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Whisky Tango Foxtrot
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Re: Vintage Beast Wars Rattrap Released in Canada

They scared me off during the Prime Wars years by dropping quality. They got me back when they raised prices. I'm more selective about what I buy than I used to be, but I haven't written the franchise off entirely like I had not too long ago.
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Nexus Maximus
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Re: Vintage Beast Wars Rattrap Released in Canada

Originally Posted by GotBot View Post
I been saying for a year they are trying to scam people into accepting a high deluxe price for a legends (core, basic). Cheetor is only 61 grams, Blackarachnia only 38. A traditional legend in 35 and deluxe 84. This totally lines up with their current marketing bs strategy.
And you've been wrong all year. Same height and weight means absolutely nothing, we've known that for years with the MP line, don't know where you were then. If you want the most value for the amount of plastic, then just buy this:

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Re: Vintage Beast Wars Rattrap Released in Canada

Originally Posted by ssjgoku22 View Post
That's not the point though. Eventually they're going to scare off most of their fanbase with these prices. Imagine in the next couple of years when deluxes will hit $40 each. Would you be willing to pay that much for a single figure?
My point stands. I definitely have a limit to what I will pay, and when that happens, I will listen to my own advice and stop collecting.
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