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chans formers
raff ow roud
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classics autotrooper

second in a set for a commissioneagain,he did the head mod,then sent it to me for paint works and a touch of extras....
the billy club can double as a cybertronian swat team door knocker.
it can also now attach to the hand gun as an extra barrel/scope.
the riot shield is gutted from literally the back of a rotf starscream stealthforce jet.
the hand gun can attach to the riot shield,giving him the ability to peg off perps from behind the shield.
the head was reculpted quite a bit and started life as cw firstaid's noggin.
the new front pushbar started as a vintage Tonka trucks grill,severely butchered,then head formed into a more sleek shape.
the light bar was mounted by the commissioner.
the new rear window armor is reshaped bits of kibble cut from larger junker figs.
I tried to also make the alt mode rear end slightly different,mostly because the commissioner has a lot of versions of this mold as many different characters...

just needs "E.D.C." logo's now..

now open for commissions...big and small...minor and heavy,you dream it,i make it.
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wanna be Canadian
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Re: classics autotrooper

this dude is all around awesome. Loving that riot shield. Nice touch swapping the legs around too.

WAIT!...issa wobot anna twuck?!
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Re: classics autotrooper

I really like the nightstickzooka
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Iacon North Scout
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Re: classics autotrooper

Love the look. Big Boss Man nightstick is awesome.
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classics autotrooper

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