterpiece Grimlocks

Whoever puts these "rare" MP Grimlocks on eBay for $100 bucks are idiots.

Can they just let others get their hands on one rather than buy all of them during one visit to a TRU?
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Re: So this is why people are buying lots of Masterpiece Grimlocks

Closing this thread...enough with the ridiculous scalper'll happen whether you like it or not.
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