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Arrow Slave's WST Springer Review


I've been waiting very impatiently to received my last package because boy oh boy was it a special one.

I got myself a bunch of TF directly from Eagle's TF. For those that dunno him, he made a few TF, which then the mold was bought by, for example KFC with Rhinohorn.

I got in contact with Eagle, he was selling his TFs on a web site which I didnt understand at all (chinese language sort of ebay site I'm guessing) so I wrote directly to him and cool guy that he is, told him I want one of every TF he has... told me he only had 3 types left... because he makes very limited TF... blah blah blah... some time later: I Got myself 3 very limited Transformers made by Eagle.

Ok so First up is ESP 0406 which is WST Springer.

Here's a Youtube video of him I made:

He his incredible. For a bot his size... he has a LOT of articulation. He is very posable. Only a 100 exist of this line, and I believe I got myself the very first one... box says 1/100... but under Springer's Hood, i can read #22... so I'm not too sure... yet... he's still a very limited figure.

VERY posable for a fella this size. The plastic quality is great... it doesnt feel like it would break... when flipping the tail fins of the helicopter mode, the fins are on a super tiny and slim lever/hinge... and it looks fragile, but incredibly enough... it's not... it didt bend or anything... very solid for such tiny piece... of course I wouldnt recommend forcing the plastic... but y'know... it didnt require any particular delicatesse to move the parts around. No stress ;-)

He does come with accessories; his pistol, the Helicopter blades that makes a sword... and 2 wings to make the helicopter mode even more awesome... those wings can also be made as a shield to go in combo with the sword. Very nice!

Transformation is very simple and is pretty much identical as his G1 version of Springer. But this one has just been kicked up a notch with a lot of articulation for his robot mode.

The Helicopter mode with the wings add-on is just soooo Sweet. it looks so good.

As mentioned, transformation is pretty much exacly the same as the G1 Springer, even between modes.

Car mode is a bit different that his G1 counterpart, as the G1 if I recall had the back part more rounded as for this one is more... how to say... futuristic cybertronian perhaps.

Size comparison; here is WST Ultra Magnus

He is super nice.

the only problems I see with him: the screws. Usually on deluxe or voyager size figures... seeings the screws never really bothered me too much... but on such a small figure... even if they are super tiny screews... they are super apparent. it bothers me a little... but it's nothing that a little paint cant hide. Otherwise this might only be my figure, but his left left is a bit loose... nit picking but thats it.

He's an incredibly awesome tiny figure... I think he was about 40$ with Canadian conversion and shipping... usually WSTs goes for about 30$... but this one is a very limited exclusive TF and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves the WST line... I do... specially since I'm running out of space on my shelves... the smaller they are, the better haha ;-)

If you are interested in buying one, please visit Eagle's web site, his e-mail adress is there... dont be shy, he's a nice guy and replies very fast.
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Re: Slave's WST Springer Review

I think 1/100 is the scale. There's a scale indication for the 2 I have.
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