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Re: Why do so many Dinobots look ridiculous?

Originally Posted by Mighty_Galvatron View Post
I've always had a soft spot for all the BM Dinobots. I think the transformations are all pretty good, especially considering the organic nature of their dino-modes. If there was a war between all the Dinobot teams ever, the BM team would win. And how can anyone not like Magmatron's Elasmosaurus?
I dunno, mate. Elasmosaurs are cool, but Seasaur looks like a snake was glued to a blimp =P
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Re: Why do so many Dinobots look ridiculous?

Originally Posted by sikkbones View Post
He would look bad, does anyone have the supposed movie picof gridlock from 2007 where it showdown the fat leg of grimlock?
I know the picture you mean. I would only be looking for a toy in the complexity of transformation offered by the ROTF toys. A movie Grimlock would probably turn into the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I dunno. I have odd hopes and aspirations for where future Transformers will go.
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Re: Why do so many Dinobots look ridiculous?

Originally Posted by Grimlock4Prime View Post
I think the whole problem is that cars, trucks and planes lend themselves to becoming robots much easier than dinosaurs, birds or any other animal. With a beastformer you're bound to have kibble in either form. That or really unnatural shapes. Vehicles just have so much more internal space to hide things. Or at least that's how it feels to me.
I think this hits the nail on the head, and is why we haven't seen another brontosaurus, and is why the Energon combiner and any future dinosaur combiner are probably not great ideas. (Grimstone was able to avoid this kind of suck because the drones don't have to transform).

The G1 dinobots were just the right mix of dinosaur shape and machine. It allowed the designs to work well in both modes. They were obviously dinosaurs, but didn't need to be 100% realistic.

Since then, it's been tougher. Realistic dinos look great as beasts but tend to drown in kibble or deal a little too creatively with tails or appendages. The big tail/flowery petal guns are kind of ridiculous. I do have to say I kind of like the BW/BM dinos but I would like them better if they fell over less.

The Energon dinos went too far down the abstract route. Without the chrome and metal appearance, it looked more like a chunky toy, and the combined mode suffered from too much stuff clogging it up.

I do quite like the Animated dinos. They do what the Animated aesthetic does -- simplify the forms, clean the lines, and give a figure with a lot of character. Not the same as G1, but I'm quite fond of them. I think they're even better than G1 at evoking personalities. The only thing I would really want from them is more of them!

Anyone else have DinoZaurs? Some interesting design choices there (including a kibblicious brachiosaurus), but simplistic and with new ways to suck.
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dinobot, dinobots

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