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Arrow Slave's Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size Review

Here's a Review for the Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size

Video Review Link here:

So I do have to specify the Voyager size because there is two set of the Star Q Rescue Team, a Delux sized version, and a voyager Sized version. This is the Voyager sized, the bigger one... and Boy oh boy is he BIG in combined mode... like HUGE... Beside the size, the main differences between the two is that the Deluxe version seems to be much more detailed. The bigger voyager size seems to be simplified version of them. It's weird that the bigger one has less details. But... meh... I wanted a huge combiner... and by huge... Star Q Rescue Team Sure delivers.

So Apparently... according to ancient legend told, the design was created by TFC and they sold it to a 3rd party company which usually makes knockoff toys or cheaper toys for children. Star Q is now a Kids TV show in asia.

Right off the bat, the plastic quality is pretty good, it feels like it's of the Higher End of the cheaper plastic... it's pretty darn solid. Not afraid anything will break or shows stress marks at all. It's solid stuff.

Now all the robots comes with a set of weapons which are totally a knock off version of the Junkion Blacksmith's Infinity Warfare. They are ok, quality is nice, but trying to replicate the original huge sword... we'll find out that the tip of the sword are two identical pieces which does not work out, we need to different tip which will fit like puzzle pieces... this one doesnt. Sadly. But it's ok, you can reconfigure the weapons in other ways which is stilly cool. Lots of playability.

Alright so let's start off with individual robots.

First off lets' go with to me is the weakest link. The Jeep dude. I dont know their real names, and Jeep dude doesnt seem to be a representation of any G1 Protectobots so... Jeep Dude it is. Vehicule mode is pretty decent, I like it. There's nothing wrong with it at all... it's a plain jeep with spikey Grill bumper.. kinda cool actually. There's no robot kible underneath it or anything. He looks promising in that mode.

The Transformation is actually pretty cool too. Nothing like I ever seen before, there again I really liked him. But here's the problem starts, when he's in robot mode. So first off, the elephant in the room... he's got HUGE forearms... like Popeye on cyber steroids huge. That alone... is weird and fugly, yes... but still ok for a cheap unoficial TF. The main problem... along with his oversized arms, he also has a backpack which is the combiner connector... these two make it an extremely top heavy... look at the back photo and see the problem: no heels spus ar all... tiny feet... extremely top heavy and no support at all... this sucks :-(

Next up we have the ambulance chick. It could be the representation of G1 First Aid... but she cleary has a fembot head... not sure on the whole gender swap... I do see a lot of people calling her "not-Minerva" but... y'know... so we'll call her Ambulance Chick. Her vehicle mode is ok... except for one thing that really bothers me: What kind of ambulance needs Wings?

Transformation is rather simple and straight forward. Robot mode is pretty nice if you dont mind HUGE backpacks. She got wing... but no place to stick them in her back, so the wings end up pegged in her arms. But damn that backpack really is bad.

Next up we have the helicopter, "not Blade". Clearly he is the representation of G1 Blade. The helicopter is pretty good looking.the skiis are weapon blades which are awesome, he's got cool looking missile pods...


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Re: Slave's Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size Review

Part 2:

Transformation is pretty cool, easy too. but still original. Now the robot mode... you see this in the photos? No backpack at all! Of all the figures he's the only one without backpack... you gotta love this! :-)

Next in line is "not-Groove"... the futuristic representation of G1 Groove. I'm not a fan of the future over-bike mode. but it works so... meh. In vehicule mode the folded up arms are a bit loose and kinda hinder the vehicle mode since they dont peg anywhere so they just flop there.

Transformation is juste too easy, just straighten out everything and fold the cockpit... there ya go. Now once in robot, he's actually not bad looking. His backpack is not too bad, kinda look like a jetpack. He's a decent looking fella.

And finally we have the leader of the bunch; "not-hotspot". Truck mode is pretty cool with the ladder on top of the tank and the 2 canons on top of the cabin. Otherwise there's nothing much to say about it.

Transformation is pretty straightforward like all the others, but some tabs and pegs are pretty friggin' tight on this fella, which is not a bad thing. Robot mode is pretty nice. He towers the other robots... which is ok he's their leader. (Invader Zim's "My Tallests" syndrome?). But there's a few complications in his robot mode, the arms gets in the way of the wheel guards a whole lot, there's not much articulations in the arms, no knee joints either... kinda weird... all the figures have pretty good articulation with good range of motions... but this guy is stiff. He's also got some big backpack. Now I seen the deluxe version of him and in the tank there are canons and the tank panels can flip around like they are on a ball-joint but this backpack... there's nothing to do with it, it's empty and doesnt move at all.

Just before moving on to the combined mode, lets see the hands and feet. Unfortunately there's no way to store them on the robot mode or vehicle mode of any of the guys which is a bit sad really. I guess you can store the hands inside the Leader's tank in vehicle mode... but otherwise there's nothing.

Now the hands are pretty simple, all the fingers are moving together, and the thumb is on a swivel, not a balljoint. also there's no wrists rotation, the wrist connector is molded onto the hand itself.

Pretty much the same with the feet, the connector has no swivel, the connector only moves left to right, no back nor forth, and doesnt swivel... which kinda hinders the articulation if you want to pose him.

As for the combined mode... he towers over all my collection... he's HUGE. For size comparison, here's next to MP-01 Prime:

And here's next to the more recent Fansproject M3 Stunticons.

This guy is immense! Now I'm trying hard to find a place where he could fit in my collection... my shelves were not ready for him.

I bought this guy from Sirtoys. He cost 75$ which is is about 15$ a limb... at that price there's no hesitation and you should get this guy... BUT I would highly recommend taking the smaller deluxe version which are more detailed... and obviously smaller... so you wouldnt have any problem placing him into your shelves like me...

+HUGE combined mode
+Pretty cool looking individual bots/vechicles and combined
+Plastic Quality is great

-MUCH less detailed than the smaller version
-Some floppy parts needs tighten up
-So huge he doesnt fit in my shelves lol

For the lulz... comparison with the G1 protectobots, the original one could pass through his legs... doesnt get taller than his crotch! haha


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Re: Slave's Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size Review

That's pretty cool actually. Argh my wallet is going to hate me.
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Re: Slave's Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size Review

Great Review. I held off getting the bigger one as I already have the smaller one and didn't think I needed to buy it again.

I think I will pass on the bigger one.
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Re: Slave's Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size Review

I was just checking out the web site of the KO maker who manufactered this combiner. Did some translation of the names they called them. Here they are:

Team name - Star Rescue Team
Motorcycle name - Pioneer
Helicopter name - Eagle
Police truck name - Detective
Ambulance name - Lightning
Fire Truck name - Skyfire
Combined form name - Star God
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Re: Slave's Star Q Rescue Team Voyager Size Review

heheh "star God"... a little bit much no? :P
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